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  1. Movie/TV recommendations

    ...and, um, being governor an' that.
  2. Movie/TV recommendations

    As a further point on robots, dead interesting article about how one might constitutionally recognise AI-rights.
  3. Movie/TV recommendations

    I sometimes find myself idly wondering if (er, when) robots become ubiquitous in the home, they will be instilled with the 3 laws, or some derivation of such. Seems to be an elegant solution.
  4. Movie/TV recommendations

    This is very cool. Blinky
  5. My graphics card has kicked the proverbial

    You may as well get Win7 64 bit - I generally go with pro out of habit rather than home/ultimate. ^^ That thread suggests that Pro has an 'XP' mode which can be useful for some older software.
  6. My graphics card has kicked the proverbial

    Sorry - Windows 7 Security Testing Virtual Machines. 'Tis what I do, and unfortunately most of the security tools don't work under OSX, so I have VMs set up to do said testing...under which Fusion has displayed impressive stability.
  7. My graphics card has kicked the proverbial

    Just buy an i7 MBP then, I guess. Or a 12 core Mac Pro. Depends how much moolah you've got lying around. A refurbed 2010 MBP will do you if you're more constricted. I've got a 13" dual core 2010 MBP and it plays SC and should easily play portal, although not Crysis 2. I've given up on PCs, largely. I've been totally impressed with the stability and speed of running OSX - Fusion (for W7 sec test VMs is so stable, really really impressed). If you really want to run games, you can bootcamp the MBP and it will steamroller fairly new games (although Shogun 2 on full will make it struggle I guess).
  8. My graphics card has kicked the proverbial

    Portal 2 apparently says the minimum gfx card is a Nvidia 8500 or something - a mac mini that I sold to a friend has a Nvidia 9600 in it. So it might just about run Portal 2, but will be minimum settings.
  9. Life

    Get a loan then. When I moved into a place in London last year, I needed the cash fast - months' deposit, month' rent wasn't insignificant, so just got a short term loan out. Sounds like it will be for the best!
  10. Life

    Have you tried asking him to be more considerate?
  11. Movie/TV recommendations

    Not bad. It is stupid, with large glaring plot holes iirc. Good action movie though - I let myself get involved with it with vicarious thrill (is there any other kind in movies?) and found myself cheering inside when he fucked those guys up. Perhaps that is a little worrying. Anyway - From Paris With Love, for example, also had massive plot holes (and shit editing), but even as an action movie it was crap. In this skintube's opinion, of course
  12. Movie/TV recommendations

    Yeh! Taken rocks. Nails.
  13. Life

    It's all go in 'with shammack'! (I'm sat here watching 'The Event'. It's all go here too.)
  14. Life

    Oooh. Snap. One of the hardback numbered ones?
  15. Life

    I think I could get used to living in the country. No hangover this am, up early and been tree cuttin', chainsawin', bonfirin', fence repairin', now it's lunch, this aft am off to cut another tree down.