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  1. Diablo III

    I have a WD at 35. Bought a legendary item, and it's only then that I broke 500 DPS. (Had been killed a few times by Diablo on normal which is what prompted me). The latent skills I have chosen though, make the enemies drop more health globes and they also boost my intelligence. So in a pitched battle, the DPS scales significantly. I've seen it peak at 1300, and crit for 2K. But this is not so high, I'm thinking, despite me picking clothing for intelligence boosts. Vitality as a result is fairly low - only 2.9K HPs, so I'm a bit of a glass cannon really. Glass pop-gun is maybe more accurate! I'm sure this will cause problems later down the line.
  2. Diablo III

    Exactly that. Money sink.
  3. Diablo III

    This is a pig. It timed out on my first purchase (Legendary) and I didn't get it (so I thought,) so I bought another. Now I'm skint, with 2 legendary items the same.
  4. What does your view look like?

    Ok, so not now. But one afternoon a while back: ...and another afternoon:
  5. Diablo III

    That makes it sound to me why Eve Online is so attractive. While the death there isnt so perma, if you haven't updated your clone or whatever, you *could* in theory be set back two weeks of skills, plus you then have to go and buy all your shit again with that money you worked so hard to earn. Some people have cash coming out of their ears, but I'm am constantly a poor lad, so losing that 200 mill ship that has taken countless hours to earn, is a bad kick in the teeth. Or knife in the guts. So every fight leaves you needing to go and sit down for a while with a cup of sweet tea. Anyway, I have only a 33 WD, so am not sure he's ready to take on the HC enemies. Will try a bit more of nightmare first. But yes, I am keen to try it.
  6. Movie/TV recommendations

    Just watched Headhunters, a Norwegian film about a recruitment guy who find top level executives. But he's also an art thief, who needs to steal high value paintings to keep his mrs in the way that she is accustomed. She is tall and beautiful, he is short with a massive chip on his shoulder. Enter stage left Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Jamie Lannister) and tall, suave good looking dude, ex-special forces, who has nice piece of art. There are a few plot holes, but by and large it's a fun film. Worth a watch if you can put up with subs. I imagine our Toblix will be along at some point to offer something far more penetrating about the film. You may have gathered that I do not in any way possess any kind of critical eye for many things media, and am a fairly simplistic viewer who tends to take things at face value. (I read some of the stuff you lot talk about and sometimes my gast is well and truly flabbered as to how it is analysed. )
  7. G4ming Keyb0rdz

    I have one of the glowy razer ones, and it's pretty good (not the macro one though). Also have a wired mac kb for my mbp, as posted above, and it's magical to use. Really excellent.
  8. Diablo III

    The Gargantuan makes me laugh - more than a few times I've changed my mind about where I'm running or whatever, and I hear an enquiring grunt from him; he has a few other sounds that they've crafted in incredibly well that drop in at exactly the right moment. Anthropomorphism does the rest!
  9. Diablo III

    Anyone had their account stolen yet? Even some with the authenticators, apparently. Looking like a session hijack vulnerability. But I love this game. Thought it might be boring, but got a guest pass and was hooked! Really enjoying it, especially since I discovered you can reprogram the fast bar with your fave spells.
  10. Diablo III

    Where is this legendary gear coming from?
  11. Diablo III

    Really? I need to look harder. Most of it seems overpriced.
  12. Obligatory comical YouTube thread

    Not comical, but worth a watch: uoWtvpg77oE
  13. Diablo III BattleTags

  14. Life

    I've always had slightly faster than normal cars, and just bought a faster one. Mid 30s - does this mean I've been suffering from a mid-life crisis my whole life?
  15. Life

    One thing I would say is buy decent ones, rather than the cheapest.
  16. Please, tell me...

    I play casual games when I have a few minutes here and there. They're quick, they don't require hours to complete. I have got more into 'casual' games (e.g. Doodlejump) simply because I don't have as much time as I used to - campsite business, work, etc. etc. I also don't play 'big' games as such because I just can't be bothered any more. Rome Total War for instance. It's impossible to have a 'quick' go on that. Back when I wasn't as gainfully employed as I now am, I had the time and inclination to do a 14 hours session straight on that game. I have neither now. FPS' I can play for a weekend, and then get bored of them. Games that keep me coming back are ones that you *can* have a quick blast on and still progress, e.g. Trials HD/Evolution, Wipeout, Forza (and you can still play them for ages too if you want!) I also play games because I'm lazy, and it's easy. For instance, I sit down and think, "Right, I've really got to progress with my coding", or, "This database won't write itself!", hit a stumbling block, and because it's easier than figuring out the problem, I get distracted and go and do something that I can do more easily. Brain is engaged in a different way, but I'm not getting things done. Not very coherent, sorry.
  17. What spurred the adoption of muskets?

    As gunpowder progressed as well, it's fun to look at how battlefield camouflage progressed. Back when arrows etc. were used, there was the regimental uniforms, then as gunpowder took over, and clouds of smoke covered everywhere, the uniforms got brighter (or stayed as bright) so that units could have a chance of being identified through the smoke. Then of course, they got duller and more like the modern camouflage that we know now.
  18. Life

    Yeh, my first house had been bodged to high heaven. I got it cheap though as a result. Required pretty much going down to the walls, redoing everything from the ground up. This was not something I tackled, I got experts in!
  19. Life

    Curious mix of tenses. You'll get used to DIY eventually. I quite like it now. Makes a huge difference to have decent tools and more importantly, the right tool for the job. Working on engines is made particularly easy by having the right stuff now, rather than trying to muddle through with knackered pliers, a hammer and mole grips.
  20. Movie/TV recommendations

    I'm sure it was great. I just got sick of the characters.
  21. Books, books, books...

    Only wikipedia, and only then 1 line. But what prompted me to look was the stuff we saw written down on the little 'info tablets' they had at various culturally significant places.
  22. Life

    But tools are fun! Especially power tools. We probably need more than the average person here, but hey; rough with the smooth.
  23. Life

    Just for you, I have asked the MIL. She says that ze Germans don't rent as much as they used to, maybe down to about 50% rent. But anyway, the reasons she gave are: Germans hate being in debt, and the protection for tenants is much stronger over there. Landlords can't just sling you out with no warning, and the longer you've been there, the more notice they must give if they want you to move out. (MIL's sister was given 1 years notice due to time she'd lived in her flat, for example.) They also have to fix shit when you ask them to - there is a dedicated insurance scheme, which for 100 euros/year you can get all the lawyered up advice you need up to and including court time.