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  1. Breaking Bad

    Who's this? Struggling to remember.
  2. Movie/TV recommendations

    Scotch eggs. One of the deific foods.
  3. Movie/TV recommendations

    Polisse. French cop movie, documentary style. Blimmin' great, if a little (well, ok, a lot) gritty. Very absorbing.
  4. Movie/TV recommendations

    Clearly some people in the industry desired some more Ferraris.
  5. Life

    Try to head off the call in a month by saying that the project you're on is long term or whatever.
  6. Life

    Heh. Sounds almost like a cop show. How about a storyboard about the children thing and then do the whole angry crim coming round to do the creator. You know, make it meta. In reality, probably best to say you're busy, and that you couldn't give the project the time it so clearly deserves. Without a trace of sarcasm, obvs.
  7. Life

    Throw a story board together involving children, ice cream and a panel van. They won't contact you again.
  8. Movie/TV recommendations

    0:46 - is that Glados?
  9. Life

    Is it really that bad? I just assumed it was hyperbole.
  10. Life

    I was being slightly tongue in cheek, but we will probably take a box or two with us (Yorkshire Tea. I'm kidding myself that the blend will be substantially different from PG/Typhoo etc. but your brain tells you this stuff). The British are notorious for bitching about the quality of tea elsewhere in the world, where in reality, I suspect, it's just different, and they like what they know. What I do know though, after long trips away, is one of the first things I do once in the door is stick the kettle on for a brew; and I'm not an especial tea lover. We asked for a Samovar for a wedding pressie, and blagged some tea blend recipes from Iranian friends (that may or may not include cracked cardamons ). Coupled with saffron sugar, it is delish. @Gwardinen - try it yourself! Brownies are dead simple
  11. Unnecessary Comical Picture Thread

    Is that a police reindeer? What are they employed for?
  12. Life

    This is a good point. We're already considering loading up with tea for our trip (how British, eh?). Maybe chocolate is another thing we should consider. P.s. if you like Ferrero Rocher (if the chap that mentioned them was American), you should really check out Lindt Lindor Truffles. So very nice. Aside: the wife went through a time of making double chocolate brownies; then we had the idea of taking them out part cooked and pushing a Lindor truffle into the centre of each one so that it melted a little when the brownies were cooked. No wonder I'm overweight. In Berlin last year, we couldn't NOT visit Fassbender & Rausch. The place is crackers - on the ground floor was a Taj Mahal made of chocolate and a 'working' Vesuvius model (with chocolate lava). Impressive, but a bit of a waste, I guess. Upstairs was a cafe, where you could order an espresso of dark chocolate. Fab.
  13. Sadly, He'd be arrested for climbing a lampost I imagine in London before completing his act.
  14. Life

    Stockholm Syndrome rules.
  15. Yeh, that's a dark vid. The guy on that website linked says, 'into tiny pieces'. Thought that it was a bit of hyperbole .
  16. Pretty much. Mine continually records and when it detects a shock, it dumps the previous 10 secs and post 10 secs to card, can link it to google maps etc.
  17. I do. Too many dickheads on the road now.
  18. San Francisco Residents!

  19. How do I contribute to this forum?

    This thread delivers.
  20. San Francisco Residents!

    Cheers. I plan just to get a PAYG sim when we arrive to not be bummed by US/UK roaming charges (Japan/Aus cost nearly 100 quid!). It would be maybe nice to meet with a friendly face (keyboard?). We're going to be in SF for the weekend at the start (~4 days or so), and then our flight is from Tampa, but we *may* drive to Miami for a day or two. Not sure about that yet. But yeh, would be cool to meet up if you're free, and we're not doing anything.
  21. Life

    Freecycle is great. Didn't want to chuck out a perfectly servicable shower tray. Posted an offer, someone picked it up within 2 days.
  22. San Francisco Residents!

    Will TMobile work across the states? They say it will.
  23. San Francisco Residents!

    Is TMobile the network to go for in the US with PAYG sims?