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  1. [RELEASED] Cheatin' Hitman

    Made some progress!
  2. Animation looks fantastic!
  3. It died with Nick Breckon. (Sound could be better but it was a bit weird once or twice before.)
  4. Came here to mention that. Best episode in a while!

    Nah, that will be called Idle Thumbs West. One week we get Remo, Steve, and somebody else. (How far is Maryland from Boston? ) And the next week we get Jake, Famous, and somebody else. (That woman who was once on a failed Idle Thumbs?) /dreams

    Let's get our priorities straight: First Idle Thumbs East, then MoonShock.

    Congrats Steve! Just couldn't live without Boost, could you?
  8. Maybe but I've always considered Jake as the funny guy and more of a, uh, moderator than the other two anyway. As for the chemistry, I don't think it should or can change much. Steve was on how many episodes of Idle Thumbs? Probably ten or even more? So it's not like he is completely new to the team. Personally, I liked the "first" episode a lot, hope there are many more to come. Twice a month or so would be great but even if it's less, I'll be happy with it.
  9. Hotel Dusk Sequel

    Huh. To me, Hotel Dusk was almost exactly like reading a book. Great narrative, easy puzzles -- the only "bad" thing about it was that you had to do some walking to trigger certain events. But since the location wasn't that big, it didn't really bother me. Looking forward to the sequel.
  10. Dragon Age

    I like the game so far but the whole Origins deal seems kinda ridiculous. I'd read it would take 2 or 3 hours to complete but it's really just 30 minutes at best. It's not even the entire tutorial. Not sure yet if it has much influence later on though.
  11. CSI: Deadly Intent

    There's also a Wii version which probably uses the pointer, but I guess I'll get the PC one because of mouse control, too. ToMI seems to be pretty horrible on Wii (from a technical standpoint), though CSI might run a bit better? No idea.
  12. Grats, Nick, but... Guys, why can't you just do a two-people-podcast and have Steve drop in from time to time? Should be worth a try? :bargaining:
  13. Scribblenauts review up!

    Yeah, Scribblenauts is really one of the few games that I hope sells decent enough to warrant a sequel. So far, it's "just" a great sandbox but not a great game. Kinda reminds me of GTA.
  14. The Dragon Age bit was pretty interesting. Otherwise, I didn't really notice a big difference in quality between this blast and regular casts.
  15. Awesome MI2 2D/3D Projection thingie

    Holy shit, Hannes Appell created this? Any Germans here who know him? He worked at Giga Games (a former TV show) as a moderator for two years to get into some kind of film school, I believe. Guess he made it.
  16. Tales of Monkey Island

    Or, maybe, he just wanted to leave the ending open for interpretation because, you know, he actually liked the ambiguity? Besides, saying the answer is not "correct" can perfectly mean that there's just more to it than it being a dream. It doesn't mean it was not a dream. Back then, I liked the ambiguity too, but I think it might be nice to find out what his original intention was one day. If the guy ever writes his memoirs, that should be in 'em.
  17. Great blast, but I don't understand the criticism of Nintendo's new help feature. I believe such a feature should have been in every game for a long time. Just to give you one example of its use: My sister loves jump'n'run games and she's not really bad at playing them... but not great either. So every time she got stuck (which happens a lot), she's had only two choices so far -- either wait a month or so and ask me to help her out. Or stop playing the game altogether, even if she had spend 60 bucks on it and was only able to see the first five levels. None of these choices are resonable, are they? Can you imagine a movie stop working because you didn't get the plot twist at the end of act one? Course you can't but isn't it almost the same? And I do believe that the absence of such a feature keeps many "casual gamers" from playing more difficult games. My mother owns a DS but hasn't used it for much except Brain Age and a few puzzle games. She likes adventure games too but when I ask her if she doesn't wanna play one, she tells me she won't be able to finish it anyway. Obviously, she could visit GameFAQs for hints but even if I showed her, she wouldn't do it, and I understand why. It's stupid and it makes you feel stupid.