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  1. You guys should check out Stellar Impact. It's DOTA, but IN SPACE! Less focused on creeps (however creeps can put out a lot of DPS) with additional tech trees and capture points compared to DOTA. Check it out!
  2. The Secret World

    Problem is it's made by Funcom. Age of Conan was a complete piece of trash (a gorgeous piece of trash, granted). My collector's edition AoC box does make a nice booster chair though. I will do my best to wait until after the game comes out before jumping in.
  3. Darkfall

    I can forgive the fantasy setting as long as the PVP, griefing and epic tears that follow holds up. I agree that there are a metric ton of fantasy mmo's and most probably have more polish than this one. I don't really play them for their setting though, as stated above.
  4. Darkfall

    Somewhat surprised that there hasn't been a thread about this yet. I got in on monday when they released a few clients. A lot of the time it feels like a beta (which it more or less is), but the game has a lot of bright spots and is actually quite fun. I think they actually got the whole full loot stuff right. I was really excited about this but also skeptical (lolWoW). I haven't played much, maybe 3 hours, but it doesn't seem too gear dependent and getting more gear isn't too much of a problem. Combat is pretty interesting, but there is definitely a lot to learn about the game mechanics and such. Is no one interested in this or is it just that no one has been able to get an account?
  5. PC Geeks only. [Empire: Total War thread]

    Has anyone successfully boarded an opposing ship? The game stopped responding again when I froze up. Either that or it's taking fucking ages to change to a different screen or something? Halp!
  6. PC Geeks only. [Empire: Total War thread]

    I've only had time to play through the first episode and then some of RTI. I got to the part where you're supposed to send naval units around to attack louisville. I engaged some frenchies and was about to board one of their ships when my game crashed Haven't had a chance to go back and see where my save game left me, but so far the game is fun. As long as I don't crash every time I board some dude this game should turn out to be quite epic. Also really looking forward to multiplayer campaign.
  7. ULTIMATE GAMER (only attractive people apply)

    You're not bitter about it or anything though.
  8. Burnout Paradise

    I'm tempted to get this but would want to get a racing wheel too. Anyone have any suggestions? Doesn't seem to be many options.
  9. I know this is late and I have completely and blindly posted this so not sure if this has been answered, but that trash can looking thing you see on "telephone poles" (don't ever call them that in front of a transmission or distribution guy!! They're "power utility poles"!!) is a distribution transformer that steps down the voltage from a distribution-level voltage (several thousand volts) to a usable voltage for residential applications (i.e. 240/120V AC).
  10. Street Fighter IV

    My brother came over this weekend and we played a bit, used my arcade stick from Soul Caliber 4. Worked alright, but I am amazingly awful at these games and could barely pull off kens most basic moves. Other than that I was just jump kicking -> tripping my brother over and over again until he started using zangief to dominate my ass. Zangief is terribly OP c/d?
  11. Street Fighter IV

    You guys think my Soul Caliber 4 arcade stick will work well enough with SF4? I'm thinking not, looks like the button layouts are different.
  12. Being triple DD'd isn't very exciting, so you're not missing out on much . I don't play with effects on so I never see the actual DD anyways lol. edit: hah, I lied its 4 weeks from sov 1 to sov 3. So make that 3 and half weeks of fun!
  13. Yeah, if you click the sov changes tab at the top right you'll notice goons are under the 'biggest losers' @ 40 systems (second only to BoB lol) and they keep dropping sov 3 systems in feyth and other places. They have a titan cooking in T-A in Tenerifis that -A-/Nync's RA may be trying to screw. -A- is kinda rolling in behind them as their evacing from what I've heard.
  14. Uhh, well ISK wise no, BNC lost about 15 Dreads and a few bil, the executor corp lost like 8 bil. So ~40-50 bil - long, long, long way from the largest heist in EVE history, and the dreads are very replaceable. The biggest hit was the drop in all our sov. I wouldn't say Sov 3 is around the corner - we have a very very long week and a half ahead of us to hold on to most of our systems. Several are very hotly contested and I think they hold POS superiority in one system with all moons covered (PL holds the towers). I don't know about the goons gaining x amount of systems. Their plan is to make their new home in delve and in order to try to avoid what happened last time they did this they are burning all bridges behind them so goons won't just go back to the safety of their home systems in detroid or tenerifis and mine and rat all day instead of being at the front. This is a huge gamble and a play I actually admire. Too bad their goons I'm still not sure where you're getting the numbers. I guess we have lost several systems if you count Querious and Period Basis, although we're still hanging on to Period Basis afaik. Not much has been going on there, most is directed at Delve. The north is planting towers (again) in Querious which they will quickly lose (again) if we hold onto Delve (again). One thing that's always impressed me with BoB/TAFKAB (The Alliance Formerly Known As BoB) is how awesome they are under pressure, and I'm still impressed being inside for 9 months now. Molle on TS is just as fucking cool and calm as you can get in even the most tense of situations, it's really great. Anyways, we should probably stop derailing this thread. I'd make a new post, but I think there's a good chance you and I are the only ones that would care about it lol!