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  1. Just finished listening to the episode and I was a big disappointed. I really liked Rob's criticisms and respectful tone towards Jake Solomon, specially when bringing up some fair points and understanding Jake's views on some decisions. Bruce, on the other hand, was very disrespectful and bitter. Calling the game "X-Cover" repeatedly was just plain annoying, not to mention hammering his particular issues with the game while not listening to some technical reasonings. I felt the same way back in a 3MA podcast about SoaSE: Rebellion, where Kat Bailey spent A LOT of time talking about her particular issues which clearly weren't shared by other hosts. I love 3MA, but didn't enjoy this episode.
  2. Planetary Annihilation

    Well, this has a reputable studio behind it, so... BACKED.
  3. Great cast, guys. Thanks for, well, being you and sharing your awesome views and experience with us. I wish you all the best.
  4. I'm genuinely sad by the pod's ending. You guys rock and have so many good views on game design, narrative and game-related things. The cast will be missed. Also, I think this is the Gary Kurtz's interview Chris was referring to:
  5. Uh, sorry Marek, what do you mean? Did they mention it in a previous podcast? I don't remember.
  6. I wonder how many of you guys tried this adventure back in 2003: It's called Runaway: A Road Adventure and it was pretty cool. I remember enjoying it a lot, specially since it was in a dark period for adventure games. I didn't play the sequel, though.