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  1. Infinite Jest

  2. Comics

    I just recently let myself buy comics again. None of these are super hero comics per se, but all are really great. Northlanders, there's two trades out I think, written by Brian Wood (Demo and DMZ), each trade collects a single contained story about vikings in one way or another. It's really really good. The art is beautiful and the writing is super great. The first trade is probably one of my favorites ever. The Programme, two trades out as well I believe. Don't remember the author or artist. I've only read the first trade. It's set in the modern day and is about weird cold war era experiments to create super mutant fighters. Kind of weird, but I enjoyed it a lot. Losers, it's done now. From a few years ago. There's like 5 books I think? A black ops team is killed off by the government but, whoops!, they survive and spend the rest of the series trying to exact justice. Not smart exactly, but a lot of fun. The writing is quick and clever, and when the main artist, Jock, is drawing the art is really amazing. Oh and they're turning it into a movie, but I have no idea if it looks any good.
  3. I'm lazy. Did we ever get the ps3/socks picture from Jake?
  4. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hey thanks. I play on the normal servers but I rarely ever group, am not guilded, etc. That's all really. I had a few real life friends who played but they all fell away and I still keep plugging away, just leveling characters.
  5. QWOP is amazing in how horrible it makes me feel. I feel simultaneously clumsy and cruel. Also, I'm gonna miss those Thumbs. Good luck, Nick, really.
  6. New people: Read this, say hi.

    I've listened for a billion years but the now all too real lack of new Thumbs means I'm going to post. I once wrote in and they totally made fun of me for training my girlfriend. I look forward to more thumbs-centric message boarding. Now I'm going to go play Torchlight while constantly refreshing my bug report in their official forum. :edit: Also, does anyone here still play WoW? I play it in the weirdest way possible, as a massively single player game, but am curious if any thumbs log in.