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  1. The Dancing Thumb (aka: music recommendations)

    Yeah, if you like that then you'll probably like the other two I recommended in that post if you've not heard them already.
  2. Breaking Bad

    Yeah, last nights episode was fantastic. I really enjoy that
  3. The Dancing Thumb (aka: music recommendations)

    This is probably my favourite song that I've heard featured on Welcome to Night Vale. I go through stages of repeadetly listening to really melancholic folk stuff like this, Ben Howard - Black Flies and Ray LaMontagne - Burn.
  4. Breaking Bad

    I remember hearing about the relevance of the colour of character's clothes on the first season DVD commentary so some other things stood out a bit, but I definitely didn't pick up everything. I also remember writing an essay about Season 1 Episode 1 for my uni course and pointing out the significance of Walt's clothes and my lecturer stating "I couldn't infer things like that without any evidence", and in one sentence completely invalidating my course and the entirety of studying any form of art.
  5. Other podcasts

    Tegan, I totally see what you mean about going through the archive in 2 days. I started listening today and I'm already on episode 11. The comedic timing of the podcast is genius. I love the way it goes from total darkness to silliness in the same sentence. I'm really looking forward to them messing with the actual recording a bit more, like certain effects such as slowing voices down, messing with the timing of the show etc. Does anyone else know about any other story driven podcasts?
  6. Gone Home from The Fullbright Company

    I plan on buying this when I get back at some point. I just know it's something I'll enjoy, and I'm gonna go into a media black by destroying the internet to protect myself. See ya.
  7. Other podcasts

    I just started Welcome to Night Vale today and so far I'm loving it. I'm only episode 7 so things could change but I think it would be interesting if they maybe had at least one more host or some other voices in there. Although, it did play well into a particular part in one episode where I've got a question that I've been pondering about WtNV though. Why is the music section called the weather? Is it supposed to tie in with the theme of the show and just be a bit of off-beat humour or have I missed something entirely? There was a really beautiful song called "Closer" by an artist I've forgotten the name of now but, yeah, it was good. Maybe someone should start a new separate Welcome to Night Vale thread?
  8. Plug your shit

    Aha, I'm actually going to the Netherlands for a couple of weeks I think and then possibly to Spain... it's all unclear. I don't really have anything to return home to job wise/education wise/any other commitments in any other field whatsoever so it's all good. But, the Netherlands definitely sounds like a plan. I used to go there a lot as a kid, specifically to Delft, and I fucking loved it so if there's any Dutch Thumbs that would be happy to meet up for a drink or two and show me around their miraculously unflooded cities that'd be great. Cheers, they're just on my phone. I was wanting a decent camera, but I couldn't really justify the expense as I want to spend my money on travelling. I'd also have liked a disposable camera or two and I might still pick one up. Also, the drugs thing is a goof. I just put some stupid stuff in there to mess with my parents.
  9. Plug your shit

    For anyone who still gives a shit I'm still doing this. I know no one cared.
  10. Breaking Bad

    I'm not sure if it's still possible but you guys know about being able to watch US Netflix in the UK, right? I used to do it on my PS3. It has something to do with messing with your connection settings. It's not very complicated and there's tutorials on YouTube, you literally just have to change some numbers in your connection settings and you're watching US Netflix.
  11. Breaking Bad

    Cannot wait for this new shit
  12. Games giveaway

    I'd love to give this a go, but a) I'm too fucking stupid to do any of them and I just sat staring at them going "DURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR" while a spit bubble formed in my mouth, and even if by some sweet miracle of Jesus Christ I did manage to get them all I won't be near my gaming PC for about 5 months so it's not fair to steal them for l8rz. I'll definitely be buying a few games when I get back to give away, I've been trying to think of an interesting way to do it. Perhaps some sort of photography competition e.g. "The first person to take a picture of a bunch of potatoes on a microwave in a blue bowl in their back garden with a flag in the ground wins X game" Also: Fuck "check". Cheque 4 lyf.
  13. Quitter's Club: Don't be afraid to quit the book

    I was thinking about picking up Wheel of Time, but I've now accepted that I can quit it any time so it doesn't seem as daunting as it originally did. I like to have a big long series to split up my other reading, or the other way round. It's basically how I got through The Dark Tower series. Although, how I didn't quit reading that series during Wizard and Glass is a fucking mystery to me. In fact, why I didn't just set fire to the book and fling it from a speedboat into a pile of shit is beyond me. But I'm glad I just powered through and finished that series.
  14. The Bureau: Xcom declassified

    Ew. But the game does look awesome though. I got in to XCOM:EU in a big, big way so I'm looking forward to this.
  15. I think this may be the only thread on the internet in which the significance of human hands from popular movies from the years 1990-1999 is being discussed in so much detail. Well done guys, well done.
  16. Shelter

    Oh Viva Piñata you were my grown up Pokémon. How I loved you. I'm just saying this now but if Viva Piñata 3 comes out on the Xbox One I will be buying one when the price is hideously low (even if it takes years). I really think the theme suits the art style. I love the arts-and-crafts-like textures, and the colours really fit in with the nature vibe. It kind of reminds me of the English countryside (minus the giant flying hawks) which as an Englishman it brings back a lot of (grey and overcast) memories of camping, etc. I think a more vibrant tone might detract from the authentic natural atmosphere. Oh, and "indie artsy BULLSHIT" was supposed to be a joke. HAH HAH HAH.
  17. Sperm & more sperm? I like to think Jake just couldn't take the talk of obscure MUD's and had to leave right then and there to get a sweet fix of 90's Apple freeware gamez. Edit: to remove the second D from "MUD" after seeing Nick's correct spelling of the word in some sort of sick Wilson-1984-esque revisionist manner so I could live with myself.
  18. Ah, ya got me Chris. I wonder what Chris was wishing Jake good luck for? I hope it was for realz and not a joke because I remember thinking "oh good luck to Jake for whatever", and if it was in jest I shall feel a fool. Dark corners of the internet that you're not entirely convinced actually ever existed are weird. I remember playing a game called Dungeon Runners, which I found out via forums, that was up for a while and something like Tibia or something? I'm not sure if I ever actually properly played Tibia or just imagined it. I also just looked up a Runescape forum I thought I might have been a part of at one point in my life, and I literally could not tell if the account I was looking at it was mine based on the fucking stupid 12 year old mentality I used post with. It turns out it wasn't because this guy had way better shit than me but nevermind. I used to go on a forum and talk about My Chemical Romance a lot too for some reason, but I won't reveal myself for fear of a Breckongate-esque leak of info.
  19. Earthsea

    Hmmmm that's interesting dibs. I read The Dispossessed and didn't enjoy it as much. I just didn't get the connection with the characters that I got with The Left Hand. Have you read any other set in that universe? I can't remember what it's called now, but I'd definitely be interested in trying some more out in that world.
  20. Quitter's Club: Don't be afraid to quit the book

    I forced myself to finish Metamorphosis & Other Short Stories by Kafka last year. I absolutely loved Metamorphosis on it's own, and there was a few more other ones, I think there was a one that was about a page long about a girl standing on a train platform that was just really beautiful. Metamorphosis was something I studied at university and it was something I actually found interesting to interpret during my studies, everyone in the class read it really differently. But the rest of his stuff was just bizarre. It's been a while since I read them, but there was just a sense of trawling through these stories that were just so purposefully oppressive it was difficult to digest them. But that brings up a subject that really interests me about art in general: if it sets out a goal, for example, to be incredibly oppressive and dark, and succeeds can this darkness soil the experience so much it ruins the rest of the novel? My favourite example is 1984. I still struggle to this day deciding whether or not I actually like 1984. It was sooooo utterly depressing and upset me so much I'm not sure I can look past it and accept it as something I like.
  21. The Dancing Thumb (aka: music recommendations)

    Yeah, they did one called Tiny Cities. It's alright, I just particularly liked that version of Space Travel is Boring because the original song is, imo, one of Modest Mouse's weaker songs and they just seem to do way more with it. I was told to listen to Red House Painters based on my obsession with interest in Modest Mouse, but nothing ever really stuck for me unfortunately. If you like Modest Mouse there's a band called Small Leaks Sink Ships from Phoenix, AZ which admit (and it's clear in their newer stuff) they're heavily influenced by MM. . I was incredibly close to seeing them when I was travelling in the US, and only missed out by 1 day so I was heartbroken.
  22. The Dancing Thumb (aka: music recommendations)

    Fantastic cover of a decent Modest Mouse song. Like most good covers it's almost unrecognisable from the original. The lyrics just seem way more interesting when he sings them, or if not interesting just far more adult.
  23. BioShock Infinite

    Oh the Burial at Sea DLC looks awesome. Not way into the Clash in the Clouds trailer though. And, no, it's not due to the terrible name. Bioshock's combat just isn't that exciting to trawl through what is presumably an arena type dealio.
  24. Fez 2

    Yeah, you'd think that being a developer himself Yahtzee would refrain from personally attacking developers. I've watched most episodes of Zero Punctuation, but I don't watch them for critical merit or weight, I simply watch them because he does the funneh metaphors. Sure it's childish but sometimes that shit is funny. His style, obviously, reminds me of Charlie Brooker and he's also another pretty cynical guy who I happen to admire. I feel like Yahtzee's videos are pretty self contained and inoffensive (generally speaking) so it doesn't bother me as much as other cynical personas on the internet. I also feel like he's not as reactionary as a lot of other journalists, for instance as Jim Sterling. It's gotten to the point on Destructoid where I can read a headline or see a header image and I just know it's going to be Jim Sterling flipping his shit. Also, to derail this topic from it's original point back to a point to which it was derailed earlier: I have and continue to identify as a "gamer". I really don't see it being a harmful label at all, I enjoy games and woopedy-doo if other mediums don't identify themselves as "readers" or "moviers". I'm not a grubby, aggressive, homophobic man-child with the temper of a baby. I simply see the term as "someone who loves games and everything about them". That's what I define the label as and I would place my self in that category.
  25. Fez 2

    Seconded, I totally agree. Giant Bomb discuss GAF a lot so I went to check it out and it just seemed like everyone was trying to be cool/funnier than everyone else. It's just an ego cesspit. I was also incredibly confused when one of the Thumbs, I think it was Chris, said that Kotaku is the site that every game developer has open while they're at the office. Why? It's just like a tabloid newspaper. It's incredibly vapid and the comment sections are just painful.