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  1. Movie/TV recommendations

    Yeah, I guess it was more of a spiritual successor than a spin-off. Apparently Frank Black will appear in the forthcoming X-Files movie, which is exciting.
  2. Movie/TV recommendations

    I've been watching season one of Millennium, Chris Carter's ill-fated X-Files spin-off. I can't possibly imagine why it was cancelled. It's so uncommonly, humblingly awesome, and Lance Henrikssen is splendiferous as Frank Black. It is a bit dark, though. Sort of relentlessly gloomy, and nobody EVER smiles in it. Which may explain the poor ratings. It probably depressed people.
  3. Devil May Cry 4

    I went to Capcom's development offices in Osaka to see this last year. I asked the director (Hideaki Itsuno, I think - I'm rubbish with Japanese names) why it was so similar to the last three games. He told me this was intentional, and that, basically, DMC4 is exactly the same as previous games in the series, but in HD. And, well, it is. Which is sort of disappointing. Everything about it reeks of OLD, like the fixed camera angles and the predictable 'hit-the-glowing-eye-it's-a-weak-spot bosses. I don't like it. But I want to.
  4. Zero Punctuation

    I think he's lost some of his vitriol. He's still angry, but not as much as in earlier videos. I think the fan adoration is softening him up. Still brilliant, though.
  5. sets its music "free" is mostly great, although sometimes it plays live versions of songs, which sucks.
  6. How to best explain Brutal Legend to your friends...

    "You can melt peoples' faces off with guitar solos."
  7. sets its music "free"

    Excellent! A fitting replacement for poor, dead Pandora.
  8. Half Life 2: Episode 2

    I never had any problems with that segment; in fact, it was so unremarkable I'd entirely forgotten about it until now. What I DID have a problem with, however, was that puzzle in Episode Two where the water was electrocuted and you had to find a way across. I tried a million different things before realising that, annoyingly, Now that was shitty design.
  9. The Club

    I've had the pleasure of the finished game and the thing about it is, when you're playing with other blokes it's fiercely competitive and exhilarating, but sat on your own in your bedroom it's not nearly as satisfying. Like playing darts with yourself, or reciting poetry to the cat. The actual mechanics of the shooting are fine, if a little sluggish, and the level design's incredibly sharp, but to me it's a better concept than it is an actual full-price game that they want you to buy in a shop. But, then again, if you're a score-chasing maniac and regularly replay R-Type games just to see if you can add another five nano-points to your overall score, you'll probably love it.
  10. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hello! I'm new, in case you hadn't noticed. I live in the UK, which is an exciting little island obscured by a relentless cloud of drizzle. I like electronic computer games.
  11. Crock Band

    After hours of merciless bashing and strumming by at least 30 different people, my Rock Band gear's just about on its last legs. The bass pedal's connector needs to be taped into a certain position or it won't work, the guitar only strums upwards and one of the stricks is broken - its shattered end replaced by a rolled-up sock. But it still just about works, and adds to the vibe of being a struggling rock and roll band, heaving faulty equipment across the country and surviving gigs by the skin of your teeth. But mostly it's just annoying.
  12. Half Life 2: Episode 2

    Of everything in Episode Two, I think the moment where Alyx and Gordon meet the in the barn was the most terrifyingly eerie. It's the first time you see Sent shivers up my spine, it did.