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  1. Kodu Game Lab

    Has anyone else tried this or made anything cool yet? Other than giving myself a bizarre case of deja vu (it's identical to a system I built 6 years ago for a title that didn't ship), it's impressed me quite a bit with how much crazy crap you can make happen in pretty quick succession. Any other thumbs up for some world sharing?
  2. Dantes Inferno trailer

    Hahahaha! I've seen some crazed looking tasks before on my list, but I got nothin' on that one. I'd love to be a fly in the wall in that animation meeting. Wait, on second thought, the reference material would be horrifying, nevermind.
  3. [PROTOTYPE] In Stores Today!

    You do like video games, right? These are all video game mainstays... I mean, quest markers are rather an obvious requirement, people bitch like crazy when they're not there. If anything, I would say the ones in Prototype are just unimaginitive, as it looks like they just lifted them from GTA3. The disguise gameplay is rather hilarious, but no more ridiculous than MGS's cardboard box or Thief's "you're in shadow, you don't exist" sort of stealth. Yeah, they could have tweaked the cab ratio, but so could most other open city games (inFAMOUS, GTA, looking at you). More interestingly, have you ever been to NYC? That cab ratio is damn near accurate. If you're begging for more realism, there it is. The game absolutely has its issues, but it seems like you're just calling it out for basically being a video game...
  4. The podcast is what makes my commute even possible. I have to rummage around the archives on off weeks, and I don't have a plan B for when I run out of that material :\
  5. Bailout Graphic

    Political debate aside, that graphic doesn't seem to account for inflation or the financial capacity of the country at the time. It'd be interesting to see those numbers compared against, say, the GDP at the time, then those ratios used to generate the blocks.
  6. Blood Bowl

    I swear I saw that too, and it made me happy. Now I don't see any reference to it on their site. Did they dump that SKU without telling me? (HOW DARE THEM!)
  7. Ninja Blade

    I'm so glad to find I'm not the only one who appreciates how ridiculous this game is. I LOVED the demo, it was hilarious. Ninjas on motorcycles jumping out of helicopters and fighting insane spiders. I haven't picked it up yet, but if it's down in price, I'm going to have to on the way home.
  8. [PROTOTYPE] In Stores Today!

    So I ended up picking it up on a whim. I'm having a blast with it so far. While I'm not the biggest fan of the Abilitease , it starts off awesomely. If you liked Crackdown, it's definitely something to hold you over until 2 comes out. It's like Crackdown, but you're actually more insanely powerful.
  9. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Sid's a blast to work with. He's just a normal guy, and prefers that we treat him as such, he just happens to have a brilliant intuition about what's fun. One of the other programmers here described him to me really well one time: "He's really good at knowing exactly what equation and number you need to model something in an interesting, if not entirely accurate way. Like 'hmmm, the number you need there is 17. 16 is too little, 18 is too much, definitely 17'". As for PC games, I obviously can't say anything about what's in development. My personal opinion, though, is that it seems to be getting REALLY hard to be just a PC developer anymore. A few people do it (Gas Powered Games, Relic, Turbine, Blizzard, most of Valve), but it's really, really tough to grow at this point on the PC platform doing AAA budget games. I know some people like to blame piracy, but there's a solution to that (Steam/GFW DRM). I think Microsoft's schizo-girlfriend (I love you, I HATE YOU, Come here and cuddle, *STAB*) handling of GFW and gaming on the PC in general is a big part of the problem as well. I don't want to see PC gaming die, because there are some things (like Civ, for instance) that just belong there. Also, I'm loving all the new indie games and interesting casual stuff that you can get on the PC. I guess if we all use Steam or GFW (or both, which seems to be the trend), then piracy isn't a roadblock. I'm hoping to see more adoption of this. Unfortunately, if you use Steam, there's no publisher to bankroll your project from an advance on royalties, so you have to bring your own cash to the table. So then I guess your problem then lies in funding. I recall Chris Taylor saying he had to get outside funding (from like a film financier or something) to get Demigod out the door. I wonder if there will be more of this?
  10. FPS/simulation sickness

    I usually get FPS sickness more when I'm watching someone play, particularly on a large TV. One Sunday, my girlfriend decided she wanted to beat Portal, and then started playing through Half Life 2. By the middle of the day I felt nauseous, and by the evening I was running to the bathroom to throw up, but never actually doing it. Then I realized when I wasn't looking at the TV for a few minutes, I felt better. It's happened a few times since, but only with really twitchy, world spinning first person stuff, and only when I'm watching. For whatever reason, having control of it (I guess it's like driving) makes my body ok with it.
  11. [PROTOTYPE] In Stores Today!

    I'm wondering the same thing. After inFAMOUS, I don't know if I feel like playing the same game over. Someone please tell me (from experience) that it's different
  12. Edge of Twilight

    I would definitely rather I hadn't seen anything about this game until I saw the trailer on Kotaku. They talk about it like it was announced long ago, but this is the first I've seen. I'm really excited. I'm not a huge steampunk fan, but the way they've integrated it into a fantasy setting is really intriguing. I'm just hoping the combat/character development is just as refined.
  13. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Funny you should mention that. I had avoided Civ4 due to its complexity as well. Civ Rev is one of the reasons I came to Firaxis; I saw that they were working towards some really simple, fun-focused stuff, and talking to people during the interview echoed that. I did end up going back to Civ4 when I got a copy, it wasn't as hard to get into as I expected.