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  1. Left 4 Thumbs - The Homethumbing 2

    So wait what happened to this, what did i miss?
  2. Left 4 Thumbs - The Homethumbing 2

    I'm up 4 this but I see no servers!
  3. FIFA

    Good to know you're still on board!
  4. FIFA

    Bump? I'm getting the feeling that sports games are not all the rage around these parts
  5. FIFA

    Me and Toblix got it tonight. He's definitely doing well considering that he has to learn both FIFA 11 and The Rules Of The Game. In fact, I see myself in him So I'm ready to start playing Thumbs. Since this is Electronic Arts, the whole friend system is of course overly complicated. I'll explain it in the first post for everyone.
  6. FIFA

    Sweet. Who else has got FIFA11 on PC? Might as well start organising if we want to do team play. Next week some time? Correction: I meant 30 quid
  7. FIFA

    I just tried FIFA11 on the PC and man was I surprised. I'm playing it with a wired 360 controller and it definitely works. Me and Toeblix are getting it I think. It's like 30 bucks (which seems to be usual) but I obviously wouldn't mind getting it cheaper. Any other online sales?
  8. Broken Sword: Director's Cut

    I wish you could turn them off but it's getting less jarring.
  9. Broken Sword: Director's Cut

    So how do I turn off the kindergarten mode where pulsating blue circles tells me what I can interact with in each area? I don't know if I can be bothered playing through it if I'm just going through the motions
  10. FIFA

    I'm still in Sydney but going home on holidays in a few weeks so no worries there.
  11. FIFA

    Yeah I thought I hated sports games until I was introduced to Fight Night, FIFA, NBA and NHL. FIFA is the only one that really holds my interest though.
  12. FIFA

    If we're doing PC, then it's FIFA11 If console, it doesn't matter. Let it simmer
  13. FIFA

    The PC version of FIFA 10 is getting slaughtered. Apparently it's a lazy PS2 port while the console versions are "next-gen". Why's it gotta be so hard?
  14. FIFA

    Hey Armchair, woz doin'? I was about to tear you a new one just for suggesting I play FIFA with a mouse and keyboard! But then I realised that a good gamepad would make all the difference. As for the version — I reckon you can't go wrong with the latest. However, FIFA10 is like half the price of FIFA11 so my diagnosis is: FIFA 11 = Better game (although newcomers wouldn't know) FIFA 10 = Higher participation rate and still a kick-ass game Just for reference, I can get FIFA10 for like 30-40 bucks. Get it second hand and they'll probably give it to ya
  15. FIFA

    (for the uninitiated, it's not 1vs1 necessarily. FIFA 11 has a full 11vs11 mode online. sounds awesome, and could be a full Thumbs night)