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  1. Albert: *lore dumps into camera for solid four minutes* Cole: Tammy, you're the best in the biz and that's why we need you on this Blue Rose task force to investigate these paranormal happenings. Tammy: Oh cool I thought that's what I've been doing for the last week and a half but no that's totally fine I'm in *sips wine*
  2. Bobby: *gets stared down by little boy* Bobby: *gets screeched at by shrieking driver* Bobby: *confronted by horrifying vomiting zombie girl* Bobby: "Fuck this, I'm going back to watching my wife make out with some guy."
  3. And let's check in on what Sarah Palmer's been up to this whole time! Oh, okay, she's just been chain-smoking while watching horrifically graphic nature documentaries on a preposterously large TV in the middle of the night in the same living room where her husband murdered her niece a few decades back. I guess everyone processes things in their own way, so that's cool.
  4. Shelly: James was in a motorcycle accident. Shelly's Friend: So was that before Season 1 or...because that would explain a lot actually.
  5. Agreed, I'm sure I'm not the only one, but the podcast is the only thing keeping me watching at this point.
  6. I posted this on r/madmen but felt obligated to share it here. PS- Haven't listened yet, but I'm so jazzed that you guys are doing this.
  7. BioShock 2

    Why aren't we talking about it? I just read through the GI preview and I'm not sure what to think. On the one hand, it looks like they're remaining fairly true to the first game. Playing strictly as a Big Daddy is certainly a bold new direction for the series and I think Marin should be applauded for at least trying something fresh, unlike most sequel developers. On the other hand, I felt like what made BioShock so great was the feeling that you were a vulnerable human being cast into an unfamiliar and unforgiving world. I know there's a human beneath the diving suit, but I feel like the game might lose a lot of its "humanity" by having the player assume the role of Big Daddy. I don't know. I'll try to reserve any further judgment until I play it myself. Thoughts?
  8. How do I get in on this grand old time? Steam user the_great_bundini or just bundini
  9. It pleased me that on this, the one-hundredth episode, Jake was the one best prepared to discuss BioShock Infinity. He truly has earned his moniker 'Video Games.'
  10. Alternate Title: Interface with the Funicular
  11. The Dancing Thumb (aka: music recommendations)

    How about some lovely new Aussie psych-rock? Tame Impala- Elephant
  12. The Moderating Team

    It's pronounced 'cyb' as in 'cyber.'
  13. New website!

    Any chance you can make hi-res versions of the icons in the footer (and other general Idle Thumbs branding badassery) available for download in the Extras section?
  14. I finally got the reference to Jake's laugh and the ensuing "holding a raptor claw." Also, HOLY SHIT JEFF GOLDBLUM IS THE CYBERWIZARD
  15. So, how is everyone?

    My Idle Thumbs withdrawal has been so bad that I took it upon myself to start with Episode 1 this weekend. I intend to listen all the way through to 50, and then start over again. Countdown to Tears confirmed!
  16. Warren Spector's Disney project concept art

    Epic Mickey is real, in this month's Game Informer magazine. M-I-C-K-E-Y, M-O-U-S-E!
  17. Many happy returns, Mr Remo

  18. Holy shit, the Wizard marriage voicemail was unbelievable!
  19. Can we see the Batman straight jackets? Also, want so badly.
  20. Mass Effect 2

    $5 USD from the EA Store
  21. I found the discussion of the weather outside the Presidium humorous. I too am playing Mass Effect from the beginning (and finding it mostly spectacular). If you interact with Garrus while standing in the Presidium's main hall, he's scripted to tell you exactly why the weather outside is that way. I'm not going to ruin the illusion for you guys, but it's something I laughed at while listening to the cast.
  22. Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet

    Thanks! That's very helpful