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  1. Twitter :)

    Hey everyone! I turned into a lurker of these forums a while back, reading a lot of it without posting and such (went through a deep depression / depreciation phase for a few years blablah) but I'm back on it (with a vengeance) I just wanted to warn you all that I co founded a game studio last year and am now on Twitter @themgames. This is not the important part, the important part is if @themgames tweets to you like you already met, it's me talking By the way, what are some of the peoples' twitter handles around here so I can follow what you fellows are up to!
  2. inSynch

    Soooo... I participated in the making of a game. And it feels kind of awkward to be posting it here amidst the Last of uses and the Journeys and the Gone Homes but yeah, I figured, since I like a lot of people that dwell the idle realm, I'd post the trailer here and get a little feedback. Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v4GdOU7W9aI If some of you would like to try a beta, please do tell (and if some of you would like to share the trailer also... just sayin' but I think I'm supposed to ask that of people now :/)
  3. inSynch

    Man, I hate to bring up my own post. Really :x Overall, PR is not my strong suit to be honest, I'm always afraid to bother everyone so if want to tell me to shut up because nobody's interested enough to comment on the game, please please do so I'll know! Ok so now that I prefaced that really badly, we want to put our game on greenlight. I have no idea how much time it'll take but here: message in a bottle, here's hoping you'll all gift us a handful of seconds to make 2 years of work worth it. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=258497672 Oscar.
  4. inSynch

    aaaand it's out! Two years working on this game, hope some of you enjoy it and have feedback! http://www.themgames.net/insynch/
  5. inSynch

    I think I'm obsessed: I re-read the last press mail to be sent for release tonight with the final build like 20 times...
  6. inSynch

    By the way guys, what are your favorite gaming sites that I should send Press releases to? Internationally speaking of course ^^
  7. inSynch

    (send your emails via Private message : )
  8. inSynch

    Ok, 1 week before release, WHO WANTS TO PLAYTEST OUR GAME FOR REALZ ?
  9. This looks like it's either not going to be a video game or going to be a not video game 1/10 -IGN.com
  10. inSynch

    I'll be handing the full game to all manner of people that dwell here really, 24th of April, just you wait
  11. inSynch

    Ok so our next game should be inPlicit ? inExperienced ? inTrend ?
  12. inSynch

    Yeah, I don't even have a distribution platform and the game is not out yet so I'd like to first distribute the trailer around :x Do you think press and youtubers will be interested in that ?
  13. inSynch

    anything coming before …{I've ever seen} even if negative is a least a good thing in a way right… ? Now insight people, focus: how do I share it? How do I make everyone know about it ?
  14. inSynch

    Ok so here's the release trailer (cause we now have a release date) ! love.
  15. The threat of Big Dog

    Has this been seen here yet ?
  16. Twitter :)

    You thought you did but did you did ?
  17. Twitter :)

    I will follow you and tell you if you are. My judgement will be merciless.
  18. Twitter :)

    Thank you all !
  19. Fuck this thread is awesome, I just played a huge amount of scarygirl, that game is awesome at the peek of awesomeness... And I loved emerald city confidential
  20. Indiecade

    I'll be there (http://www.indiecade.com/) Who else ? also, maybe there ought to be a iRL forum ? With meetups, thumbs conferences, trips and so on ?
  21. Episode 8... ?

    Hey, So I noticed that with the awesome new show and all, Dota 2day was no longer on the front page of teh idel ssumbs and so I dareask : will that ever exist again? With it being awesome content with a lot of followers and all... Anywayz sorry for polluting the forum and if you want to delete this post, please do so (but answer first <3)
  22. inSynch

    Haha I hope not everybody will not want to play it :'( The gameplay is actually pretty simple, you controll the jumping pads and depending on your actions, your mistakes and timing, the music evolves and changes (spoiler alert, it's an actual vidayo game)
  23. inSynch

    It is actually stop motion animation, here's a photo of myself (left) our chief animator (middle) and one of the programmers on the set, stop motionning away (well, we do look like we didn't do anything on there but it's not the case . I made an article on the making of the art direction if you're so inclined http://www.themgames.net/handcrafted-love/ Also THANK YOU
  24. The threat of Big Dog

    http://vimeo.com/75781782 teh future
  25. Plug your shit