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  1. BioShock Infinite

    Actual frame from the launch trailer.
  2. BioShock Infinite

  3. Idle Thumbs Ruinationcast

    I'm at the "nature of a man" question. Did they not realize it was a Planescape: Torment reference?
  4. Darkfall NERDRAGE against Eurogamer.

    Part of why it's funny, since Eruogamer is a website and not a magazine.
  5. Darkfall NERDRAGE against Eurogamer.

    They don't, unless you were making a joke and then HAHA
  6. Darkfall NERDRAGE against Eurogamer.

    So Eurogamer gave the super nichey Darkfall a 2/10. The developers claim the reviewer didn't give the game a fair shake. Then . Aw2-3IiOPA8 If you didn't get that, someone created a guild named EUROGAMER.NET so everyone could declare war on it. Maybe the game isn't all that bad, and according to the Eurogamer editor's blog the Kieron Gillen will re-review the game so we'll know for sure, but if everyone in the game is like this I don't know if I want to play... Although, it's kind of adorable when he talks about how he'd give the game 9000/100 and his voice kind of gets really, yay passion? Also, pre-patch firekicks baby. And Ed Zitron is a carebear hater.
  7. (

    I think that PC Gamer has been reading this thread. "Prepare to be shot and punched in the face by this role-playing shooter."
  8. Great story. But yea, it does show just how ridiculous that whole exchange was. No one has ever created something so great that everyone weeps at the sight of it, art is in a large part made by what you bring into it. That fact is why the design of Ueda's games is so effective, they are so simple that people can pile up their feelings on top of them. New technology isn't going to make things simpler by any means, so if you want to emotionally connect with gamers adding pixels isn't the be all end all. Speilberg should know this, Schindler's List was made all the more effecting by the decision to film it in black and white.
  9. (

    This game will rape your slaves and genocide your face! -
  10. Cyborg Contest: You choose!

    Wow, someone voted for me? Thanks, unless you just voted for the first one. I went in for toblix.
  11. (

    The only time I've seen a negitive IGN review it was ridiculously wrong as God Hand is awesome. Speaking of which God Hand will rape you through a hole.
  12. Contest: With Saitek Cyborg

    You forget that this is a forum full of geeks. On a side note, If I ever got one I'd probably make it bigger and smaller over and over when I'm bored.
  13. Contest: With Saitek Cyborg

    This will either win me the contest or secure my defeat.
  14. Contest: With Saitek Cyborg

    Okay, it's not a drawing (you don't really want to see me draw). But it is a cyborg! The mouse has a robot eye. Also, I'm not sure all macs come with a taxodormy mouse:!/