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  1. Blu-ray region fucking shit

    Still, I want to try to chip something again. Last time was with my PS2, back in the old days where you needed to solder 23 wires to misc. chips with tiny, tiny legs for everything to work. And if your hand wasn't as precise as a robot's, some tin solder would end up between the legs and you were fucked. Good times.
  2. Grand Theft Auto V Announced!

    And London 1961!GTA was just driving around and doing random missions until you got a set amount of money. Then you got to see the face of some drugged out guy saying something incomprehensible and you got to go to the next city. GTA2 expanded on that where you could do missions for separate gangs and so become friends/enemies with them. I don't remember much of a storyline apart from that.
  3. Blu-ray region fucking shit

    Yes, but what if you need it to play a new disc? Several people have had problems playing the new Bond BDs, for example, because of a lack of updates (which Sony has promised within a week). With all the Java and shit that's required to just watch a movie, I have a feeling there'll be tons of updates to fix future bugs. Sounds like a lot of hassle, but hey, if that's your thing.
  4. Blu-ray region fucking shit

    Oh, that. And then you get a firmware update that changes the region coding on the player itself and you're fucked. Or they go all MS on you and ban your player from downloading updates.
  5. 50 Cent: Blood On The Sand

    You gotta have some ego to have a game like this made about yourself. I wonder if he sits at home, wanking to the in-game footage.
  6. Screw Barack Obama

    Oh ho, "You Think You Can Be a President?" is gearing up now. It's all over the newspapers. Norwegian newspapers. For Norwegians who can't vote. And I'm sick of it. As long as whoever becomes president doesn't interfere with Norway, I don't give a fuck about who wins. And that's all I have to say about that.
  7. So, Fable 2

    So I went to the game's Wikipedia article and it's all "relationships, blablabla". I tried searching for the word "plot" and I got no results. Does the game have one or is it all a medieval soap opera?
  8. Blu-ray region fucking shit

    It's still a nuisance if one encounters a title that's region locked though with the wrong hardware. Going through the list it seems like Fox is the one studio that likes region coding the most while Sony (and their MGM), Lionsgate, and Disney are more random. Then on the other side are Paramount, Universal that release all their movies region free. Warner is a bit of an odd one in that they release their own movies region free, but their New Line movies are randomly locked. So the conclusion must be that toblix is most likely fucked if he wants to play the US release of Wall-E on his PS3.
  9. Blu-ray region fucking shit

    Err, how is that different to how it works with DVDs? Just because you can play UK Blu-ray discs, doesn't meant your player is region free. It just means those discs aren't locked to a specific region. - here's a nice list of which discs are region free.
  10. Blu-ray region fucking shit

    Yep. The only region free players are dodgy ones from China and computers.
  11. Blu-ray region fucking shit

    Oh, you get all that. Don't forget that several also use Java for their interactivity which means the disc has to load a bunch of shit you'll never use before you can watch the movie. There was a problem with one disc (forgot title) which froze if it couldn't download an update from the interwebs.The only improvement I've seen over DVDs is the new menu system that you can open in an overlay over the movie. Oh, and the improved video quality. Rest is pure gimmickry which is more likely to anger than impress.
  12. Blu-ray region fucking shit

    Actually, no
  13. Blu-ray region fucking shit

    Oh, there are region free DVDs. I think a few of the older Criterions are, but on the whole they're not normally from any big Hollywood studio.
  14. Blu-ray region fucking shit

    That's why I bought a Blu-ray drive for PC and obtained a copy of AnyDVD HD. No more regions or copy protections for me! Why would you want the 3-disc edition, anyway? The third disc just contains a shitty "digital copy" of the movie for playback on computers. By the way, a lot of discs aren't region encoded. I think there are lists somewhere, saying which is which. I know tends to say whether or not a disc is region encoded.
  15. Eternal Sonata

    Not really. You just need to find all the EZI items. You usually get them by playing a specific score piece together with an NPC and getting a specific rank. Some of them can only be gotten during a second playthrough though.
  16. VIDEO GAMES - Wiktionary is just as confusing as you guys. How about agreeing never to use it? That'd be way easier.
  17. Brütal Legend without publisher !!

    He's turning into Terry Gilliam of video games.
  18. Achievements in World of Warcraft

    Titles too... So basically, it's just like the deeds of LOTRO.
  19. Achievements in World of Warcraft

    So they count all the stuff you've done before it went live as well?
  20. Mojo's three visitors have been informed. It's a slow news week.

    Planet Earth's a BBC production, isn't it? They tend to do their productions in 1080i50 or 1080p25 and because not all Blu-ray players can play back 50Hz material (even though it's part of the standard), they've converted their Blu-ray releases to 1080i60. Could be that the conversion is sucky or that there's a weak de-interlacer somewhere in your setup. It tends to be the worst component, together with the speakers, on a lot of flat screen TVs.

    Troll-ish, my arse. He asked what gems are available on it, and I was honest according to my own opinion (I don't have to write IMBOHOHOHO behind every sentence, do I?). There are no games on the PS3 I find interesting. However, I do like movies and especially when they're in HD.So there.

    You can play Blu-ray discs on it. That's the best thing about it at the moment.
  24. There is no "uncanny valley" for sound...

    LEC patented the shit out of this technology with imuse though. I bet they could do better rumble in joypads too if there weren't patents waiting around every corner to steal all your money.
  25. Send us questions!

    Are you gonna use so much noise reduction that it sounds like you're speaking underwater again?