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  1. Infinity Ward - MW2 news

    Activision would probably like very much to cut off PC support entirely. Removing dedicated servers, mod servers and charging sixty dollars are all elements to bring the PC game in line with the consoles and thus devalue the PC experience-- you can probably expect to see little support on IW's end for fixing PC glitches and resolving compatibility issues. Like DDP said above, Activision also wants to sell DLC to PC gamers in the same way they do PS360 guys-- gutting the ability to play mods pretty much ensures that any MW2 experience will be an experience directly controlled by and thus monetized by Activision. But perhaps something even more cynical may be in play on Activision's part-- by ensuring that all MW2 games take place on Activision's servers, Activision can force the MW community to switch to MW3 when the time comes.