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  1. Send us questions!

    So about those video games I won... they're real, right?
  2. http://www.idleballad.com/ is amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing...
  3. WONDERBONER.COM is already taken.
  4. Idle Thumbs 9: The Confestabaloo

    No problem dude, No rush, was just curious. Did you beat the princess yet?
  5. Idle Thumbs 9: The Confestabaloo

    Who do I talk to about prizes?
  6. Idle Thumbs 9: The Confestabaloo

    Yea twilight princess may be a little hard. Theres a green dot on the floor on the lane that you can walk behind the boss in. The gas is only on the closest lane. Basically you ride a tv right to the boss and then just walk around it. Sad to hear nobody else entered, I updated the level to try and stay competitive with a 3rd week of time, I didn't even get much time the first two weeks myself. If you need to get in touch with me pm me on the forums and I'll send you any information you need. Thanks for another great podcast!
  7. Here's an updated video with the additions I've made to my Little Big Planet level, hosted on Youtube this time...
  8. I'm not quite sure if the additions I'm making to my LBP level will be censor friendly lmao.
  9. Chris, what is the new deadline for the LBP level?
  10. I'm going to continue to add to my level, since everyone's getting another week. I'll republish as I make changes and let you all know when I've finished. the live mail reading was hilarious.
  11. WipEout HD

    I just want to say thank you for letting me know about the update. I played a bunch last night and got gold in everything. Its very easy on novice compared to what it used to be (where I would have to play 20x to get a gold). I'm not worried about achievements as much as simply unlocking everything in the game, so this update makes my day. Thank you so much, again.
  12. The All New XBox Gamertag Exchange Thread!

  13. PSN ID exchange

  14. Idle Thumbs 7: Stop Doing Interviews

    Youtube was down when I started uploading, so I just went with Vimeo. I have a Youtube version uploading at the moment as well. Here's a quick run through for those of you that don't have LittleBIGPlanet.
  15. Black Mesa Source?

    Well that footage was spectacular after not hearing about BMS for a while now. I think what has me most excited is the small section where he blows up the guy on the stationary gun and then shoots the two guys coming down the ramp. Its a section of gameplay, and it doesn't really look all that edited... and from what I can see it looks like it plays great. I did feel the machine gun sound was a little weak, but I can look past that.