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  1. Idle Thumbs 48: In Space

    Congrats to Nick. Jake & Chris need to continue
  2. Idle Thumb domain updates needed

    Thumbers(?) I need to get an updated list of all of the domains pointing to Idle Thumbs. I haven't updated the list since January and I know there are a few new ones. If you could take a look at the list and see which ones are missing, go ahead and post them. Going to try to have it updated by Saturday.
  3. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Also, using a knife to peel your apple while it's in your hand is the MANLY way of eating an apple. Eating the slice right off of the knife while staring into the mountains while wearing a cowboy hat and assless chaps is the only way to eat an apple.
  4. Looking forward to listening later today. Did you get all the audio problems taken care of from last episodes?
  5. You really don't, but it was built off of the clip art they had. Kinda the closest I could get. Jake has the Wizard hat on because they didn't have shaved heads!
  6. is updated and changed. It no longer refreshes to Idle Thumbs (never meant it to) and the links are clickable. I also made the text burn your retinas.
  7. Idle Thumbs XI: Extremes

    This looks hilarious on the homepage.
  8. Idle Thumbs XI: Extremes

    Excited to listen on the train home today!
  9. No, I just didn't want to spend $20
  11. Ok, I set it to 8 seconds. Hopefully it should be better.
  12. What part of the mp3 are you not hearing? It should be timed perfectly if you have a broadband connection. The full mp3 is here:
  13. is live. This will probably change over the next few days, depending on how stoned I get. Make sure your speakers are on! The other domain is going to be incoming. More work being put into this next one.
  14. No, you were clear. I just wanted to clarify for the thread.
  15. There is no way to skip the main story cutscenes, you were correct. The other dialogue scenes between the prince/Elika are totally optional though (pressing LB on 360, dunno what it is on PC).