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  1. Kotick Inhibitor. @ChrisRemo: You will definitely see dead henchmen in Arkham Asylum, although never sure if the guards killed them, or just Joker for fun. This game has the best audio diaries (aside from Dead Space), because unlike in Bioshock where they have no purpose, here they're patient interviews. It's for the fans, but also for newcomers wanting to get into the psyche of these villains. Plus, you get lots of XP from them, to then upgrade.
  2. Surprisingly terrible, didn't tell me anything new or any insight. Sorry.
  3. Darksiders: The Wrath of War

    Haven't you guys seen the 9 minute gameplay demo (IGN)?
  4. If you hate Heroes, yet watch it, does that deem as a guilty pleasure? The intermissions and "games" edits were pretty funny. Not much else to say on the episode, except Plants vs Zombies is some of the most satisfaction I've had in a game and I'm at 5-7 now.
  5. Tourette's syndrome is seldom associated with the swearing, which is way more popularly known than the tics that is the main symptom of Tourette's. The swearing (coprolalia) occurs in only 5-10% of Tourette's patients. Just wanted to destroy that misperception of Tourette's.
  6. New people: Read this, say hi.

    What up! Might as well make myself known here. I'm really impressed by the site's production values, but I noticed this site has been here for quite a while. The podcast is fantastic, doing well for a GFW Radio replacement. And now 1UP Yours or FM are dead, I had to migrate here.
  7. I wasn't hoping for Remo to deconstruct "Prince of Persia" into a long QTE. I definitely think his playing of Tomb Raider had coloured his opinion of the new PoP game. I will agree that a Tomb Raider game does better platforming than Prince of Persia, but they're completely different in design since this is an "open-world" action-platformer, while the former is primarily linear. Makes a big difference in my opinion. During my 20 hours playing through the game, I wouldn't want it any other way or it would be a very frustrating experience. When I went into the game, I didn't look to compare it to the previous PoPs. It's a reboot, so it's not looking to make its design philosophy around platforming rooms and linear level design. This game is all about a more flexible and frustration-free experience. The non-linear design to the game world makes some very different challenges, so I'm perfectly fine with how the platforming in this game is all about moving to your next destination, rather than being a challenging section of gameplay like previous linear Prince of Persia games. It goes against previous design choices of making the game challenging, and rather focused on making the player continue playing the game and finish it rather than put it down. It's almost misleading to say that the game is devoid of challenge. Some corrupted platforming sections are particularly challenging if you don't do a chain of movements on the 1st try or get sucked in by a ball of goo(!), so the reloading back to the last platform was genius or then I'd put down the game. The boss battles are no walk in the park either, as they rely on countering and was much more rewarding and fun than the previous PoPs. Trying to get every orb was a very big challenge, and allowed for that "look around everywhere, make a plan in your head, go perform that plan in motion" gameplay that a platforming veteran might be yearning for. And I now have all 1001 orbs Also, some of the achievements on the 360 are like "Die less than 100 times", so I'm very anxious to try a second playthrough. might illuminate a little about the whole topic of making games challenging, and mentions this new game. Just to add to the discussion.Maybe the more you spend time on the game, you might forgive the design choices, but I wouldn't want to force that. Don't mean this to be a review of the game itself, just a counter-point to Remo's comments about the game. Excellent podcast, made me laugh a bunch of times, and you guys seem like my ideal choice for a GFW Radio replacement. I loved Minotaur China Shop, gotta show it to my friends