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  1. On the subject of the eruv, there are some other awesome workarounds for the sabbath. I was at some big box store a few weeks back and saw that some appliances had Sabbath-modes. Instead of playing metal music, these were ovens that would just stay on at a lower temp (like 325) for the next 24 hours. Wikipedia has a good article about these devices. It's so fascinating that some of them have randomly-delayed switching so that you're one step removed from activating the device.
  2. Idle Thumbs 305: Z to the Triple-T

    Helpful video for this week's episode:
  3. Important If True 6: Get Hoisted

    Was the Snapple bottle open when you first saw it, Chris? If not, I bet the cap was defective or tightened too much by the robot that did it, and so it was impossible to get open with normal human hands.
  4. Quake III Arena (ioquake3)

    You can get the latest version of ioquake3 from this address btw: Here's the README for our new renderer, if you're fancy:
  5. Quake III Arena (ioquake3)

    Thank you all for trying out ioquake3
  6. anyone have a link to the tim schaefer comment regarding Cortana on twitter?
  7. "Touch for the win"

    only if you want the full experience.
  8. "Touch for the win"

  9. "Touch for the win"

    Oh god I hope so.
  10. Hey thanks for discussing Wikipedia Jake, they keep deleting my ioquake3 project. In my (obviously extremely biased in favor of keeping) opinion, they could totally have more articles as long as they don't impact the readability of other articles. Also here is a great comparison video about airplane and the movie it is based on: -BjU-e01zQ4
  11. I can't believe my shitty thing about far cry 2 not having puffins/broken was the last reader e-mail. The thumbs' response made it worthwhile though.
  12. Idle Thumbs 44: Salacious Thumb isn't registered yet...