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  1. capcom doesn't want my money

    For what its worth, I have no idea how to reset Nintendogs.
  2. Metroid: Other M

    I'd say, worth it for trilogy alone.
  3. Yeah. I guess it's not that bad. Its kinda what I'm doing, I just jump in and wipe the cross hatch off the glass. So its not even that involved.
  4. Anybody got a nice workflow for roll your own texture packs. I know how to make one. Its just that every time a new block is added my terrain.png is broken and needs to be replaced. Copy the .jar file to my desktop Decompress it and pull out the new terrain.png edit in image editor place in template folder compress contents place in texture pack folder I guess the thing that really drives me nuts is getting my hands on the updated original terrain.png. Is there a simpler way to grab that?
  5. Yeah, I'm starting to get the feeling that I would only see natural sandstone in a freshly rolled world, or maybe when I explore new areas in the one I'm using. Coincidentally, the world I'm using just happens to be the very first world I rolled, many months ago. Nothing else I've generated since has been nearly as interesting.
  6. I went up and just started placing cobblestones under it. I started to feel safe after placing about 5 blocks, then BAM! Cave in! Somehow I didn't die though. Two blocks passed through me before I was able to move away. Something was definitely different about that, I've had that happen before and been hopelessly stuck, suffocating. it would've looked cool if it was a huge area.
  7. Hey everyone, been away from the game for a few updates and sorry if this isn't totally multiplayer related, but I came across this in a mine under my lake: So previously, that kind of thing meant smothering death if you so much as looked at it the wrong way. I'd avoid it but there's iron adjacent to it. The thing that gives me hope is that I've heard that there's sandstone now. So, is that what this is? Is it going to try and kill me?
  8. It is on like Donkey Kong Country: Returns

    I'm using just the wiimote NES style just because I like the D-pad over a thumb stick for this kind of game. I think that the one advantage to the nunchuck is that you don't have to hold a button to run, therefore, you can do speed runs without accidentally grabbing onto grassy patches. So I co-opped this with my 2 year old at times and actually found it quite helpful. She's two and a half actually, but d-pads and buttons are a bit too complex and abstract for her, so I carry her through the levels and she shakes her controller to shoot peanuts. Just shooting peanuts and seeing that she did something onscreen makes her very proud and she tells me about it every now and then. I abused a little quirk about how damage is dealt in 2-player when Diddy is riding your back to get past the last two bosses. Instead of the first 2 hits removing Diddy, the damage is alternated, so Diddy takes a hit, then DK, then on the 3rd hit you lose Diddy. Couple that with the heart item and you're set, you'll have Diddy for five hits. Its also nice, because you always restart with Diddy, which comes in handy on those stages that don't have any barrels. The price you pay for that is, it costs you two lives each time you die. That alone made me feel like I was using a strategy rather than abusing an exploit. My only complaint after finishing the game, going back and finishing the time trials and levels are single player only. @Nappi Not only do you have to collect all of the KONG letters, but you also have to
  9. Wii number exchange

    Yes! I can't wait to add you to my Wii message board. I look forward to our first correspondence, Mr. Scraptocashguide... Or is it Mrs., Miss?
  10. Voxatron

    I'd hit that.
  11. Oh my goodness. It appears from that drawing that the cobblestone block goes UNTS! Which if I'm not mistaken, translates to OONCE in English onomatopoeia! I'm putting a night club in my basement, if true! OONCE OONCE OONCE OONCE
  12. I found those unreliable even in single player. I ended up making one long single track that connects my 3 main points of interest. Right at each end I have a booster with a ramp that resets itself. Along the way I just have one single booster that just toggles back and forth on a flat piece of track, that way its always at the ready for my inevitable return trip. That one is right in front of the middle POI, if I'm headed there, I just have to hop off a little in advance so the cart slows before hitting the booster. Its quick and easy to get back to the booster and set it for the direction I wish to travel in afterwards. Only problem though, for a multiplayer server, if its ever in the wrong direction from someone else doing something it'll pretty much stop you dead. All in all, I can't wait till he programs in a matchbox double wheel launcher block.
  13. Holy cow! Laid out my build project in AutoCAD by drawing grids over a good piece of reference material. Went smoothly enough, pretty happy with how its going to work. I went on last night and started laying out some of the perimeter foundation. It feels immense in comparison to my drawing. I hope I have enough room. I'm happy to report that I also only had one block reappear on me last night. Funny how the most important thing to me never got mentioned in any of Notch's bug updates. Must've missed something.
  14. Is it near your house, I'll hit dat shit. Also, update is out, looks like Notch managed some quick fixes from his blog post. Looks like leaf decay is out again because of a pesky infinite loop. The good news, we can hurt each other now apparently.
  15. So you took a ride in a minecart?