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  1. Oculus rift

    Knee jerk reaction = "Ew, gross." Not sure how long that'll last.
  2. Titanfall

    Yeah, I've just changed some things around in my load outs, even though I was pretty happy with my old ones, and I seem to be dying way more. I'm hoping that's because I'm not as good with those weapons yet, and not just that my other load out is better. I changed from an Ogre to a Stryder to see if I liked the more nimble set up, which I normally do in multiplayer games, but I just seem to get destroyed by more than 1 titan/1 titan and a couple of pilots. I'm using a Stryder with the Chargey-Up-Lazer-Sniper and finding it really difficult to use. I don't like that I have to zoom to charge the weapon, because it feels like it takes so long to get a decent charge that I don't want to waste it when a target is out of sight so I just sit with it charged which destroys my mobility. Probably all my fault, and I did do pretty well in 1 on 1 Titan situations on smaller maps by getting a decent charged shot in then zipping off around the corner to hide and blocking their path with electric smoke and the sustained missile thing. I feel like there's some really good load outs to be had, I just need to fiddle with them for specific situations and maps. I went into some Last Titan Standing matches rather arrogantly thinking I was a beast in a Titan, I was then quickly shown the door and haven't returned since.
  3. Titanfall

    I've just picked up Titanfall from for £25.90. It took a hell of a long time to download, but I think that's mainly due to my terrible internet connection which also caused some of my games to be unplayable. But when it was working it was pretty damn fun. I got rocked pretty hard in my first few games, but once I got back into the flow of things I started to do pretty well. I'm using a class/titan build pretty similar to the default ones as I still haven't unlocked a lot of the newer stuff. The maps confuse the hell out of me still, but it's pretty fun trying to figure out how to sneak up behind people and flank a bunch of guys. I'm yet to face a bunch of people using certain tactics like you guys seemed to have done, but I'm quite looking forward to it when I do. My tactic is pretty similar to most of my multiplayer tactics: I try to work out which side of the map to approach an area likely swarming with enemies, and then run in to try to catch them off guard/flank them and disappear just as quickly, which is even easier with the invisible-maker-doohickey. If anyone wants to play still my name is Dosedsam on Origin. Dosed was taken. And so was Dosed91, my other super original go to name when Dosed is taken. As usual. Apart from here.
  4. Free to play: The Movie

    Speaking of which. Does anyone know of any other video game documentaries that do stand along side these two?
  5. I really hope that this is the fire fighting game idea that some guy sent in in the early days of the Thumbs casting out their pods. But in a forest.
  6. Other podcasts

    I don't mean to seem like I'm on a massive anit-Giant Bomb campaign but their latest episode contains a 5 minute section where they attempt to fix a technical problem. It's just Vinny saying "how about now?" as they try to determine the source of an annoying noise they can hear, and one that I assume isn't as bad for the listeners to hear but is still irritating. I mean why the hell would you include in the podcast? Just edit that shit out man.
  7. Plug your shit

    Congrats Barney! Crawl looks fucking awesome. If I'm not a poor man when it launches I'll be buying it asap.
  8. Books, books, books...

    I just finished Ender's Game and I absolutely loved it. I've been struggling with reading recently as I just have never been able to dedicate enough time to it, but this book changed that. I chewed through it (relative to how I've been reading recently) and I just found it incredible. It went to so many places I never expected it to go, and after I finish my big pile of books from my birthday, which includes The Flamethrowers and Wolf Hall, I'm planning on reading the rest of the series. I think it really appealed to me as a gamer because it's basically a big game of laser tag in zero gravity. It's definitely made me want to go and read more sci-fi, which I thought I was turned off of by Ecotopia. Slaughterhouse-5 is a pretty incredible book, I'd love to listen to people discuss the book. I read it about a year and a half a go, but I think if I reread it now my opinion of it would have probably changed a lot. I didn't love the book after reading it, but I did base my trip to Germany solely around going to Dresden because that's where some of the book is based. After being there and seeing how much of a beautiful city it is I'd love to reread the book at some point. I also feel like I understand how Vonnegut works as an author a bit more too, which with someone as bizarre as him it definitely helps to understand the insane logic and humour in his novels. I'd love to listen to a book based podcast, but I don't read enough to keep up with popular ones. Does anyone know of any podcasts where they discuss old sci-fi books and The Dark Tower series? Essentially I'm looking for a book podcast tailor made for me.
  9. Relaxing games recommendations

    I get that CK2 is somewhat relaxing in the way that you kind of just leave it running for a bit while listening to the Thumbs, or any podcast of choice, but I find the game play actually quite stressful. I never seem to be able to get passed one generation of a family. It's actually incredibly frustrating for me. Just as I've got all my vassals on my current lieges side he'll just up and die and then it's back to square one, but none of my vassals like the new 6 year old king so I can't raise any armies to defend against civil wars and then I just get stomped to pieces. I really have a huge problem with this specific aspect of the game. The randomness to some of the events really undermines a lot of my careful planning and I feel like all my hard work has just totally gone to waste. I end just resigning and trying with a different country/leader and then exactly the same thing happens and I just have to deal with a fuck load of armies all over my counties. I've also noticed that allies don't seem to cross generations, by which I mean if my liege is allies with Denmark (through marriage) I can call them into war, but as soon as my liege dies then his heir is unable to call them to arms. Surely if their alliance is through marriage then they should continue to be loyal to my family, right? So because I don't want it to seem like I was searching for somewhere appropriate to whinge about Crusader Kings (which I totally 100% was) my relaxing game of choice has been Rogue Legacy. I've had a week off from work and I've spent way too much time playing this instead of being outside.
  10. Gifts - Stuff for Free

    I've also got a copy of Fez to give away that I got spare in this Humble Bundle. Anyone want it?
  11. Gifts - Stuff for Free

    De nada. I'll PM the code over for you now.
  12. Gifts - Stuff for Free

    Mr. Thecat would you like Gaucamelee? I searched the forums for the "Games giveaway" thread because I remember it being around here somewhere but only this thread came up so it appears I accidentally revived a long dead thread. I'd only ever give it out to regular forumerererererers anyway.
  13. Gifts - Stuff for Free

    Nah, it was "What". GEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEETTTTT IT!?!?!? Nah, It was really based on a first post first served so if Justin wants it he can have it. If not Zeus will inherit it, and if these two pretenders dismiss my gift then it is on to Cyrix.
  14. Gifts - Stuff for Free

    I've got a code for Guacamelee due to the latest Humble Bundle if anyone wants it. Just answer me this simple riddle: "What rhymes with kumquat?"
  15. Titanfall

    The guy in the bonus XP burn card is satirically smarmy, in fact his expression reminds me of a face a South Park character would pull it's weird it's actually in the game.
  16. Books, books, books...

    I finished The Brief History of the Dead by Kevin Brockmeier recently and I've started reading Ecotopia by Ernest Callenbach not too long ago. I'd heard of neither of the authors before reading them, but they were recommended by an American friend so maybe Ecotopia, at least, is more well known over there. The Brief History of the Dead was pretty enjoyable. I'd definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a nice easy read. The premise is that there is a city people go to after they die, and they remain there until everyone on Earth who remembers them also dies. It's quite frustrating as the book never goes into some of the interesting, and quite confusing, goings on in the cities -- Not major spoilers btw -- but it is pretty beautifully written. I'd also just read The End of Mr. Y previously and that was one of the biggest piles of shite I'd ever read so maybe it helped me enjoy Brockmeier's stuff more than I would have otherwise. Ecotopia is a bit of a different beast, obviously. I'm enjoying it so far. I always enjoy alternative society books where people try out their whacky theories, but I often get frustrated with how perfect they seem to be without much cost, and maybe I will enjoy Ecotopia more so once I read about the sinister cost of this "stable-state" society.
  17. Titanfall

    Is it just me or does it always take forever to get past the "Retrieving matchmaking list..." screen? I have no problems past that point but getting onto the next screen can literally take me 20 minutes. I also discovered that playing Rogue Legacy with a 360 controller while waiting for this to happen can, and has, inadvertently close Titanfall for me. I'm a dingus.
  18. I had no idea where else to put this. Personally I think we should start a "have you seen *insert insanely bizarre/interesting gaming thing*?" thread just for stuff like this. It's basically people on Twitch playing Pokémon Red by inputting control commands into chat, but obviously everyone is trolling and trying to use pokeballs on stupid full hp Rattatas etc. Which is apparently how they caught their Ratatta. They've managed to beat Misty so far and it's taken them 2 days, I think they've beaten Lt. Surge too, but it's been about 10 years since I played those games and I can't remember for the life of me which order the gym leaders are in.
  19. Titanfall

    I know that it's being developed by ex-devs of CoD, but I seem to remember CoD matches lasting at least 10 minutes. It's not a huge problem but sometimes it takes a while to get into the flow of a match and understand everything that's going on. I feel like I've found that I've been building up a rhythm in some matches only to have it come suddenly to a halt with the epilogue sequence turning into a crazy festival of shite. It's also really not helping with learning the maps and it's taking me a lot longer than it normally would in competitive games. Also re: neck snap animations it really is crazy turning someone's neck 180 degrees, I mean those animating fellas just took that idea and ran with it. I hope there's a burn card which allows to turn their heads 720 degrees and just tear the whole thing off.
  20. Titanfall

    Ok after a few games of this I'm pretty sold on the idea of the game as a whole. Let's put it this way if the servers weren't down for the last hour I wouldn't be here writing this response. There's a few issues I have with it and I've read about the communities reactions and they're pretty similar to my own so hopefully Respawn will act on them before launch. 1. The matches are way too short. I've done relatively well in most of my games and I'm often one of the first players to get a Titan in the round, but after dying I can only call in another 2 or 3 max. It's really exciting getting the Titan and feels very rewarding, but the games are over way too fast, I'm talking like 5-7 minutes most of the time. And there's this weird pointless 1 minute thing at the end where you attempt to escape/foil an escape in a dropship and it just dissolves into utter mayhem. 2. I feel like this game would be perfect for a Killzone style 3 round match that links itself together through a story and cutscenes and the likes. However, it's not in the beta and I feel like I might have seen something like that in a quick look doodad. 3. The neck snap execution animation is bat shit insane. Other than that it's really, really fun and I hope to play more of it. It comes out not too long after my birthday so I might treat myself to it as long as they increase the match lengths. I also saw some pretty bizarre lag stuff happening, but that's to be expected.
  21. Titanfall

    I got into the beta and I'm excited because of two things. Firstly it's the first time I've gotten into a beta that I've applied for, and I'm gonna pretend it's because they know I built my own PC and it'll justify the frustration and cost of doing so. Secondly Titanfall looks awesome and I'm so happy it's coming out on PC. I'll be playing it a lot over the next few days if anyone is interested in teaming up, much like Architecture said. Just PM if anyone wants to play as I have no idea how Origin works and I have no intention of finding out.
  22. Evolve

    It looks pretty interesting, but if all you do is constantly hold down the trigger and aim it at either the monster or your team mates I can imagine it getting pretty tedious and repetitive after a while.
  23. The IT Curated Steam Tag List

    There's no way that this who tags thing will be useful, and there's no way they'll be able to police it. I can't even think of a way around preventing it from being full of hilarious internet meme jkz besides just camping the tags section and exterminating any stray ones, but I guess that's why I don't work at Valve. Teagan I had to look the tags up and "Walking simulator" made me laugh really hard. I'm not sure if it's because I'm tired and hungover, or if the tag is supposed to be sarcastic, or if I can imagine the Thumbs discussing that tag and I've invented some sort of hypothetical imaginary Idle Thumbs bit about steam tags in my head.
  24. Amateur Game Making Night

    I'm planning on making something in RPG Maker even though it's not ideally what I'd actually like to make I have no creative abilities when it comes to art assets. I could probably knock up some semi-decent music, but sprites, animations etc are something I find to just do not come naturally to me. I'm also planning on learning some Ruby scripting as RPG Maker is based on it and I guess it would be handy. Ideally I'd like to make something like Final Fantasy Tactics with bits of dungeon crawling in it, but I've had a look and there's not many scripts that would facilitate either and I've not even made just a traditional RPG yet so I'm gonna give that a go and see what happens.
  25. General Video Game Deals Thread

    I don't think this has been mentioned in this thread, but the Paradox Humble Bundle site store sale thing is on right now. I've been trying to play it and I'm way too tired to go into the details right now, but I started out with my head spinning and after a couple of hours I feel like I might have a feeble grasp on 0.01202350% the implications of my actions. In a good way.