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  1. That was kind of hypnotic. I think I went over two minutes...just in awe. So fess up...who made it through the whole thing? "Yahurr"
  2. I just want to thank you guys for coming back. Losing Idle Thumbs and 1upYours/ListenUp back to back was painful for a gaming podcast junkie. GWJ and Drunken Gamers were the only thing tiding me over. I was kind of in denial anyway. I refused to delete the Idle Thumbs feed on iTunes...just in case...and what an awesome surprise.
  3. I've gotta say that I'm really bummed that you guys and ListenUp are both gone. Any chance of you recruiting Garnett Lee for something new? He is with Shacknews now, right? Clearly, I have no idea how these things work.
  4. RSS feed broken?

    You guys rock. Thanks. I've used Juice forever...kind of gonna miss it.
  5. RSS feed broken?

    Gave up and went to's kind of impressive. Now if I could just figure out how to get it to autodelete those rarely updated shows (Life Well Wasted) after a set number of days...
  6. RSS feed broken?

    Thanks. I uninstalled Juice and reinstalled...still getting that Wii podcast in the Idle-Thumbs folder. I even went so far as to delete the Juice Program File from my C drive. Ugh. May have to try another catcher...but I really like Juice and it works for everything else. Anyway, this is clearly in the wrong forum now...thought it might have been a problem with the feed, but it looks like I have a software issue.
  7. I use "Juice" to capture the podcast using the Idle Thumbs RSS feed, and not only is the feed not getting the new Idle Thumbs shows, but it's capturing a garbage Wii show called "the Wiire". It's like insult to injury. I didn't change the feed and haven't had any problems since the early shows...until now. Is it just me, or is something up???
  8. Valkyria Chronicles

    Found a video review. It's IGN, but it's not excessively hyperbolic:
  9. The Beatles Game

    Maybe off topic, but this seems a bit derailed anyway... Having lived with it for a bit, I've gotta say: Pearl Jam - Ten is the best DLC pack since Boston.
  10. Valkyria Chronicles

    Dredging up an old (and bizarre) thread since Gamestop has this on sale for $30. I picked it up based on the demo, and I'm genuinely impressed. It's sort of like a third person Advance Wars with new Prince of Persia graphics. It's gorgeous and fun. Highly recommended for $30 if you can get it.
  11. Little BIG Planet

    It's just sad because I could name 10 levels off the top my head that would absolutely blow your mind, and the types of people who generally appreciate good level design just aren't into it...for whatever reason. Instead, we get 8 year olds hearting trophy levels. Even the dudes on my PS3 friends list have moved on to Killzone (which does absolutely NOTHING interesting as far as I can tell) or something else. I still think LittleBIGPlanet will have legs though. As its potential is closer and closer to being realized, folks will gravitate back to it...or at least I hope they do. It would be criminal for something this brilliant to fail.
  12. PS3 multiplayer

    We had a full game most of the night, but you guys could have slipped in a few times. First half hour or so was just 4-6. I'm not a huge fan of zones, mostly because I get sick of mines hidden around the poles. I think capture the flag is still my favorite. You just can't fuck with the classics. Really, if I had one complaint, it would be the inability to disable mines in the options. But Warhawk is EASILY my favorite multiplayer game ever. There's just something about the scope, and the sheer number of options you have at any given time. I also agree about the tanks. There's something amusing about rolling a tank into an enemy base when they aren't expecting it. I also love taking out hovering Warhawks in a single shot.
  13. PS3 multiplayer

    All = Good I can't recommend this one strongly of several amazing but overlooked titles in the PS3 catalog (Uncharted being the other glaring one). Folks are still playing it a year and a half after it came out, which to me, says volumes. It's ~$20 used or $30 on PSN and is well worth either price. It's a relatively small download, and it's the sort of game I almost wish I had on my hard drive just so I could hop in every now and then. It shares many mechanics with other shooters, but the sheer scope of the maps, the vehicles and the overall balance make it something more. The actual Warhawks have a steep learning curve but are extremely rewarding once they click for you.
  14. Little BIG Planet

    It's really disheartening to me how underappreciated this game is...not by the critics/press but by gamers. People are doing some remarkable level design out there, and most folks seem to have just moved on to the next random shooter.
  15. DSi, or: I am a Nintendo whore.

    I guess I'm not traveling enough these days, because I've played my DS probably once in the last year to play the new Castlevania. I have a ton of games I need to play on it, but my console backlog is bad enough. So no DSi plans for me.