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  1. General Video Game Deals Thread

    Well Shelter won with a landslide perentage of 34% vs 33% and 33%. I'll snap up that bargain of a deal right now. PLEASE DISCOUNT ENEMY WITHIN. I SO DESPERATELY NEED A REASON TO PLAY XCOM AGAIN.
  2. General Video Game Deals Thread

    So far I've bought Fez and Far Cry 3. However, there was a problem with my uPlay account and Ubisoft have yet to get back to me so I haven't really played Far Cry 3. I was holding out on Rogue Legacy but that seems to have back fired as they've reduced the % off. I'm planning on getting Fall Out New Vegas: Ultimate Edition which is currently at 40%, which is a pretty great deal, but Steam sales have ruined me as I feel like I could wait it out until the 3rd of January and get a better bargain. Let's blame it all on Valve. Damn you Valve and your ridiculously good deals! What do other people have on their non-commital wish list? I'll probably buy Shelter if it wins the current vote (which it probably won't) just for the art style alone. I also want to get Skyrim but the £18 asking price for the Ultimate Edition seems a bit steep as I've heard the DLC is pretty naff. I might just buy the plain ol' version for £7.50. My dream would be for Enemy Within to get a big cut, but I doubt that'll happen saying as it came out so recently.
  3. Idle Thumbs Accompaniment?

    I tend to listen to the Thumbs on my way into work or when I'm walking anywhere really, any time when I'm not actually doing any other activities. I do occasionally miss a shit load of the cast when my coworkers start talking to me on my lunch break and I begrudgingly take my headphones out only to return to the cast mid-conversation.
  4. Two books

    I'd have to say if I had reccomend two books to anyone I'd definitely say that The Sirens of Titan is a must read and so is Oryx and Crake. The Sirens of Titan is a sci-fi book by Kurt Vonnegut. As usual it's zany as all fuck, and like a lot of his stuff if almost feels like you're reading two books at once (so there's your bang for your buck). Besides all the weirdness of the book I feel like the second half of the novel is one of the most visually beautiful, impressive and moving pieces of fiction I've ever read. It still gives me butterflies thinking about the latter half of that book. Oryx and Crake is a fantastic sci-fi novel based on altering DNA in a cosmetic sense so that rich people can essentially manufacture food, organs or living cells to test shit out on. It's Atwood at her finest, and Christ on a bike does she come out swinging on this one. The characters are so interesting and fucked up you're not exactly sure whether you're supposed to like them or not. I know I've gone at length about these books before on these forums, but I just glanced at my book pile and these are still the ones I feel are most important to me.
  5. Games giveaway

    Ok so I bought the Humble Bundle but I don't actually want of the additional games that were released and they'll just clutter up my already ridiculous library of games I'll never touch. So here's what I've got and what I want from you in response so you can receive a fantastic prize (which I don't want anyway, how truly altruistic of me): Sanctum: Collection - PM/write in this thread what your earliest memory is Orcs Must Die: GOTY Edition - PM/write in this thread what your favourite holiday destination is Cities in Motion 2 - PM/write in this thread your most interesting talent/hobby First person to do either one wins and gets the Steam code. I know these games aren't brilliant, but I might as well give them to someone who wants them.
  6. I don't really know where else to post this so here it goes: I'm planning on running my PC for a long ass time while I go to work and set Steam to download every single game I have in my library. However, I want to keep an eye on the temperatures of the CPU etc. but I don't know where to get a trustworthy temperature monitor from. Can anyone recommend one they use or have used?
  7. Torchlight II

    Ahoy hoy fell Thumbers! I've just returned from my European jaunt and I'm currently getting knee deep into vidya games before I have to return to the adult life of working. I'm on Torchlight at the moment and was wondering if anyone wanted to join me? I've started an Outlander which is at level 9 at the moment, but I wouldn't mind creating another character to play with fellow readers. My Runic account is also Dosed, but I'm called Dosed on Steam too and I'm friends with a bunch of people on there like The Last Baron and Patrick R if you want to find me through them. Cheers!
  8. True Game Endings

    My Skyrim ending was no where near as epic as Sean's but it went a little something like this: After becoming an incredibly powerful mage, mastering alchemy and one handed weapons my character simply fell off a cliff and died. Sometimes life isn't fair and people rarely die in fitting ways or are granted a death that "suits" them, so I thought it was fine that my character had a misstep and fell to their death. In all honesty I was one of the unlucky few to be really hit by the poor PS3 version of the game, and I had screen lag out the butt so after a lot of chopping and chugging I simply refused to play the game, but even if that hadn't been the case I just felt like that was the end of Skyrim for me and I haven't played since.
  9. Idle Thumbs Shirts

    I'd definitely buy an Idle Thumbs t-shirt. Of any description. So there you go, I'm pretty sure one other person in the thread said they'd buy one so that shows there's a huge market with a guaranteed sale of at least 2 t-shirts. Your move Thumbs.
  10. Other podcasts

    What exactly is GFW? I'm glad you finally got into Giant Bomb Zeus. Those guys are awesome. And I love the fact that the podcasts go on for 3 hours. Time passes so much quicker when I'm listening to those guys just blather on. But I was listening to one recently and it kind of bugs me how exclusive those guys can be sometimes about their video content. I personally never really visit their site, but I love the podcasts and they frequently mention things that happened in their videos, panels and lives but then never actually go into any detail and feels like I'm missing out on some sort of in joke which doesn't make for good listening. There was one recently where they talked about something "crazy" happening at a panel but then failed to discuss it or elaborate and I just stopped listening to the podcast after that because I didn't really get what they were going on about.
  11. Shelter

    It's up on Steam on the green light sale and it's gotten at least one favourable review that I've read.
  12. That time Gabe Newell hacked my computer

    That's interesting muerte because if you run your post through Babel Fish in this order English > Danish > Arabic > Dutch > English you get "GABE KNOWS WHAT YOU'RE DOING." Co-winkydink? I think not.
  13. Saltybet

    I tried to go on Saltybet because it sounded right up my street but then you had to sign up and I didn't fancy it all of a sudden. I have just been reading a pretty interesting piece on Polygon about a fake wrestling league created in WWE's Create a Wrestler mode where there's no human control and the matches play out randomly. Saltybet + that thing sounds amazing. It's stuff like this that makes me realise that gaming is fucking bonkers.
  14. That time Gabe Newell hacked my computer

    What in God's name is going on in this thread?
  15. Books, books, books...

    I really enjoyed A Brave New World, but I read it when I was younger and I can barely remember exactly why I liked it. I think I was way into dystopian stuff at the time and that book pushed all the right buttons. I'm not sure I'd like it after reading a fair bit more sci-fi and being disappointed with the "everyone was an artist before TV came along" attitude that gets pushed in some of the stuff I've read. I read the first book of the Foundation series and was pretty bored by it to be honest. The concept is interesting I guess, but Asimov does nothing interesting with it and it just kind of felt limp and lifeless.
  16. Breaking Bad

    Oh, sorry. That's exactly what I meant.
  17. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Ohhhhhhhh I never would have made that connection because I highly dislike Star Wars
  18. This was one of my favourite Thumbs episodes in a while. I actually don't mind the discussion of DOTA at all, especially when it's in a very detatched form such as talking about it's importance in eSports. I actually find eSports incredibly interesting, even though I very, very rarely watch any actual events and when I do I'm even less likely to have ever played the game I'm watching. I've watched countless Call of Duty, LoL, DOTA and Halo 3 plays simply because I find them interesting, the drama and the skill is something that just blows my mind. In fact I'm currently staying with a guy who was the European champion of an FPS I'd never heard of called AVA and I instantly tried to draw some stories out of him even though I had no idea what the game was about. More importantly did Sean's mam actually say "fuck you Nick Breckon"?
  19. PL4YST4TION 4

    Rime does look very pretty indeed, just have to wait and see if the game play is actually any fun. Also quick question: is Drive Club being released as #DRIVECLUB, like with a hash tag at the front? Because that seems a tad silly to me.
  20. New people: Read this, say hi.

    I still don't get it...