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  1. Guitar Hero 4 "Not Just About Guitars"

    Not directly, but via videos from Neversoft.
  2. Guitar Hero 4 "Not Just About Guitars"

    Unfortunately, I'm one rung below a sneaky viral marketing scumbag; I'm a games journalist. So no nefarious conspiracy here. Sorry.
  3. Guitar Hero 4 "Not Just About Guitars"

    You know that fella on YouTube who converted a Guitar Hero controller into a synthesizer? Neversoft hired him to program the create-a-song mode. And, duly, it kicks ass as a result.
  4. Haze

    I've played finished code and can confirm that it's frighteningly generic all the way through. And I was giving it the benefit of the doubt. Hell, I was giving it the benefit of ten doubts, with big rose-tinted specs on. I think by pandering to the gurgling mainstream with space marines and characterless 'realistic' environments, Free Rad have lost sight of what made TimeSplitters so good in the first place - i.e. interesting, stylized characters and imaginative level design. Plus there's a level in an iron smelt. AN IRON SMELT. It made me yawn so hard my jaw slid down the back of my throat.
  5. So, this "GTA 4" thing then...

    Unless you're chasing 100%, dating the girl you meet on Craplist is a complete waste of time. Her 'special' ability is...
  6. Crock Band

    Weep! After hours of furious stomping my bass pedal has broken in twine. Anyone else had this problem? I tried to splint it with a bit of old stick, but to no avail. I imported the thing from America to the UK, so I doubt EA will be prepared to repair or replace it...
  7. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hello. I'm Giebelhouse. My turn ons include Parisian rainstorms, long walks on the beach and sitting on the couch staring at a glowing box in the corner of the room for hours on end pretending I'm an Eastern European gangster or a windswept warrior from the Wilderness of Death.