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  1. Monkey Island 2: SE

    I wonder how in the world the commentary will work.
  2. Can anybody recommend some more media with Famous? I am a big fan.
  3. Mount and Blade: Warbands

    Is this game standalone? Is it worth playing if you didn't care too much for the original?
  4. PAX East Meet

    Looks like the dwarf commoner picked "Surprise me" and was satisfied.
  5. That was Jake? I thought it was Sam. Microsoft Sam, that is.
  6. I figured I should throw in a little about Stalker. The latest one is pretty great, much better than the first. Because I am a native Russian speaker, I've been playing it with the Russian speech on. And let me tell you, Chris, that the Russian speech really isn't that different from the English. They made it very over-the-top corny on purpose. I see a lot of alternative translation mods being made, but they really don't need to be. This is exactly how the developers intended it. Very light-hearted.
  7. This is definitely the best episode of the Idle Thumbs Podcast so far.
  8. So when is it coming???? I have to PLAN MY WEEK!!!
  9. Any other good podcasts around? Aside from the usual NPR stuff, This American Life and the Moth, I want something funny to listen to.
  10. These final episodes of idle Thumbs must be documentaried!!
  11. Jeez... How many hours of my life have I spent listening to idle Thumbs? Thank you for pulling the plug. My habit was becoming uncontrollable!
  12. Majesty 2

    The original was great, but only for a couple of days. Don't see any point in playing a remake, the first one is pretty much as good as a game like that can get. I really doubt they've improved any mechanics or anything.
  13. Movie/TV recommendations

    This is the best romantic comedy since High Fidelity, people, go check it out. I think Zooey Deschannel is a terrible actress, but the writing and directing made this film work. And work WELL.