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  1. Fallout 4 — Boston Makes Me Feel Good

    I've not tried that but I bet you get through a lot of lockpicks that way... I've just finished Fallout 4. That is all.
  2. Fallout 4 — Boston Makes Me Feel Good

    Oh that's a very good question juv3nal. I didn't have time to check any earlier saves as I had suddenly had to leave the house and I was a bit pissed off that it wouldn't load. I'll let you know if that works. I don't use any mods on Fallout 4, but thanks for your condolences. Yeah,something similar happened to my Skyrim save on PS3 after a good 74 hours or so. I was one of the unlucky 4%, or whatever, who suffered from the bug where the game ran progressively worse until it stopped completely. edit: thanks juv3nal! I loaded an earlier save and it worked a treat.
  3. Fallout 4 — Boston Makes Me Feel Good

    Speaking of bugs and the like I've just had an amazing one. My game crashes when I try to load a save. AHAHAHHA. It was hilarious. It doesn't really matter as I'd only spent around 55 hours on it and levelled up to level 49. AHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
  4. Other podcasts

    I was pretty happy with Limetown as a whole actually. I'm glad they've wrapped it up quite quickly. Well the first season at least because that's what bored me about Nightvale. I didn't really know where it was going and I don't think the writer's did either. I think the acting over all was quite good considering, but there was a bit of ham going on with the whole Cat's Cradle thing. I thought that was incredibly odd. What about you Badfinger, whaddya reckon about it?
  5. Free To Play - This Topic Is Not Post To Win

    In the vein of F2P does anyone know of any F2P multiplayer iphone games? I was wanting to play some with some friends from home as my internet is too shite to keep up with COD:BLOPS 8. If there's any you can play on the same screen that would be just lovely too.
  6. This forum is weird (Look a new topic!)

    I very rarely even go back and look at more than a page or two in mega-threads, but I still feel like I can get the gist of what's going on. I tend to find the posting on here quite cliquey sometimes, but I guess like someone else said earlier that's because I haven't really posted consistently on here and got involved. I actually barely post on here compared to a lot of long time members. I mean I've been a member for almost 6 years now and I've got 200 odd posts to show for it. I really stick around for the few threads I do post in, and to read people's non-toxic, non-aggro opinions about topics I'm interested in. Most of the time I want to express an opinion but found another Thumber has beaten me to it and in a much more eloquent way so instead of posting "I agree" I just read their opinion and leave.
  7. Plug your shit

    I did a song with a guitar. It's a minute long and you'll have to excuse the poor transition and recording... Christ. That's a lot of excuses right there. I don't really know what genre to call it so I guess it's grunge folk. There's going to be some other songs on there at some point.
  8. Other podcasts

    Yeah, I'd definitely accept that most of their shows are about a bunch of people riffing about different topics. I just happen to like the McElroy brand of comedy. I don't mind Stop Podcasting Yourself, but it can be a tad boring. How anyone listens to Jordan! Jesse! Go! I have no fucking idea. It's the most pompous and arrogant thing I've ever heard. Especially due to the fact they keep their editor's laughs in the background.. I don't like TV shows with a laugh track, why would I want a podcast with a really forced one man laugh track?
  9. Other podcasts

    I don't mind having the ads in the shows themselves and I totally get why they do them, but the Flophouse one really put me off the show. I'd check out the show myself but I'm not one for bad movies in an ironic sense. I'd rather just check out a good movie and it would drive me crazy listening to discussion about a movie I haven't seen. It's a shame there's not "TAZ best of"s because I'd love to listen to some of the highlights again without fishing through entire episodes for them. I really want to listen to their interactions with Angus McDonald the kid detective again. Does anyone know which episode he features in most?
  10. Other podcasts

    There we go! That's the word! Smug! How did I not think of that!? It's perfect. Also the ad reads kill me. I genuinely can't get enough of the McElroys to the point where I really only watch/listen to Polygon's stuff in hopes that'll be Justin or Griffin hosting. The latest arc with the magical unicorn had me in fucking stitches. Justin is amazing at doing character voices. Saying that all of them are pretty good at it. I cried with laughter on the metro at the part with little Jerry and gang. What do you guys think of Griffin's own musical interludes? I really like them as they're fairly simple and add more than they distract.
  11. Other podcasts

    Does anyone else listen to The Adventure Zone? They've just finished their 2nd season and although the race dragged on a little longer than it needed to it was still awesome. If no one has heard of it and you like My Brother, My Brother and Me then you've got to check it out. It's the McElroys playing D&D with their dad and I think it's hilarious. Taako is such a good character and it's really nice listening to a family that you can clearly tell is very close to each other. It's also pretty fun kind of predicting what's gonna happen next which normally turns out to be "Magnus charges in". I've also come to chime in about Radio Voice. I actually instantly got turned off 99% Invisible because of Roman's radio voice. It just seems so affected to me and I can't get passed it. I seem to notice it in American hosts more than British hosts, but maybe that's my personal bias. I've noticed it happens in video games Hotdog too. Not in the same manner, but there's just some noises the hosts make which bug the hell out of me.
  12. The way I play Hearthstone has drastically changed recently. I find myself tending to pick a new archetype each season and just seeing how I can get with it and then logging on every few days to complete my quests. Or even better using the Tavern Brawl to complete all my class quests. I'm not entirely sure why this has happened. I think maybe because I've convinced myself I can't get any higher than rank 10 and the time and dedication I'd need to get any higher just doesn't seem worth it to me. I've managed to save up near 1800 gold and I think I'll just use it on the next whatever comes out. Do you guys think the meta has changed since they nerfed Warsong? I mean obviously we aren't seeing Patron Warriors, but that seems to be about it. There hasn't been a massive influx of Deck A or B. At least not from what I've noticed, but like I said I've got a little more casual recently. I personally think they need to take a little bit more of a middle ground approach to nerfing/buffing stuff. I do agree with Jutranjo that saying it will sort itself out and then nerfing something into oblivion seems kind of redundant. If it's proving to be as powerful as Warsong could be/was then a quicker (but more balanced) nerf wouldn't go amiss.
  13. Wow. I'm always impressed by any one who gets higher than 9 because I know how much skill/RNG is involved in making that happen so congrats on rank 5. What kind of decks do you tend to play? On a different note, has everyone heard they're nerfing Grim Patron Warrior by changing Warsong Commander? It now reads "Your charge minions have +1 Attack". I think it's a pretty good idea as they have stated that that it kind of limited the 3 attack minions they could design/release. I really think it spells the end of Warsong Commander as there's been a few attempts to get "Charge Warriors" on the go, but they never pan out. Maybe we'll see some more aggro warrior decks. God knows we need more aggro decks.
  14. Unity Tutorials

    I'm trying to get back into giving Unity ago, but I often find with the Unity tutorials people talk about scripting without explaining a god damn single word of what the code actually means. That's fine as I understand lots of people interested in first time game development might often have some basic knowledge, but I don't. I don't know what a "class" is, I don't know what a "type" is and I don't know what a "loop" is. I'm trying to watch Bob Tabor's C# for beginners tutorials on youtube and they seem fine so far. Does anyone have any more tips or suggestions for this particular area? Especially if it can be implemented into Unity.
  15. It's alright. I see a lot of people saying that on the HS reddit and obviously it doesn't actually bother me, but I am a bit of a try hard when it comes to Hearthstone so rank 10 takes me a lot of effort. I got so close to rank 9 a bunch of times but never quite made it. I've barely played the late of the last season because I had family and friends visiting so I missed out on a lot of gold (nerdiest thing I've said in a long time). I think I might start saving it for the new expansion because I really don't want to spend any more money on HS. I know they're trying to make it more welcoming to new players but Naxx is practically a must have for every deck in the game and there's some absolutely essential GVG cards and I just don't want to funnel more money into that system. I guess I'm still playing the game... so I'm obviously not that upset about it. Yeah, I guess it's good to have a blend of decks but Facehunters are just something I can't get over. Having a potential of up to like 20 damage in hand with a weapon, kill command, hero power and whatever else on turn 7 is bananas to me. Saying that I played Patron Warrior for a few seasons and got my highest rank with it and their potential OTK damage is bonkers although I'm not good enough to use it to that degree. Saying that I wouldn't mind if Patron was nerfed slightly as in one of the last tournaments basically every player played patron and it's been the top tier deck for a while now. God I'm a hypocrite. Both of these paragraphs are terrible. I'd love to play Handlock! But I have literally no giants. Which is a little bit essential. I'd like to play something control style, but I don't have the dust for anything warrior based either. I played a dragon priest for a while, but that was when everyone was going secret pala and that just did not work out for me.
  16. It really annoys me (it doesn't actually) when people say they fudged their way to rank 10 or 9 or whatever because I feel like when I really try the highest I can get is rank 10. I always end up there at the end of the season and make a stupid mistake and then go on tilt and throw it all away. Do you netdeck btw? I don't mind there being a certain type of deck, but when the strategy behind the deck is to hit face every turn it's kind of demoralizing. I know there's alot of RNG in HS, and there seems to be more every expansion/adventure, but I can't stomach losing turn 6 because I drew bad. Atleast if I get to turn 10 and I drew bad all the way it's kind of funny. In regards to legendaries I've got quite a good collection now and have a pretty good choice of legendaries. I did however get Milhouse the other day (hence the new avatar) and was rather upset about it. I think legendaries are interesting cards, but I remember how saddening it was to see Dr. Boom get played every single match. I don't think you nescessarily need them for every deck but they do help a lot. Also, what's everyones highest rank?
  17. Other podcasts

    Wow. I already like Limetown after just listening to the introduction. I guess I would have like radio dramas back in the old timey days.
  18. I'm not surprised they're making so much money. I for one swore blind I'd never spend money on an F2P game, but they got me. They got me good. I've been PC-less this year and had to play games on my mobile/laptop and as such got pretty addicted to HS. Is anyone still playing it on here? If so what do you guys think about TGT? I was lucky enough to have my brother offer to buy me the 50 packs as a present so I got a fair few cards from it. I also saved up a lot of gold beforehand. I'm not that impressed with it in all honesty. Barely any of the inspiration cards are being played, if any, and I find it kind of a shame that the highest ranked deck in the game incorporates none of the new cards after their release. Also the fact that they've not done anything about facehunters this season (read entire year) is just incredible. It was nice to see a bit of a shake up in the meta with secret paladins as I was playing tempo mage and I could counter them pretty well.
  19. General Video Game Deals Thread

    In the same vein the total war bundle looks pretty interesting considering you can get Rome 2: Emperor Edition for $15. I'm actually really struggling to decide to buy it or not. I loved the original total war games, but I often found myself being frustrated when I couldn't get enough gold to do anything and there was revolts everywhere. However, I've been out of PC gaming for about a year and I'd really love to buy a game/some games for less than €20 so it kind of seems perfect. Does any one have any recommendations for less than €20? I'd like something I can sink a lot of time in to and it'd be even better if I could do so with a controller!
  20. Other podcasts

    I gave The Way We Play a listen and I'm definitely gonna keep listening. It's an interesting format and I just love the Dutch accent. I've also given Justice Points and I basically just logged in after a month or so of inactivity to echo the positive vibes towards this podcast earlier in this thread. Some really, really interesting discussions going on in there.
  21. Hotline Miami

    I totally agree Gormongous. Although in general I'm not sure I think it's even a very good game. I feel like the story is just trying to be way cleverer than it actually is. Do you think they actually believe it's really smart? Or do you think they've just thrown it together and see what people do with it? I can't believe they've taken away the mask element to most of the levels either. It's turned into a sub-par top down shooter and that's not what I was after here unfortunately. Also what were everyones reactions to the scene right at the beginning of the game with the woman?
  22. Shelter

    Has anyone else seen or heard much about this game? It looks really interesting to me. Maybe it's due to the fact that Journey was mentioned in todays Thumbs episode, and that got me in the mood for a simplistic, atmospheric game but it looks pretty neat to me. I really like the art style and the little squeaks from the baby badgers could probably be considered cheating on the developer's part because they're an instant pathway to my Ohmygodsavethebabyanimals Cortex. There's also a preview up on IGN which goes into more detail. For those whose stomach's instantly crawl out of their throats when they see the three letters "I", "G" and "N" together the game apparently involves mothering (or fathering?) 5 badger cubs by feeding them and defending them from predators and shizzle. Is anyone interested or have you had enough of this indie artsy BULLSHIT?! Oh and it's up on Steam Greenlight too.
  23. Other podcasts

    Has anyone listened to Bit Socket? It's a podcast about gaming from two Scottish guys. I find it really, really funny and I love the Scottish accent. I mainly listen to it for the hosts themselves. They've got really good chemistry and it's just silly humour. They have loads of different features and sections on the podcast and they seem to put them in/take them out of the show depending on fan reaction.
  24. Where in the World - Idle Thumbs Map

    I'm Spain's only Thumb! And I'm not even a Spaniard. I have cemented myself as the Thumb's most southern European listener. Not that there's much competition...
  25. Just as Hermie said it´s nice that they included a bit of diversity in the game, but I actually groaned when Hanzo started speaking. I actually saw the cinematic before I knew there was a game attached so I got pretty excited thinking that Blizzard was making a kid´s movie. Alas... I think the character design is ok. It´s not breath taking, but it´s pretty. I know this is likely to be one of the least interesting topics but I can´t help but wonder what the UI/menu systems will look like. It´s got to be dripping with that Blizzard polish. I doubt I´ll play it for a multitude of reasons but it´ll probably do really well just due to the fact it has Blizzard written on it. Also, I wonder if that same person from last week´s cast thinks that the fact it´s called Overwatch will have an effect on Firewatch.