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  1. San Francisco Residents!

    Man, I'm working in SF this summer and totally forgot that there are thumbs folks here until I ran into another reader on the bus. I'm only here for another two weeks but it'd be cool to meet up with folks - I'm planning on going to Tuesday game night at Folsom St. Foundry this coming week if anyone's interested.
  2. Holy shit, Jeff Green! This takes me back. I read the shit out of CGW back in the day. Always loved Jeff's column in the back.
  3. I'm totally up for that game of The Ship, haven't played in forever but it was fun as hell.
  4. I know people are curious about what game really is. Chris has revealed what game truly is, though many of you don't know it. This is a totally shameless plug, but Chris appeared on the podcast made by a gaming community I'm a part of ( if you're interested) called the CouchCast, and he actually revealed the answer. That's right. You can listen to it right here (and if you want to listen to some of the other podcasts, well, be my guest. It's pretty awesome. Once again, shameless plug, but figured you guys would be interested.
  5. Torchlight?

    Oh fuck. I just got Shitty Wizard'd.
  6. I've been playing the alpha for the past few days. So far, my impression is that at its core, the gameplay is really good and there's a lot that can be done with it. However, I'm glad this is only an alpha. It's a ton of fun starting a settlement with your friends and getting it running, setting up defenses and searching for tokens. However, there are some pretty major changes that need to be made. First, the AI needs to be drastically changed. It's ridiculously powerful - I've never seen a settlement last for more than a day or so before getting rolled by the AI. This isn't helped by the fact that at distance, other characters look like blotches. Speaking of which, while it's very pretty and has a great visual style, the fog effects and "static" effect can get in the way at times. The bloom is pretty excessive and stuff in the background goes out of focus, so it's really hard to see any detail at range, and during the daytime looking into the sun = blindness. While I've mostly mentioned the nasty parts of the game, as I said before, there is some really solid, fun gameplay underneath the problems. Also something to note, it may have been fixed but last I checked, friend accounts were broken so that the password was the same as the username.
  7. Borderlands

  8. First game you remember playing

    Looking back, first game I remember playing was an old Apogee game, Crystal Caves, on DOS. First game I remember ENJOYING was good ol' Earthworm Jim.
  9. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hello. I'm altaco. I'm obsessed with anything Valve cranks out. I'm a regular TF2 and Left 4 Dead player.
  10. Plain Sight

    Are you still accepting new people into this? I'd love to try it out.