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  1. (IGN.com)

    "It'll Throw Your Baby Out A Window!" - IGN.COM
  2. Resi 5

    Well, beat it last night for the first time. I'm not sure how I feel about the experience today. It follows the basic structure of RE4 way too closely and then it basically becomes Time Crisis. I guess I would say its a pretty good survival action game with excellent replayability, but its pretty shitty for a Resident Evil. But I also thought 4 was mediocre so it will be interesting to see everyone else's reaction.
  3. Resi 5

    I got it, am playing it and having a pretty good time. It's certainly the least scary RE so far, but maybe that will change. Or not. Either way its way more Gears than Siren, which is not how I personally want things to be with this series, but I am having fun, and am really looking forward to playing co-op with friends, which I was not expecting. 360 version btw, so add me up if you're going to go through it. Sheva wastes a ton of ammo and really adds nothing to the experience as an AI partner anyway.
  4. Killzone 2

    God I can't wait for this any more. Not so much about playing KZ2, but to FINALLY drag my FPS-only friends on PS3 away from COD4 once and for all. It was the same feeling as when I finally got them to move on to COD4 from Resistance. Christ. To people like them, it's more important to have sound mechanics, great graphics and deep multiplayer modes (as they may play it until COD6) rather than some kind of subtle ludo-narrative or a camera that never breaks from its first-person perspective. I'll even wager 3/4 of them won't even finish the single-player campaign at all. Those are the people this game is rightfully targeting as that's what KZ2 needs to be for the PS3; a mass-market, solid, gorgeous FPS with cool badges for your clan. I'm not saying that KZ2 wouldn't have been a better game if it did try something new, but you have to keep in mind this audience is more Madden than Half-Life 2.
  5. GTAIV: The Lost and the Damned

    Yeah, that too. I don't know what the unlock is for the seagulls yet, but it took all 200 pigeons to get the damn attack helicopter. In GTAIII & Vice City you got a new weapon or armor at your safehouse for every 10 (or 20?) packages, which is a much better way of doing it IMO.
  6. GTAIV: The Lost and the Damned

    Loved the DLC, was amazed by the amount of content but yeah ThunderPeel, I agree the achievements could have been spread around a lot better. There are seagulls, gang wars, races, hidden characters new friends and more...yet you get nothing for any of those and basically 200 points for just finishing the story arc. Maybe this is more of an indictment against me as a gamer, but I find it hard to be motivated to go hunting for 50 hidden seagulls without some kind of achievement attached.
  7. Nobi Nobi Boy

    I guess I had fun for a while, but I feel like many people are being conned into liking an unfinished tech demo simply because of its wacky premise, some cute aesthetics and respect for its oddball designer. While I did enjoy contributing to the overall meta-game, I don't see much other point to wandering around randomly generated levels eating crap and stretching for no reason. Maybe that is the point, in which case I guess it's just too random for me. Maybe that's it. At least in Flower the hidden seeds and basic trophy structure provided enough of a framework for me to get my game on, whereas in Noby there is absolutely no goal and the total randomness of the trophy requirements makes it worthless to even do...anything. And where I feel Flower offered a subtle narrative arch, thrilling gameplay and gorgeous visuals, Noby only offers pointless insanity wrapped inside nothingness.
  8. Flower

    This is the most worthless conversation that could be going on in this thread. HELLO? FLOWER IS AWESOME!
  9. Grand Thumb Auto XII: Those Damned Thumbs

    I'll be getting the DLC and have been playing alot online...but I'm in Taiwan, the time difference will probably screw with any coordinated online efforts. I plan to be on alot though, so hope to see some of you anyways!
  10. Grand Theft Auto IV

    I've been trying to get as many achievements as possible before the DLC this week, man some of those are just tedious. I'm pretty excited for the Lost and the Damned stuff though, so that's been good motivation. It should be very cool, and hopefully bring alot of people back for multiplayer insanity. If you're getting the DLC this week, add me to your friends list (AkuMifune). This is one game where playing with random dudes just isn't much fun.
  11. Flower

    Holy shit Flower is awesome. It's hard to summarize my feelings about Flower without sounding like I just came out of a midnight showing of Twilight with a group of 14-year old girls, but it did make me feel strange and kinda wet, just like if Robert Pattinson were stroking my neck hairs. I will say that sure, this game may not be for everyone. Maybe they could have had a timer, or made collecting flowers a "combo chain" providing bonuses for streaks and maybe they could have made the city an epic boss that you had to attack with shooting seeds, but if you think so...fuck you, that's why I love Flower. Having one flowers' dream lead into the next while the subtle narrative slowly became darker as day progressed into night was very moving. And aside from just experiencing Flower, going for the Trophies provided more than enough "gameplay". Like the 'pure' Trophy, trying to fly that little petal through crashing girders without getting hit was exhilarating. It's also the first game to prove the PS3's worth, if you can believe it. The motion controls make the game better, rather than worse, as do the HD visuals. This is a game that could not be done on any other platform, though I'm just glad it exists at all. I guess all I can say in the end is that I love Flower, and it touched me in ways that I secretly dream of Robert Pattinson doing.
  12. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hello, my name is: another recruit from GAF with a dumb handle. Currently exiled in Taiwan where my wife's family lives, working in marketing and obsessed with gaming more than ever. Been listening to the podcast for a few weeks now and it's quickly become my favorite due to the excellent diachotomy of insightful commentary and mindless dick jokes. The latest one on RE5 had me frothing to comment, so here I am. XBL: AkuMifune PSN: Mifune See you fools around!
  13. "A good survival horror game would have you limping around afraid of death". So true. If you went through a checklist of game elements I was afraid would show up in RE5, it seems like they all made it. It just sounds so...dumb! Someone at Capcom needs to be taken out back and slapped. Granted I'm one of those guys who considers REmake the best RE, but I still really liked RE4 for the most part. Here though, the setting, co-op gameplay, real-time inventory and the rest of the like just makes the whole experience sound about as scary as a calendar (it was right in front of me). And yeah, I noticed the delay of the chainsaw dude in the demo, but hoped that was more of a "dumbing-down the demo" issue. Instead it sounds like they just dumbed down the whole damn game.