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  1. Fallout 3

    Apparently it's buggy as hell and will be (or has been) taken down until Bethesda fix it. I'm glad I'm waiting for Broken Steel so that I can play all three packs at once and level up during the process. I'd be gutted if I had downloaded that today.
  2. OnLive - high-end PC gaming without the PC

    I think the concept is extremely exciting. As somebody who can only dream of playing Crysis on highest settings, I would certainly use a product like this if I was guaranteed a good experience. I have no desire to upgrade my PC every so often, for ridiculous amounts of money, just for a select game or two. Plus when it comes to PC hardware, my mind gets boggled. I don't think something like this will really become a big contender for quite a while, but if they stick with it I can see it being the future. I have a 5mb connection, which in theory would get me HD gaming, so hurry up and get it in my house.
  3. GoldenEye:Source

    I played the early beta of this... probably a year or two ago now. It was fun, definitely a good way to spend an hour or so for nostalgia kicks, but not something I can see myself going back to. After the novelty of it being Goldeneye but prettier wore off it just seemed like another run of the mill mod.
  4. Far Cry 2

    I felt like a lot of times it cheated me. It was like they had x-ray eyes with heat detection when I was on most of my missions.
  5. Far Cry 2

    You know what would have kept me playing this game for a second playthrough? A stealth mechanic that worked. If I'm in long grass with a sniper rifle, I want the AI to be confused, not look right at me - sometimes before I've even fired a shot. Totally ruined so many missions for me as I kept just running in with guns blasting. So many good foundations laid down for a Far Cry 3, though.
  6. Fable 3 leak

    Surely playing the blacksmith minigame all day caused madness? Hitting the same button over and over and over and over... Also, maybe they got confused with the new Fable 2 DLC?
  7. Bafta Game Awards 2009

    I'm not all that fussed about deciding which of those games you've listed is the "best," since it all depends on what you look for in a story, but I can certainly understand Call of Duty 4 winning. At least in the story category. As far as creating a believable, yet entertaining story for a war-focused FPS I don't think anything has ever come close to touching it, and probably won't until Modern Warfare 2 comes out later this year. It may not have the deepest of characters, or the most original premise, but it's written in such a fantastic way. There's no 20 minute monologues like in Metal Gear, but the short bursts of dialogue you do get develop the characters well and give credability to the terrorist threats. The style it's presented to the player in adds to the brilliance, also. For example, the are two of the most striking sections of a game for me. Ever. Yeah it's not over-ambitious and sprawling, but I think that those two examples are almost more impressive than the games you listed combined. I know some people will find that a ludricious statement, but the more focused and refined story was a better experience than the long, drawn out ones where you have a part in "creating" the character for me. Ultimately, I think that aspect always kills a part of a story, but that's another matter.
  8. Lastfm Usernames It makes me feel sad. Over 10,000 plays already.
  9. Fable 3 leak

    I'd be happy with more of the same, as Fable 2 was a very fun game to play through with my girlfriend, but for the love of God I hope they tweak their engine a bit. The framerate and pop-in made me want to cry at times. Jonathan Ross would be a great addition to the cast, for the record. His personality fits with the Fable humour perfectly.
  10. New people: Read this, say hi.

    South-West, near Tenby.
  11. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Ello. Started listening to the podcast after all the hype on NeoGAF, which I can safely say is justified. After the fall of the legendary 1Up podcasts, I'm glad that such a podcast was ready to fill in some of the gaps that left in my listening schedule. I've been tempted to sign up to the forums for a while, but eh... I'm lazy. I'm Matt and 18, from Wales in the UK, if you want to get a bit more personal. Beyond that? I hate introduction posts, so you can get a grasp on my personality via my posts!
  12. Resi 5

    I'm really torn about this. I loved Resi 4, as in it's a top 5 game for me, but after playing the demo I felt uninspired. The setting didn't grab me (daytime?) and it basically felt like I had to survive wave after wave of enemies that hadn't advanced much beyond the AI or animation of that I fought four years ago. Deja vu much. I will be buying it, of course I will, but at the moment I'm expecting to be very disappointed. I didn't want the devs to go too far away from the formula that made 4 so amazing (since it's the only Resident Evil game I enjoyed), but it's seemingly a case of being careful what you wish for - they haven't improved the things that are now dated, but changed the aspects I liked. But then again, I might be pleasantly surprised. Who knows. Co-op is somewhat appealing as I greatly enjoying playing through a game with my girlfriend, but the clunky controls make the possibility of her being able to play it to a satisfying degree is dubious.