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  1. Yeah, I've managed to get to rank 11 but I haven't really played for any extended period of time in an attempt to climb any higher. 


    I think I'm gonna focus on arena a bit more after I've bought my packs with my saved up gold. I tried it this season but then thought better of it as I can get a fair amount of packs with the gold instead, and arena could give me some of the packs. I really can't wait to bust open all those packs! They did a really good job of making opening packs super exciting. You'll have to let me know what you get. I was SUPER unlucky with my WoTOG packs. I opened about 50 and got like 1 legendary and I think it was Nat The Dark Fisher. 


    I'm only joking about making the legendaries, but my god is it tempting. I'm not really missing many classic cards for classes I normally play so I don't mind crafting some of the new epics etc. I always prefer epics over legendaries anyway. 

  2. Are you still playing Latrine? I've been playing very little compared to last season as I just find the idea of getting to rank 8 or 9 again is just such a struggle. I really do still love the game, but I often find myself just playing the same decks over and over. I mean I've been playing Zoo Lock since I started the game and it's gotten me my highest rank of 11 this season. I'm sure I could go higher if I tried but there's so many shamans and they normally destroy me. I'd also fight fire with fire, but I played the fuck out of Shammy last season. I wish they'd shake up the meta more often by rotating more often or like reintroducing certain cards from old packs or something. I feel like Wild will be utterly unplayable within a year or so. Or at least incredibly unenjoyable. 


    I've managed to save up 3.6k gold for packs from the next expansion and will hopefully have around 4.3k or something by the time it comes out. I've also got near 2k dust which I'll probably blow on a legendary which seems OP at first but is actually total garbage. 

  3. Hey Mington! I tried out the code but it said it wasn't valid for me. Maybe someone else already took it and hasn't said anything or it only works on your account. Just thought I should let you know!

  4. 10 hours ago, TychoCelchuuu said:

    I mean, this isn't very helpful now, but if you're sick of this shit one option is just to wait until the game comes out, and then either buy it once it's fixed or don't buy it if people have technical issues.

    Yeah, you're right. I just succumbed to a very juvenile rage is all. I also thought it might be a technical issue on my end as I remembered that I recently had to remove a stick of RAM as it was playing up. I then replaced the RAM and nothing changed so I really do think it's something to do with the developers. Especially after reading online that with windows 7 the type of crash I described is one of the more common ones. 


    I think I was just excited to play a nice big meaty triple A game after playing nothing but Hearthstone for the last 18 years. 

  5. So after a massive arse on with trying to download the thing I finally have it downloaded! Yayyy! Oh wait. It won't get passed the second loading screen and just crashes before doing so. Amazing. I really do miss how stupidly easy to use consoles are compared to PCs. At least when I had a PS3 I'd pay a considerable amount of money for a game and it would actually fucking work. Now I'm 60 euros down and have to fuck on trying to get it to work. I'm updating my drivers and running it in administration mode and blah blah blah blah. Christ. Sorry to be like this, but man am I sick of this shit. 

  6. I got to 90% download of the game last night and had to go to bed. Woke up this morning and it seems like there's a problem with the steam servers or something as the download won't move an inch. Every other game which needs an update to run begins the downloading process without any problems even the original Dishonored! Anyone having a similar problem?

  7. gamesthatexist your album was weirdly relevant to me in a couple of ways today. One the name as I was literally waitin' around for people to come visit the spare room in my flat. And some lyrics really stuck with me (in particular the "i'm not gonna wish it was yesterday" stuff) as I'm kind of going through a weird shift in my dealing with anxiety where I can almost ignore it but in a super healthy way. Like I feel like I might actually be getting over it a bit in a more permanent way.  Btw "Warning" is the bomb. 


    Also is the devil town bit a reference to Daniel Johnston?  

  8. I've found it super hard to keep up with the meta this season. I tried playing beast Druid as that was pretty popular and I'd literally never played Druid before. I rocked it for about a day and then the next day the deck was useless.

    The same thing happened with mid-range Shammy. Just couldn't get any draw, super bad RNG and ran into a lot of good players. It genuinely made me think I'm not very good at the game anymore.

    Tried out a couple of dragon decks which imo were the most interesting decks to play but would often get wrecked by stronger players.

    My highest rank is 13 this season and it looks like I won't get much higher! Oh well. I'll stop whinging. I think I just need to think ahead a lot more and think about trades in a better way.

    Latrine do you play in the US or EU? If it's the EU then would it be cool if I watched a couple games of yours? My tag is ferret92

  9. I think the thing just keeps getting better and better the more it goes on. This arc was really interesting and I can't wait to find out what all this red cloak stuff is about? The last episode really threw me. I'll put it in a spoiler in case you haven't read it:


    I wonder why the hell Magnus is the red cloak?! I love how there's all these little things which have been teased and hinted at but I don't want to spend any time figuring them out. I'll just wait until they tell me them. You got any theories?


    I started listening to Friends at the Table a while ago and I just found they spend way too long making decisions. At least in the early episodes of the cyber punk one anyway. Maybe I'll give it a go again some time soon, but I remember being frustrated by how much they took their time. 

  10. Anyone been listening to The Adventure Zone recently? I can't believe the next one will most likely be the last arc! Although I imagine it will last another year or so due to the release schedule and the fact Griffin and Travis have babies on the way.


    Also has anyone contributed to The Adventure Zine. I was thinking about doing it today especially considering it's the last day today!


    What did you guys think about the choices the three characters had to make during the flashback scene? I knew none of them would take it but Merle's choice was easily the most boring. Travis' on the other hand was really interesting and I felt quite sad for him. I'm really impressed with how wacky they've managed to go with this thing and just sort of not try to explain any of it.

  11. I've reached my highest rank ever since before the nerf of Patron Warrior where I got to rank 9 and I've been using a Tempo Mage this season to get to rank 10. It's basically because as SomethingStupid said it's all about curving out and Tempo Mage is ideal for that. It's actually my favourite iteration of the deck so far coz there's just so many options especially in the earlier turns.


    What have you guys been playing this season? I'd like to play a more control orientated deck like a Warrior or something but I'm missing a few key legendaries like Varian and Justicar. Also with the rotation of cards happening every "year" it's making it more and more difficult to decide on which legendaries to craft. I don't really want to make either of the two I mentioned before because they'll be gone soon and I don't want to play Wild.

  12. I just thought I'd hop on the bandwagon and say that this adventure has been the best one so far. Although I've got agree with Jennegatron that there's not been enough Angus in this arc. The train one comes a very close second. I just love the idea of Magnus swinging off the end of the train like a wrecking ball and then them hopping off and watching the train dissapear into a portal. Amazing stuff. 


    Who's everyone's favourite characters? I'm surprised how much I like Magnus considering Travis tends to make me laugh the least on MBMBAM. I'd say Taako is my overall favourite. I love it when he just sits back and watches the other two fuck everything up. I think Justin would make a good DM, but I'm not sure about Clint and Travis. 

  13. Me and my friend did a music too. I'm really happy with it and super proud of us for it! It's also weird that my favourite track is the last one which was improvised and recorded on my phone. However, I can't wait to get a keyboard and a mic to record my own stuff with.


    Btw does anyone know of a decent keyboard I can get for around 200 quid/240 euros/260 dollars? I feel like learning a new instrument this year and have fancied a keyboard for a while but I have no idea about them. I don't want anything crazy but a one that make it sound like a laser blasta would be sweet

  14. Yeah, I totally agree. It was short and sweet and the story was by no means the focus. I think I could have even done without the story existing at all and still have been happy. Have you guys tried any of the speedrun challenges? It kind of feels like how I wanted to play the game initially and I'm now glad I didn't because I wouldn't have gotten any rewards for it

  15. Yeah, the story did seem a bit silly to me but it's the most innovative shooter I've played in years. Especially when it comes to cool gimmicks. How are you finding the challenges? I found the katana is the best melee weapon but it's still pretty shit. I've thrown it through the level geometry a few times and not been able to pick it up. 

  16. Does anyone have an Xpadder profile for this thing? All the buttons work like EU but for some fucking stupid reason the anologue sticks don't work at all.... 

  17. Mine's gonna take 8 days to download according to Steam. Well I guess that's what I get for living in Spain; cheap beer and good weather, but awful, awful, terrible, embarrasingly shite internet. 

  18. I still find the whole thing a bit confusing as to what is actually going to happen. Wild is just the game as normal and Standard will eventually be restricted decks, right? So doesn't that mean that everyone who wants to play as now can just play Wild? 


    I actually kind of like the idea as it will give me a chance to try out completely different decks at the same time. I mean as dium said removing the adventures from sale just seems silly to me. I mean maybe people don't want to pay for them if they won't add cards to their collection, but removing them from the game seems crazy. Why not just leave them in? 


    Anyway, what kind of decks have you guys been playing recently? What kind of decks have you come up against a lot. I've been playing my trusty old Tempo Mage and got to rank 9 last season. I switched to the Reno Lock which was a hell of a lot of fun but would often lose out to crazy aggro decks like Secret Pala. I've played lots of the usual Combo Druids/Secret Palas/Face Hunters and it's amazing to me that aggro is still so prevalent. I mean I understand why it is, but how are there 3 of the most popular decks focused around aggro? That's not even including Murloc Pala or Aggro Shaman. I guess I'm just bitter. Or salty as the kids say. 

  19. Thanks Jutranjo! The second link, Super Bunnyhop, was exactly the kind of stuff I was looking for! I haven't checked out the 3rd so maybe that'll be a hit too. 


    The presenter kind of sounds like Don Hertzfeldt with his intonation sometimes. But I love that guy so it's fine with me. 

  20. It's not technically a Let's Play but I didn't know where else to put it and I thought this guy deserved more recognition:



    I thought this one was hilarious and I love his accent. Does anyone have anything else like this? Or anything more generally about video games? I used to watch Yahtzee but then I got bored and I liked Errant Signal but I ended up disagreeing with loads of stuff and found myself getting annoyed.