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  1. iPhone 4

    Phoned O2 on the off chance, they said ok. Carried over the 30% discount, said it'd be here monday. Text arrived, should be with me tomorrow. Guess I'll tell ya about the antenna in a bit.
  2. iPhone 4

    Mine does that. It's a golf, so not that posh. Top of the range one, but still a golf.
  3. Pub, London, this Friday.

    Was good to hook up with you all! Sorry about your bag, man
  4. Red Dead Redemption - bugs

    Hey all. I got this before it's recent update, worked fine. Turned it on the other night, it got updated, seemed fine. Played it last night however, and the horse teleported across the land in fits and jerks, then sank, leaving me stuck. I managed to get off the horse, got flung miles, and survived. Horse could not find me after that. Reset the game a few times, within 5 minutes or so it kept happening, along with the dialogue not working on a mission either. So I deleted the most recent saves, went back a bit, tried again - same thing. Deleted ALL the saves, game updates, refreshed the 360 cache, thought that might sort it out. First mission, it got stuck on the loading screen so I quit, loaded again, came to in Bonnie's hut...following Bonnie out on the horse, the horse started teleporting again, and I got stuck. Quite annoyed. Any ideas on what I can do? If the game remains unplayable, I'm currently feeling of the mind to attempt to do battle with the publishers to take their game back and refund me the 50 quid.
  5. Red Dead Redemption - bugs

    Hm. Well I thought I'd try to install it to see if that worked - the install failed. Scratched disk. Scratched by the 360 itself. :/ Toothpaste seems to have cured it. Thank goodness.
  6. Road Trip

    Hold it! The world's largest ball of twine exists? I thought that it was something from the fevered imagination of Steve Purcell.
  7. Red Dead Redemption - bugs

    That's pretty much when it happens to me, certain distance out of town, teleport, sink, glitch... Happens even on first mission now! Thanks for the suggestion. Still pretty annoyed at the game though!
  8. Life

    Just that. You say it may lead to far worse things internally, but each time you tackle it head on, you will be able to deal with more bad things. The pain threshold increases.
  9. Portal 2

    Then of course, there was the two player-made expansions that were very good. Doubled the length of it for me.
  10. Red Dead Redemption - bugs

    I'm starting to wonder if it's my 360 that's on its way out. I bought it in Nov '06, never had it replaced yet and still going! That 360 slim looks like it could be a go-er if mine does pack up though.
  11. Life

    As an aside, the UK is pretty much at the forefront of how we treat mental illness in the world. I'm generally down on the country, but in this field, I think we pretty much rinse the world.
  12. Life

    Thing is though TP, is that you only do it as much as you can cope with. The next time you will be stronger in yourself, and able to critically go further; the brain is capable of becoming stronger like a muscle: the more weight you lift, the more you will able to.
  13. Life

    Nice post, D. I think I manage to do some form of this, without actually recognising and formalising the process as you have; there was a definite point many years ago when I became automatically a lot happier for no real reason - but it happened after a few years of mental wrangling and self analysis (late teens, early 20s). Perhaps it's a lot more automatic now - but becoming complacent is bad: occasionally I find myself being unhappy and unsatisfied. Self examination is fairly rapid now - I can spot myself being a dick, and spot a self-pity episode before it hits and act accordingly. However, right now the most resonant thing from your post with me personally is "Go all out, and never give up" and "Do not go foetal when something sucker punches you in the heart, treat it as a (painful) opportunity to root out every last bit of data you can on the problem. Your first instinct will be to dull your mind with something that takes it off the problem, whether that is a drug or form of entertainment. Do the opposite. Go and find your problems, don't leave them alone. Become relentless and emotionally tough with yourself" - except not to do with emotions, and more to do with self improvement. To expand a little if I may: Where I am professionally I feel like I could be so much more - for instance, I have a job in IT security, just one of millions of folks. I read blogs of leaders in the field - Kaminsky, muts, rel1k, who all contribute to the world of security by developing tools, software, hacks, 0-days and what have you. I feel like I could be one of those people. But I have never applied myself. So, to summarise - "Become relentless and emotionally tough with yourself" is a piece of advice we all need to take. So yeah. Top post.
  14. Red Dead Redemption - bugs

    Don't be bummed. I've had to delete my saves, and now STILL can't play it :/
  15. Life

    I have managed to find a flat in London with near enough zero effort: Sent a text to everyone I knew (in London) a few weeks back, as luck would have it, someone knew someone, I saw the flat last night, and it's ace. Islington ('proper' Islington), gated car parking, 800 per month including bills. Sharing with two others, but hey, I'm only there in the week usually, so should be ok. Job is a good one.
  16. The Engineer has arrived!

    Months of waiting are over!
  17. iPhone 4

    I nearly bought an ipad last week, and will prolly buy the iphone 4. Deliberately didn't upgrade to the 3GS so I could stay out of contract (had to swap the battery to keep it useable though). However, will be giving the 3G to my g/f, so will miss out on the insane prices 3G 16Gb are still fetching on ebay! However, I've also had a severe attack of #1stworldguilt about electronic devices (c.f. foxconn etc.). I'm sure I will get over it and go back to being a good little consumer...
  18. Life

    Edit. Meh.
  19. Life

    I don't know which is worse - the fact you refer to her as 'this' or the fact you want her as your wife.
  20. The threat of Big Dog

    The smooth head and the swept handle makes it look like Alien to me. Makes it a lot more sinister.
  21. Wanted: Room to rent in London

    As above really; anyone have a spare room, or know anyone with a spare room, to rent to me, your friendly gamer. Current digs are no longer convenient, would be most appreciative of any leads!
  22. Life

    Getting high is a good idea
  23. Idle Thumbs London meet?

  24. Idle Thumbs London meet?

    O....k..... Did someone else post @ 52 then?
  25. Idle Thumbs London meet?

    Nnnngh! Come on TP! Time is running out for confirmation of meeting place! I will want to be going home in the next hour tops if not!