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  1. I'm comforted by thoughts of the shenigans which shall ensue, should Chris and Shawn Elliot (of GFW fame) become friends. Goodluck Boost, and fuck you Nick. p.s. I'm sorry Nick, I could never stay mad at you for long... You are a beautiful human being- well a human being at least.
  2. In a row?! Try not to Gin any Tonics on the way to the parking lot!
  3. Other podcasts

    I can't believe no one has brought it up yet... but SMODcast definately deserves a mention. No one in this post-thumbs world spouts hilarious nonsense like Kevin Smith.
  4. The Force Unlynched

    *cough* http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aBD0cUeeEQc *cough*
  5. Does this result in some kind of lap sitting arrangement when guests are on? Is there some kind of 'bring your own chair' policy? Or, more likely, did this result from a infrequently progressing game of Musical Chairs, and we're simply waiting for the next stoppage in the music which will decrease the number of chairs by one- thus eliminating its occupant from the podcast? yeah... probably not.
  6. no... I mean Ryan Scott, the notoriously quiet member of the former podcast GFW Radio... (Because he says nothing... so he could be on this show without anyone knowing.... FUUUNNNYY...)
  7. isn't Ryan Scott on this podcast?
  8. Send us questions!

    Didn't the Army make you breakfast this morning? Didn't the Army make Daikatana? Didn't the Army make you SUCK IT DOWN? Didn't the Army make the Yellow Submarine? Didn't the Army make video games? Didn't the Army make the Army make Army out of the Army? Didn't the Army make nothing? But how did the Army make nothing because nothing can't be something so how can you make it? Didn't the Army make a smaller Army with a pretty, female version of the Army who he met at the Airforce's birthday party last year? Didn't Chuck Norris make the Army? werd.
  9. Send us questions!

    Question: If you decide to cast your pod all the way from the Leipzig Gaming convention in Germany- will these episodes be call Mein-kampf grenades? (thought I'd start my posting off with a nazi joke as a challenge to Godwin's law...)