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  1. I kind of wish this episode was titled "Diplomatic Pouch".
  2. I kind of wish this episode was titled "Bogost in the Shell". Good luck, Chris Remo, and god speed. I'll be looking forward to what you'll be doing wherever you're going to do it, and also of course to Idle Thumbs XI-3.
  3. Okay Okay Okay So No more podcasts. I can almost handle that. But you're still going to do pod blasts, right? Anyway, congratulations Nick! You manage the hell out of that community!
  4. Oh, so haven't used that many of their products, but I think Hori is that good third-party game controller maker you want. The GBA Player controller they made for the GameCube was pretty good, and I found the Dragon Quest Slime controller for the PS2 to be surprisingly comfortable. Also, they're the guys who made the thing that vibrates your thumb so that you can press buttons faster. And the cutlery you strap onto your hand so you can eat while playing video games, without getting your controller greasy. And the electric wang show!
  5. I suggest attaching an eye-catching image file.
  6. I have absolutely no idea where it came from; a dude posted it on a forum with no explanation and I downloaded it.
  7. HILARIOUS! AMAZING! More blasts like this, please!
  8. So about those witches selling that spell, are you sure that they weren't trying to swindle you? I kind of think it'd be awesome for a game like that to sell you a spell that does nothing at all, except maybe make the less superstitious civilizations lose respect for you.
  9. Oh, also, the arcade version of Bad Dudes not only had Ronald Regan but it called him "President Ronnie", which I think is kind of an amazing opposite of the three-letter president thing you mentioned. The NES version's president was unnamed but resembled George Bush. FUN FACTS
  10. so I'd like to know where you got the notion said I'd like to know where you got the notion to rock the mouse (don't rock the mouse baby) rock the mouse (don't tip the mouse over) rock the mouse (don't rock the mouse baby) rock the mouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuse
  11. Chris mentioned the Art Style thing reminded him of bit Generations. Well, a couple bit Generations games, DIALHEX and Orbital, were released on the Wii under the Art Style brand with slightly different names. Fun fact?
  12. begging someone here with ten bucks in their budget to register DO IT PLEASE