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  1. The Path of Go (XBLA)

    You need to buy a book. I've got one that's a few hundred pages and, although it gives the basics, it's clearly only a beginner's. Been playing it for a few years, but prolly only 15 kyu or something. Top game tho'.
  2. Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light

    Will buy it when online mp arrives
  3. World of Poo

    Had this for c when came out, loved it, but didn't finish it. They've now released it for the ipad, and it is a game that totally lends itself to multi-point touch. Shall finish it this time around I think.
  4. Choose the next game I should play...

    I've been spending a fair amount of time on Dwarf Fortess recently. It is zomgwtf involved though, with a learning curve similar to Eve. Good though.
  5. Halo Reach

    Anyof youse still play this? Housemate has just bought new HD tv, so all of a sudden gaming is more attractive again.
  6. iPhone/iTouch gaming

    Game dev story. It's pretty damn addictive.
  7. Movie/TV recommendations

    A subscription to Astraweb, it sounds like.
  8. iPhone/iTouch gaming

    First try rebooting your phone. If that doesn't work, try to delete it an re-install? That seems to solve 99% of issues with apps.
  9. ...that our trip to Germany this year co-incides exactly with Gamescom Cologne. G/f's rellies live in Cologne. Please post your ideas to enable me to slope off and check out the shiny.
  10. Holy fuck, I've just noticed...

    Clearly this was the tactic employed. Was always going to be. I liked the planet one, made me chuckle.
  11. Starcraft 2

    My first name is Ian. Amusingly, when I read that (on my phone), I thought that simply said, "No Ian." As in, "you simpleton". Then I realised. Hehe.
  12. A very quick survey about car-sharing

    I think if, when buying a car, I thought about using it like this, then I probably would; it makes perfect sense. However, the car I have is one that I wanted for ages, and have formed an attachment with. Yes, I'm a car geek too, more specifically, a VW geek. We're awfully precious.
  13. Starcraft 2

  14. Starcraft 2

    Are you taking the piss?
  15. Starcraft 2

    Bah. It appears 3Gb of Ram on my laptop isn't enough. Even with everything on low and in a window. Oh well. At least I found out in a trial way.
  16. Starcraft 2

    That's encouraging. The only reason I went for the 14 day thing is to make sure it would run ok on my laptop. (T6570 2.1Ghz, Mob. Radeon 4330) Also: liking the way it looks as though once purchased I could d/l the mac client as well, should I choose. (Thinking about a MBP).
  17. A very quick survey about car-sharing

    Completed. I wouldn't rent it under any circumstances.
  18. Starcraft 2

    Was given a trial key today. Stupidly thought I'd be able to download it in one it turns I might, but it won't be until midnight. Possibly.
  19. Life

    Heh. Supposition, rumour, and a friend who has met him at a media bash. Thin accusations really
  20. Life

    He's a massive cokehead, but clearly terrifyingly intelligent. Still manages to come across as a nice geezer; he's only grumpy about media idiocy.
  21. Movie/TV recommendations

    Watched Xmen Origins: Wolverine t'other day. It was not as shit as I was expecting. The Bad Lieutenant (Cage), on the other hand was garbage. Cage was great, film was disjointed. Shutter Island was highly enjoyable, and very sinister.
  22. Movie/TV recommendations

    The Longest Day - don't think I've ever seen it all the way through. Great movie. Best line: "Flanagan, there are some very peculiar blokes on this beach today."
  23. iPhone Carcassonne

    Pm me wuth yer email or tell me if yer still playing and will pm mine.
  24. Carcassonne

    Can anyone with this on iphone/ipad fess up here? Only just played it today, never done so before. Easy computer beat me first go, came equal with it second. Still don't understand it totally yet, but roll up to give me a kicking!
  25. iPhone 4