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  1. man all this talk about stalker reminds me I still need to finish SoC. I'm only a few hours into it, having barely gotten over my frustration with the game's quirks. Now that CoP is out I feel tempted to just jump into that, but I really want to finish SoC...
  2. Another cool game about Jack the Ripper is Waxworks. It's actually four games in one, or rather it has four sections that you can play in whatever order you want and each one has a different theme. Overall the game hasn't aged very well and can be really frustrating, but I really enjoyed the Jack the Ripper section. It does a cool thing where you play as Jack's fictional brother who looks like him, so you have to run away from the police while trying to track down and stop your brother at the same time.
  3. I got it and Brothermanbill from Amazon, if anyone prefers that http://www.amazon.com/Terribletim-Spreads-Love/dp/B0019C25QA/ref=dm_cd_album_lnk