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  1. Speaking of tossing flowers, here's a super weird university project I worked on a bunch of years back:
  2. The ship: fruitcake steam cruise.

    I have 16 copies of Dota 2. How many copies of the Ship are they worth, approximately? What I'm really interested in knowing is, what's the conversion rate?
  3. Thi4f

    How about this one? It's on the frontpage of today, celebrating our constitution day;
  4. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hi, I'm Aaarrrgh. I listen to the podcast, post on shacknews, and make quirky games! These are both very related to the whole real life stuff that they were talking about on the latest podcast, in some obscure way
  5. To whoever wrote in about Bomberman: I made this a few years back, with a few other students at Aalborg University, Copenhagen. You're going to love this: