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  1. *Face-palm* (Bulletstorm)

    Fox has replied to RPS and they have taken a stand.
  2. Hard disk fail

    I know it doesn't help now, but if you're in the market, I've just bought a portable RAID enclosure, and it's very good (despite the ludicrous name). Not the cheapest, but tiny and fast! Around 200 gbp for mirrored 7200rpm 500 gb disks.
  3. Life

    I wanted to do more, but I'm clueless at PS, so couldn't extract the red script properly. But anyway.
  4. Magicka

    The netcode seems loads more stable now, although to run a 4p game you'll need a serious connection. My 1mb upload can cope with 2p... Any more and it's too laggy.
  5. Life

    36 hours, followed by a 17 hour drinking session when I touched down in Hong Kong. Because my flight was leaving at 5am UK tim, I had th ebright idea of staying up all night, 'so that I could sleep on the plane'. Like that worked. I slept for 1 day afterwards nearly.
  6. Telltale to make Walking Dead and Fables games?

    That the walking dead comic is zomgwtfpwningly good. One of those you stay up reading until 2/3 because you just have to read the next ep. TV series is good too, but the comic really is excellent.
  7. *Face-palm* (Bulletstorm)

    Guardian article:
  8. *Face-palm* (Bulletstorm)

    Someone's put up the post from Quintin on RPS, but neglected the very interesting rebuttal from John Walker to Lieberman.
  9. So.. Batman: Arkham Asylum

    Button mashing on either leads to failure, you're right. It's all about timing. Loved it personally. Was very happy to see same kind of system in AC:B - though I disliked Bayonetta's system eventually. That was button mashing. Also, because I'm getting a bit past it, my thumb joints ache if I really button mash now.
  10. So.. Batman: Arkham Asylum

    Forgotten how good this game was. Might get it again.
  11. The Dancing Thumb (aka: music recommendations)

    Fuck yeh, saw him at Bestival last year. One of the highlights. He's a master on them Kaoss pads ... He was running 3 in serial! Something that blew up on teh intarwebs recently, 'Open Letter to Stephen Fry', which I quite liked.
  12. Life

    If they still refuse, the only weapon you have left is publicity. For a company to not have a procedure to return money is... ludicrous.
  13. Life

    Woah! Hadn't expected that! Be glad to have you
  14. Life

    Wait, TP, when did you lose your job? Regarding jobs, just had a mega opportunity: got a phone call from an agency wanting an experienced pentester, working for a major mmo company... Where you would be testing their mmo systems. 50k. Possibly the best salary for games tester I've ever seen. The bad: Unfortunately, it's office based, and no home working. As I'm moving back to Shropshire, I won't be able to take the job. Gutted. Can you believe it! That gig would be the best! The company is based in Woking, Surrey, one of you might know who it is. The good: i'm moving to Shropshire to take over a campsite by the river Severn! Big change of pace, but have also got an interview with another security company who don't mind homeworking on thursday. My current boss also doesn't want to lose me, so he's saying I can WFH 4 days/week. Bit sick of current job though, fancy a change. But yeh, the campsite is the main thing, middle of the country, clean air, it's the house I grew up in, sentimental fool that I am. If any of you like camping, might even be able to set up a special thumbs discount (although drinking can't go on too late!)
  15. ilomilo

    Anyone played it? It's fabulously cute, with some nice puzzles. Co-op (not online).
  16. Pub, London, this Friday.

  17. Play Infocom online!

    I found this a while ago, and it's only just occurred to me to tell you lot. Unless you already knew
  18. Need to buy a laptop. Advice plx! Tnx.

    MacBook Pro. If you can swallow the cost, you won't regret it.
  19. Weirdness in games... isn't it normal?

    Brooker writes an angry column (or used to), also has a tv show about the news (Newswipe) where he points fingers and rants. He treats TV to similar (Screenwipe) and also did a one-off about games (Gameswipe). He's also a gamer, so it's not too much of a leap to see that he could write quality angry video reviews should he wish. I'd wish it, but he has better things to do I guess!
  20. Weirdness in games... isn't it normal?

    I think the only person to carry it off long term, should he choose, would be Charlie Brooker. Yahtzee was good initially, but became a victim of his own success to some extent, and became dull.
  21. Weirdness in games... isn't it normal?

    Speaking of which, is Yahtzee still peddling?
  22. Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood

    I'm loving this game. Not bought a boxed game since Halo Reach (which sucked imo) and before then RDR (which I kind of enjoyed, but got tired of). This has distilled great components of other games into one package that works well. I deliberately avoided AC1&2 as I was interested in them, but there didn't look like enough variation. This has got lots of different things to do, and exploring is a pleasure (mostly) compared to the boredom/frustration that set in after a few days with GTA and RDR. I'd say it was more like Arkham but with more free roaming - especially the combat which is grand fun when you time it right and effortlessly and elegantly pincushion the 7 guys surrounding you. Enjoying this very much - although not having played either of the first 2, I think the game assumed awareness of the story:I spent the first couple of hours being totally bewildered about what exactly was going on. Multiplayer seems nice too - 'Wanted' pits you with 8 other players, each if whom is assigned one if the other 8 as a target. You have a proximity indicator, at which point you have to identify your target in the crowd from the pic in the corner of your screen, while keeping an eye out for your assassin. It's a gleeful cat and mouse. I haven't played the other gametypes yet. Still, enjoying it immensely and it's exactly what I was after. I've felt such disappointment at so many games over the last couple of years that I was going to give up on boxed games if this didn't work out, with notable exceptions (Arkham for example).
  23. Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light

    Really? Honestly? I tried to keep an eye for news of this. Just to be absolutely clear, I could purchase on 360, and play co-op with my friend in a diff. city?
  24. The Path of Go (XBLA)

    Yeh, me too. However, the game is such that there are some things you simply need to be told, for example illegal moves (ko, seki), how to spot ladders, atari, liberties etc. It is also a very abstract game which relies on advanced pattern recognition. The book I have is Teach yourself Go by Charles Matthews (but it can be found a LOT cheaper). I like the game, but it's really tough. It is the only book about Go I have read and it is clearly laid out, if a little dry.