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  1. I laughed every time Bobby Briggs said The F Word. Also, I just watched The Missing Pieces. Some of those scenes had no chance of getting into the movie (Pete arguing with Dell Mibbler?), so why were they even filmed?
  2. Twin Peaks Discussion

    Yeah, that's strange news. Perhaps it will be 18 episodes produced at once to air over two years like Battlestar Galactica or Mad Men? AKA one season for their accountants, two seasons for us. The only pay cable show I can think of that had a long season with a lot of episodes is Dream On. Even Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel is only about 12 episodes per season!
  3. I miss non-Jack Bauer Kiefer.
  4. Do You Have a Preferred Perspective for Games?

    This poll should be even more pedantic and include FOV options!
  5. Idle Thumbs 211: Spector's Oil

    Yeah, it's perverse that studios can be killed instantly but NDAs are forever. Somebody leak this stuff! Where is the Edward Snowden of the Games Industry?
  6. Twin Peaks Discussion

    For no reason, here's a scene from from a live studio audience. (I forget if this site strips YouTube time codes? I started at 5:09.)
  7. Ben is dead and Doc Hayward spent the whole evening burning his body in the fireplace! No one must know!
  8. My first time watching anything related to Twin Peaks (besides ABC promos and parodies) was the David Bowie scene. I've never looked at a bank of security cameras the same way.
  9. This was the first episode in which I really liked Dan O'Herlihy as Andrew Packard. He got to interact with people outside of his schemes! He quoted ancient Romans! Sadly, O'Herlihy, Jack Nance, and Ed Wright (Dell Mibbler) are all deceased. The guy who played the security guard hasn't acted in over 20 years but he's apparently a Palm Beach society party fixture. So we could get him back!
  10. Quitter's Club: Don't be ashamed to quit the game.

    These are old man puns, though! It isn't any smarter than dumb teen comedy, but it is a different variety. The jokes pretty much stayed at that level the whole game, so it's fine to bail. I somewhat enjoyed it!
  11. These are all good observations. Unfortunately, that's the soap opera way! It's better to leave dangling threads that you can pick up later instead of wrapping things up. I have been savoring every Hank-free moment of the end of this season, but you're right that its ridiculous that the character most connected to all the plotlines in Twin Peaks (matching or maybe even beating Laura Palmer) gets a crutch kicked out from under him, then disappears forever. Tough luck, Hank!
  12. Post Apocalyptic Books

    This is basically the correct and only answer. The novel has a much wider scope than it lets on, and has so many unique images. It is a well-deserved classic.
  13. Life

    There'll be other beer tours!
  14. PS Vita

    Should I buy a Vita if I would only use it to play The Misadventures of Tron Bonne?
  15. Jane is putting rocks on the side of the road right now on Twitch! How many vehicles will Henry be able to drive in Firewatch?
  16. Oh hey, Audrey. Nice red dress.
  17. All right! Time to play Secret of Vulcan Fury!
  18. I saw Varoufakis in a storefront ad on Twitter this morning. I thought one of you retweeted it but it was actually financial reporter Matt Stoller.
  19. Man, if I were Catherine Coulson I would have been insulted by the latest Windom Earle getup.
  20. Broken Age - Double Fine Adventure!

  21. Broken Age - Double Fine Adventure!

    I finally, finally watched the first episode of the Double Fine Adventure Documentary—more than three years after it was filmed. Everybody who used to work at Double Fine is now dead. But instead of gaping in horror at all now-ex-employees, my biggest focus is on part of Schafer's speech after the end of the Kickstarter campaign: "I don't want to say this is the end of the whole games industry as we know it. It's not; it's not. And it's not like a total replacement of all publishers and publishing games. There's still going to be—there still might be a few games made by publishers after today. Just a couple games." It's tongue-in-cheek, but Double Fine just put out a huge new adventure game in the same week we learned that Silent Hills is dead. Video game publishers have spent the last three years getting more and more dysfunctional. Their churn is more insane than Double Fine's—it's just not as public. When I finally get to play Broken Age maybe I'll hate it? But it won't be because it wasn't a worthy effort.
  22. Welsh is so good in that video—completely disturbed, but completely sincere. It made me hate the cackling, theatrical Windom Earle even more. This actor can be subtle! Why is he so dumb instead? We never get an explanation for the shaking hands in this episode, do we? I guess it just ties into Bob's shaking hand as he emerges arm-first from the Black Lodge? Maybe that's enough. And who's this guy? Sheriff Truman's stunt double? According to IMDB Cappy was in Episode 14 AKA Episode 13, too? And he has his own Twitter gimmick account!
  23. Super Metroid Appreciation Station

    I had those Nintendo Power issues! And I totally forgot about Beard Dude and Fat Sheriff! And I guess this is the last time that Samus's hair is officially purple.
  24. Project Eternity, Obsidian's Isometric Fantasy RPG

    Taking the advice of Sorbicol and others, instead of fighting the King I just waiked out of the castle. I hate breaking the roleplaying like that but I'm glad I got to go to Defiance Bay! There are so many new quests, chatter between party members, and non-combat that it's really enjoyable. I still can't quite get my mind around the Stronghold and how "turns" work (they don't seem to correspond with in-game hours). I purchased the Dungeon as soon as I was able to even though it provided no prestige or security to my stronghold. I thought: "this will probably have a storyline advantage." And it did! I randomly ended up fighting a wizard in Defiance Bay. Mid-fight, he offered to surrender. I accepted and told him I would throw him in my dungeon. The implementation was a little strange, though. As soon as I accepted, the screen faded out and back in, the wizard disappearing from the room. However, all his minions were still there and still attacking me! Unpaused! Why would they still want to fight after the guy paying them was gone? Anyway, now I have a wizard in a dungeon.