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  1. Double Fine Amnesia Fortnight 2012

    I'm pretty much on board for anything The World's Smiliest Man is involved in, but the pitch (and dinosaur hat!) completely sold me.
  2. It was a minor example in a larger point that Sean made, but I want to affirm that Batman: Ego is, indeed, a really good one-off Batman story. Darwyn Cooke does great work.
  3. Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse

    I just finished the last episode of the current season and couldn't be happier. The Devil's Playhouse has definitely been my favorite season so far (I especially enjoyed the Narrator, and the credits for this episode were just spectacular), and I got stuck less on this episode than in any of the other Telltale Sam and Max stuff so far. I don't know if that means others thought the puzzles were too simple or what, but I was much less frustrated while still having several "A-ha!" moments. Kudos to Jake, Famous and everyone else at Telltale Games. Also, it's great to see Video Games Rodkin moving into more and more prominent spots during the credits. Hooraaaay for youuuuuuuu!
  4. Deus Ex 3

    I really like how they've executed the black-and-gold color scheme the Art Director was always talking about in earlier interviews. I've seen people complain that it's a new form of the shades-of-brown issue that many games have had, but I love how the heavy use of gold tone and light makes the entire scene visually warm (especially how it interacts with the haze in the city streets). Really, even if the gameplay or story don't turn out all that great (though what I've seen has made me fairly optimistic), the visual design for the project has left me very impressed. The environments, mechanical design, outfits, and overall look are distinctive, well-executed, and just hit all the right notes for me. As an aside, the bomblets aug is kind of situational and silly, but it's exactly the sort of bigger scale type of effect that I would want as part of a mechaug.
  5. Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse

    After powering through it, this was definitely my favorite chapter of the season so far. The set up for chapter 5 was great, and a couple of the jokes had me dying (specifically, Sam's reaction to the and the riff on ) Also, Sal has the greatest voice.
  6. Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse

    Awesome! I'm really digging this season so far; each episode has had something really distinctive about it, and the writing has been pretty tight. I've really enjoyed the different flavors of the characters we've seen, what with old-timey Sammus and Maximus and gritty, noir Sam.
  7. XCOM returns

    That's actually one thing I really like about what they're doing. Sectoids are iconic, but I wouldn't be able to take them seriously at all. I don't care how badass their psychic powers are or how awesome their weaponry is; they're so goofy looking all I can think of is suburbanites sneaking up behind them with a baseball bat or taking them out with ridiculous Home Alone-style traps. The black goo and monoliths that they've shown so far have really impressed me because they're so other and inscrutable. Regardless of what I think about the rest of the decisions they've made, I really agree with this one.
  8. 'O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!' ZTac chortled in his joy.
  9. I thought today would be the day the wizard died. Thankfully, the wizard is just moving a couple states over and will still visit from time to time. I'm looking forward to hearing more of the remaining Thumbs' (and Scoops') thoughts on games whenever you guys feel like sharing them. Also, I just realized that all the forum posts, tweets, and emails taken together are kind of an internet petition that sort of worked. My mind is blown! Congratulations on casting your pod for over a year, guys! And best of luck to Nick at Bethesda! Swizard.
  10. I think only one thing has a good chance of averting this terrible calamity. We need to start... AN INTERNET PETITION Joking, obviously.
  11. "Congratulations, Nick!" ... "Congrats Nick!" Seriously, that's both great news and terrible news. I am already in mourning.
  12. The cast was funny. Funny like a joke two drinks before last call. I heard Remo's voice drifting out from the speakers; "I'd have to combine my assumptions: a taco and a nacho." The gin and fatigue swirled through my head, mixing the words with my memories. I had heard that voice before. The cast had moved on to a new topic, but the words kept echoing through my head: Taco. Nacho. Metal Gear?
  13. I played tons of Action Supercross years and years ago, and after the name was mentioned I immediately checked online to make sure it was the game I was thinking of. The first screenshot came up, and in that instant I was running through that field of flowers, music swelling in the background. Group hug, everyone.
  14. All I can think of when I hear about the Bionic Commander is a general sitting in front of an array of monitors, launching his bionic hand across the room to hit buttons, answer phones, and make coffee while he monitors the progress of the douchebag commando.
  15. "So I hear there's a new Tie Fighter coming out. Dot dot dot..." -Dr. Girlfriend