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    Dot hack, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, Super Mario Galaxy, SWMud, Some random forum rpgs. And of course, Chrono Trigger.
  1. Funny Stuff Idle Thumbs Related

    So, being the weird person I am, I did a google image search for Jake Rodkin. One of the pictures was a picture of Big Bird. LOL. Anyone else do anything or see anything that was funny and reminded them of Idle Thumbs?
  2. Face of Mankind

    I wouldn't know, I don't play EVE. All I can say is, death is imminent at some point. And so is diplomacy, if you're in that one non-combat-most-of-the-time faction. And so is going to jail, if you commit crimes. I can oversee to that. And I was just killed today by an ally who went rogue. Good for me!
  3. Face of Mankind

    It's not really that they change much in the game, they just let in more players.
  4. Face of Mankind

    You may or may not have heard of this. This game has gone through a bunch of ups and downs. But we're not focusing on that. The new FoM is now in Closed Beta Four. I got accepted for this phase. I've played it twice. TWICE! I tell you. I am now addicted. Completely and totally. This game will probably ruin my life. This MMO is completely player run. Markets, trading, and fighting. No NPCs, whatsoever. Obviously, it's largely PVP-oriented. It is a single consistent universe. No alternate servers. Everything that happens happens all over the game. Not surprisingly, this prompts many players to roleplay, and as such the game is largely roleplay-oriented as well, although that is not required. There are many factions to choose. Some of them belong to the Dominion, the government, other oppose it, and still others are freelance. I personally belong to the LED, the Law Enforcement Department, the police, one of the two factions that have the power to arrest people It takes place in many star systems in OUR universe, just far in the future. Only humans are playable, so if you wish to roleplay, no need to learn behavior of fantasy races. Items can only be gotten by buying them from the "World Market," where things from other players are sold, or by mining raw materials, producing crafting items from those, and making the items from those. If anyone wants more info, I can give. So if you want to play, sign up for Open Beta (I'm assuming CB4 is the last Closed Beta), and when you're let in, hopefully you'll join the Dominion. That would be the LED or the FDC (Freedom Defense Corps), the army. If you do, look for an LED officer named Darian Rogue. That's me Of course, you don't have to look for me, especially if you join the FDC. Okay I'm done.
  5. Creepy statues in games

    Dot hack Gott/Beast Statues. Totally scary
  6. Favorite Game, Best Game, Desert Island Game

    Chrono Trigger, Chrono Trigger, and Chrono Trigger. All self-explanatory, because it's, well, Chrono Trigger.
  7. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hi all new ppl. Now that you're here, you may: 1. Chat about games. 2. Chat about other random stuff. 3. Listen to the podcast even though you probably did that anyway unless you're me (which I do now, if anyone's wondering). 4. Most importantly, go over to the text adventure forum and play in the human-run text adventure, You Are Alone, run, narrated, and GMed by me, myself, and I. Oh, and a word of advice. Never fall asleep while listening to Idle Thumbs. I just did last night O.O .
  8. MUDs anyone?

    So... I don't know if anyone but me is a MUDder here. I'd actually be surprised if anyone else was . But it's worth a shot. MUD: Multi-User Dungeon. Text-based games. The predecessor to MMOs. Like text-adventures, only multi-player. Best MUDs: From Iron Realms entertainment. 4 unique MUDs. All quite amazing. Focuses of these 4: Achea: Not sure Aetolia: Not sure, but you can be a vampire Imperian: The magic vs. anti-magic conflict Lusternia: Different planes of existence Lusternia's my favorite... although my character was deleted recently since I didn't play for a while :\ . It was one of those times where I just lost interest for a while. So, if you're interested and looking for me, I'll be a guy named, hopefully, Damian, unless taken too. If you're interested, . Edit: Strong roleplaying elements enforced in all games, so just know that in case it's not your style. Edit Two: Oh, and, on the iron realms main site, it has links to play the games, like it says Play Now. Don't click those. Go to and click play now on that site to use the main Java Nexus.
  9. Longplays and Let's Plays?

    Ah, let's plays. Never heard of a long play. Until now. Check out HCBailly and Doctor1297. And of course ElectricalBeast. He was a bit shaky on the updates of his only Let's Play, for like a year. Meaning he didn't make the last episode. But it'll come soon. Or so says his recent update.
  10. Non-video games

    I play Dungeons and Dragons (Tabletop, not online, obviously). And I play MUDs. They can't really be considered video games. Games, yes. Video, no.
  11. Star Wars: The Old Republic

    So, as a roleplayer, I belong to many a site, and one of them is a Star Wars roleplaying site. That site shared with us a video, so now I share it with the rest of you. It is the first of 4 videos (each video automatically redirects to the next when finished) of the upcoming MMO. Here is the link to it.
  12. Grand Theft Auto IV

    For anyone who's interested: 0X4CTIjPR0E And: 572v7XSkU30
  13. Do you do anything creative in your free time?

    I roleplay. MMO roleplay (AQW), play-by-post roleplay (Zeldafront; The International Academy of Roleplaying [created, managed, designed, and adminastrated by yours truly]), Tabletop roleplay (D&D), Tabletop-by-post (Wizards of the Coast forums), MUD-based roleplay (mainly Lusternia: Age of Ascension). I do it all.
  14. Wii Sports Resort

    I, for one, cannot wait to get this game. My brother and I keep telling each other we have to get it. And this topic just made me want to have it more.
  15. Open Source (Free) Gaming

    Do you count free MMOs in this category? Because if so, Battlefield Heroes is one heck of a fun and unique MMOFPS...and it's free.