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  1. Little BIG Planet

    Damn, I thought this was a sequel to Little Big Adventure at first.
  2. Sid Meier - the title makes it sound like another Civ4 expansion. It better have all the great music from the original.
  3. Strong Bad Something

    So... the game activated for you?
  4. Tomb Raider: Underworld

    Haven't they all been average? From the little I've played, it seems like the only attractive thing about the games are tits and guns.
  5. Mass Effect

    It's fun for a couple of hours.
  6. Mass Effect

    Fuck that, they should be working on BOTH.
  7. Mass Effect

    More downloadable content, plz. They haven't updated the site since May.
  8. Braid

    Every time I try to buy points from gamepointsnow for this game, they're out of stock. It seems like there's some cosmic force that doesn't want me to play it unless I whore out my CC to MS.
  9. How did it get those scores?

    Thanks! I've been lurking for some time though.
  10. How did it get those scores?

    Don't know about The Two Towers, but I had the same experience playing Age of Conan. It has an 80 at Metacritic, but it felt like a half-done game to me, not the second coming or the "fine Beef and fancy wine" compared to World of Warcraft and Lord of the Rings Online's "fast food burger" as the lead designer put it. Hell, even the camera messes up when you talk to people, showing a close-up of their knees or something equally peculiar, and there are no animations for getting off a ladder. The character just appear in mid-air above it.