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  1. Alternately, I'm a native English speaker that wishes some games that are set in foreign countries were just in that language. I liked the Assassin's Creed II Italian, but wish the ENITRE thing could be put in Italian with English subtitles. Also, I would love to play a game like Cryostasis where the game was in Russian or Ukrainian, I forget who made it, but the menus/UI be in English. This only really works where the game is trying to immerse the player though, it wouldn't make a lot of sense for a King's Bounty or another Eastern European game to be non-localized in this context.
  2. Old Games That Hold Up...Or Don't

    Really? I've always felt that Perfect Dark holds up REALLY well minus the controls and awful frame-rate.
  3. Steam ruined my life

    What kind of mods? I got both Stalkers, Crayon Physics, Witcher, and Serious Sam. Plus we got my mom a netbook for Christmas so I'm gonna load it up with games like World of Goo and Monkey Island.
  4. Samarost 2 in Russia!

    The game is on steam for $2.50 (reg $5) if you still wanted it.
  5. Annoying gaming news site headlines

    Today's: Avatar Pets kenneled on Xbox Live Dec. 3
  6. Google Wave

    I would like one Moosferatu if you're still handing any out (mjroberts117 @ gmail .com ) Thanks
  7. Shattered Horizon

    I for some reason have 2 guest passes for this game on Steam, so I figured I'd come hand them out to fellow thumbs. Just send me a PM with steam id or email address. I haven't played the game that much so I can't offer very good impressions, but from what I have played, the movement seems a lot more intuitive than you would thing, but the shooting feels kinda light and weak. I've also got an 8800gtx 768 and I can run it at about max, but I also have 4gb of RAM and Windows 7 64x so that no doubt helps. Edit: Gave one away, still 2 left.
  8. I had my first email read the podcast after I sent it. It seems that keeping it short and simple is a good rule of thumb (pun intended).
  9. Sounds more like an xtreme 90s version of Chris' name. MAX ReBo! (extreme 90s guitar flourish)
  10. No More Heroes 2: From the Toilet

    Did they edit out all the exploding-in-blood for ESRB trailer regulations or will it just not have it? Never finished it but the first one was awesome.
  11. Post-mortems

    It might be for the developers. Everything is fresh in their mind and they're not working on anything else but maybe DLC for the game they just finished. Couldn't this provide fodder for reviews if it comes out before they do though? By that I mean point out stuff that some reviewers might not have thought about or noticed.
  12. Wizaaaaaards!!

    The Wizard's Baker (featuring the Wizard): HL2nzNoDg8k From the old Adult Swim show Home Movies
  13. So wait, the Horse Bag can attach to the DS? This is breaking news, someone should let IGN know. 'I've never felt more like I was riding a donkey before'
  14. Man to you. That was one of the funniest things I've ever heard. I also liked the 'yeah..this isn't going anywhere, just delete this guys'-guy.
  15. I like the fact that it comes with a bonus rocket. Kind of like a 'call in the next 20 minutes and you get on RPG totally FREE!' type of thing. Though to be fair, I probably would buy something off an infomercial if it actually came with a free RPG rocket.