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  1. Idle Thumbs DayZ Server!

    I was the girl with a cowboy hat and a bubble jacket. Sean took a couple shots at me when I was walking up.
  2. Idle Thumbs DayZ Server!

    I like this idea. So who shot me in the face at the end of the stream?
  3. Idle Thumbs 131: Real Life

    I've made around $400 on the market from just a couple TF2 weapons.
  4. I love this game and was going to bring this up. Hearing Japanese soldiers speak on the other side of a wall and giving their position away is the best.
  5. Favorite Game Of All Time

    The original XCOM. I still remember the first time I played it when we went to my Uncle's for Christmas. I got to give TF2 an honorable mention. Over 2,100 hours.
  6. Kerbal Space Program

    New Update!! He was ripped from his seat and plummeted to his death when the chutes fully deployed.
  7. Kerbal Space Program

    Rescue mission time.
  8. Kerbal Space Program

    Sure. Edit: whoops, wrong one. Original Size.
  9. Kerbal Space Program

    First probe orbiting another planet. Bigger
  10. Kerbal Space Program

    Solar eclipse during takeoff. Larger image
  11. Kerbal Space Program

  12. Kerbal Space Program

    The demo on the website is just a version from over a year ago. Sounds like it's the same on Steam.
  13. I went with the same thing at the ticket guy as Jake. I read that you do not get stabbed if you chose to shoot him.
  14. Maybe I'm wrong but I swear I chose.
  15. He's on PED's. Roid rage.
  16. Did Nick steal some? He seemed extra violent. Threatened to maul Chris for talking ill of Civ4.
  17. At least it's not a racing wheel.
  18. Oculus rift

    TF2 added support a couple days ago. Remember it's just dev kits that are shipping out for the kickstarter. Hard to knock something for having no software with no dev kits out there. I've heard $300 for the eventual retail product which in my opinion is pretty reasonable. With the large amount of positive reaction from the press I'm super interested in it, but I'm terrified that my house will be robbed while using it.
  19. Didn't Chris mention once on the podcast that he had a Novint Falcon? As far as how Oculus will work with TF2 I imagine it'll be like head tracking in Arma. You can control where your head is looking with the Rift but your cross hairs are still controlled by your mouse. If that's how it is it could be a HUGE advantage and might convince me to get one. Plus, I want that hat. I need more hats.
  20. I really think it's just that a simple mistake can mean so much more in a LOMA. Me buying the wrong gun in round 2 of a CS match isn't gonna fuck me a couple rounds later. Making a simple mistake early on in DOTA can fuck you later on.
  21. I would definitely put Super Monday Night Combat in the LOMA category. It's DOTA/LoL with 3rd person controls and a little TF2 mixed in. I played the hell out of it early on in beta but the community died shortly after release.
  22. Great episode, I really needed this tonight. I've had a rough couple days and needed the distraction and laughs. The thing is that in CS one player could screw up and the rest of the team could easily make up for it. In a LOMA one person's simple mistake can cost everyone the match. Also, a round of CS is 2 minutes a LOMA round is closer to 30.