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  1. The OTHER Pirate Bay thread...

    This feels foreign to me, as for Adobe, Adobe has spoken in the past saying it doesn't effect them because the consumers who pirate clearly would not have the money to purchase it. EA on the other hand has done things about it. What became of Spore was in more ways than one a direct response to their ongoing concerns. Whether they're vocally saying that they're trying to curb piracy as much as possible or not, they're still taking some initiatives in trying to take care of it. I'm not advocating piracy, nor am I against it. Just for the sake of discretion.
  2. Books, books, books...

    I tried looking through your folder, but what are those collection of red books in the corner?
  3. Books, books, books...

    I thought a thread like this existed but no one replied to it and got lost in the backlog. I'm currently reading a comic by Grant Morrisohn. The Invisibles: Say You Want A Revolution. I've found it to be rather interesting and unique. I get a vibe of A Clockwork Orange meets the Matrix meets the hotel scenes of Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas. The book I put down because of the comic but will soon come back to was Godel Escher And Bach. It's a book where a guy proposes about the similarities between those three different men and how their works created infinite loops. I feel I'm giving it a bad description. But thus far it's been quite interesting and I've studied along side of it seeing Bach's more interesting and unique works. Lastly, one of the threads here has inspired me to get a book called The Pardox Of Choice. I've been anticipating it for a while, just haven't had money to purchase it. Great thread Thunderpeel. Hope to be inspired to get more books.
  4. Are YOU a rapist?

    You have a valid point. I guess I take stock in being the douche bag stereotyping. To me the idea of the model guy, I imagined(from my uninformed perspective) would be common. Not in referrance to the drug usage, but the staying excessive hours to meet select milestones. So that idea of feeling under pressure completely scares off my rather laissez-faire mentality. But I feel I've completely derailed this topic twice over.
  5. Great episode. For some reason I was expecting Chris' WoW story to end with him having made a jab at Pardo as well. Instead, it just kinda ended tragically. I wouldn't mind paying 10 dollars a month for an Idle Thumbs newspaper. But I doubt many else would join me on that venture.
  6. Are YOU a rapist?

    I really don't see how you've unblown it, since the remaining portion has left me..well you get the gist. I've had really crappy delays at work, and college papers I've put off till that last day, but the thought of resorting to substance just seems I guess a foggy notion to me. I mean maybe it's because I'm not a person that indulges in that way of life, or just a really shelled up american. But the day I propose doing speed and massively damaging my heart to tighten the graphics on level five, I'd consider a different company. Thanks for the interesting information, I'll make sure to remember that before considering entering the industry.
  7. GDC 09: The Two Most Glorious Images You Will Ever See

    IGN apologizing for being too critical in their reviews.
  8. Are YOU a rapist?

    I was being facetious about Takahashi, but my mind being blown was in referrance to the man she was referring to with the cocaine. I was just outstanded that the bluntness of offering drugs within a work environment just somewhat shocked me. I apologize if my jest didn't translate through my tone.
  9. OnLive - high-end PC gaming without the PC

    Exit Stage Left
  10. Are YOU a rapist?

    Not to derail you yufster, and I completely understand the emotional distress that could be associated with such things. But as a person not involved in the game industry, I thought you were kidding for a second when you mentioned cocaine, but you were serious. I assumed weed was at most a drug of choice, and LSD for the Katamari team, but cocaine, at least to me, seems a bit intense. Especially for a guy who either programs or creates meshes. Once again, I apologize for derailing, but that made my mind blown.
  11. Great episode. I did miss the ambient sirens, but I noticed that it was replaced by a very subtle song underneath. Was it a ringtone? All three guest were great. Looking forward to the year 2016.
  12. Are YOU a rapist?

    I would like to mention, that I did know a teacher, female, who had sex with one of her students,male. She was fired, but no legal actions were pressed against her.
  13. I think you'll love this -- Pepsi design strategy

    I agree with what you said. But, I do feel there is a bit of an overblown authoritarian end all be all mentality when it comes to phi and that which is related to it. But then again, the nerd-ish part of me views works done with that ratio in mind intensely appealing because I'm deeply enamored by unrealistic mathematical proportioned artwork. I would like to pose the question of, is it possible that there is an interwoven correlation between the golden ration and the uncanny valley effect? They essentially aim for a perfect representation of human, but yet they fail on their way there. That idea just came to me while reflecting on your thoughts.
  14. I think you'll love this -- Pepsi design strategy

    You just reminded me of this, I wonder how many people do remember this
  15. Are YOU a rapist?

    I've had similar conversations. I always feel like women are pretty much like an unreliable narrator, so many times I've been told one thing that when tried has backfired with worse implications. I've come to the conclusion that playing ignorant will prevent any sense of misinterpration by forcing them to be explicit instead of skirting the subject. Men are essentially caught between a rock and hard place with women it comes to things of that nature by the atricious things men have done as you've mentioned Nachimir when the possibility of sex enters the conversation.