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  1. Assassin's Creed: Mohawk

    That or maybe this is just the result of dozens of studios across the world working on one game and not having clear enough communication. They all designed a tutorial section and then every one of those was put in the game!
  2. Gahahahahaha YES! Also, about this weeks podcast: 1.) Totally digging the new, tighter wizard a capella stinger. It sounds super sweet. 2.) Love Chris's analogizing a certain type of play to practicing music. Astute, hilarious metaphor. 3.) Kirk "Delicious Dish" Hamilton is an awesome guest. He's funny, smart, excellent at explaining his viewpoint on things beyond "that was good" or "that was super rad", and I think he fits in perfectly with the Idle Thumbs guys. I really hope you guys have Kirk again in the future. He's a rad dude.
  3. Assassin's Creed: Mohawk

    I really enjoyed a whole lot of Assassins Creed 2, Assassins Creed Brotherhood and even got a decent bit of fun out of AC: Revelations. This one feels like the first game in a lot of ways, where it just keeps the shackles on you for as long as possible and refuses to let go. That said,... ...I have yet to get through the hours-long, bone-dull (I should say, I really did enjoy the If the tutorial section had ended there, I think we would have a much more easier-to-digest game on our hands) opening mission section yet, so hopefully once the game opens up I can take a breather and start to enjoy it the way I enjoyed the previous games in the serious. Fingers all twisty-crossed!
  4. Assassin's Creed: Mohawk

    I don't understand why an 18th century guy still wears a fucking eagle hood. It only really made sense thematically for Altair, whose name meant eagle or falcon or egret somesuch. Fraaanchises! Braaand identity! Sorry, I am going to rant for a moment.: Assassin's Creed, I'm really ready to be let out of your endless hour-upon-hour-upon-hour-upon-hour tutorial so I can actually play the awesome game you guys hid in there somewhere. Also, I know I'm not a published writer, and I'm certainly no game designer, but a general narrative rule of thumb is, Also this the last thing, I absolutely swear, Can anyone seriously tell me what makes the Templars different from the Assassins? Because I have no idea, except that they're the baddies. If you want your heroes to be heroes and your villains to be villains, this game has neither. It has a seemingly endless series of closed tutorials, a grand total of one interesting main character it ditches (I can only assume) because he's too British for us Americans. Lord knows, we all HATED playing as the somewhat Italian Ezio Auditore, hero of the last three games. Okay, Jesus, I'm done ranting. Right now, AssCreed 3 is a deadly rattlesnake pumping vile venom into my veins, and I need to expel it all out there. I hope someone disagrees with me, or tells me how and why I'm all wrong. I really do want to like this game. I want to play the game hidden inside this game. I hope I'm all wrong. I just feel way too right. Edit: Wow, a lot of people already said what I said, only better and less angrily. UNNECESSARY POST AHOY.
  5. Thirty Flights of Loving

    This! Even with the craziness of the game world and the boxy, simplistic-looking characters, that whole sequence felt incredibly "I've lived this before" familiar, from the way time starts speeding up the moment the dancing (and drinking) begin, to the goofy drunken stumble down the stairs, to the girl on the bed and (in my playthrough at least) me electing to subtly eat an orange to get rid of Abel's liqour breath before joining her on the bed . That dejavu feeling is something you don't get often in experiental games, even the very best ones. The editing, the music, and the pacing in both Thirty Flights and Gravity Bone have been so phenomenal. I know I'm late to the party, but I just bought the game today, and like Gravity Bone before it, Thirty Flights of Loving has blown me away( It's really amazing what Brendon's done here. I don't think I'm anywhere close to piecing all the little threads of plot together, but I don't think that matters one bit. Just being in that world and spending some time as Citizen Abel is gift enough. Keep up the awesome work Brendon (may I even call you Brendon?), we need more developers with this strong a sense of style and this amount of knowledge on how to apply it correctly and this solid a grasp of the medium they work in. I know it'll be very different, but I'm incredibly excited for quadtrilateral cowboy and whatever else may come out of Blendo Game's fun factory. Wow, what a splooge-fest. It's so rare I'm this excited and impressed by a game, and I found this thread right after finishing it, so I guess this is my brain just spilling out a bunch of its excitement when I would normally think it to myself and just exclaim it to my computer a few times. Good stuff. P.S. Remo, what a score. I've never heard you go all out on something and the tone and mood your soundtrack set, not to mention the general competence of production and uniqueness of sound, As a film score buff who is repeatedly disappointed by or ambivalent to a lot of game soundtracks due to the dearth of artists allowed to go outside a few select genres, the fear of trying anything new or unsafe, the general lack of any diegetic music (beyond the occasional radio lying around playing one of the programmer's garage band on a 15-second loop), and a whole bunch of other things, I was hugely impressed. More music please. I think a huge amount of us would pay decent money if you made a digital EP, however small. I know as Idle Thumbs fans we can tend to just poop ourselves and drool all over whatever one of you guys are working on next, but purely as an amateur (really, really, really amateur) pianist and avid fan of film scores and music in general, I was really quite genuinely impressed. If the scorist was some dude I'd never heard of, he'd be getting the exact same words of praise I'm giving you. Seriously, hurrah on the job well done. Edit: Wow, I'm so used to typing on my iThings, I've forgotten how to write quickly without autocorrect mopping up the mess. Spelling (but not grammar) fixed.
  6. Idle Thumbs 44: Salacious Thumb

    Another great thumbs, thumbs. The PI inter-splicings were totally sweet. More Remo-fashioned interludes in future casts would be awesome.
  7. That goldcast had me laughing harder than I have in quite a while. Sides were stitched and tears were shed. Thanks for the great cast guys, keep up the good stuff.