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  1. BRINK

    It hasn't arrived /o\ This link might help with your ATI woes:
  2. Obligatory comical YouTube thread

  3. My graphics card has kicked the proverbial

    There's sometimes an issue if you don't remove the previous drivers properly.
  4. BRINK

    Brink dispatched. \o/
  5. BRINK

    Awesome. Great.
  6. BRINK

    I haven't cancelled either. I'm going to see it through. I agree about the bot match thing - people have just played against the bots - and those who played UT/Quake - bot matches were fairly tedious, but the online game was like crack. For months. If I like it, I will be renting a server. Hold tight.
  7. BRINK

    I'm so glad to hear that people are having fun with it. The game has been properly savaged by 1up and Joystiq, with Arstechnica refusing to review it until the bugs are sorted. I've had it pre-ordered for ages (on PC) and read some of the reviews with mounting trepidation. I'm going to punt for it anyway, mainly because it's only the second full price PC game I've bought in about a year plus it's only 20 quid.
  8. Life

    Ah sorry to hear about ya dad. My mum was diagnosed about 3 years ago, but we're sure it had been coming on for about 6 or so. It's one of the reasons I moved back to Shropshire instead of moving to Vancouver!
  9. Life

    Heh. Bet this is default behaviour because it is on MBPs. It doesn't matter so much on OSX because the F keys are barely used - every shortcut is from the command key as well as F keys.
  10. Life

  11. Life

    Hm. We have a barn that could be used for this purpose. It's still a barn at the moment, but plans are to turn it into a weekend holiday cottage type of thing, but this might be another use. Bit out of the way though! Won't be ready for a year or so as I need investment capital.
  12. Portal 2

    That's not a comedy accent, that's his voice: he's from Bristol. It's a pretty mild accent compared to some from down there, but it's definitely his own.
  13. Portal 2

    Yes. Very much so.
  14. Sony Shitshow

    In my experience, it sounds to me like internal processes are broken. In many (big) companies I've worked in, often the only deadline anyone cares about is the delivery/go-live date - as that's where the money arrives from. Everything needs to be planned around that, and further, security testing is usually the last thing to be done - there's no point testing half-built servers and networks. Now, since everything likely slips, the security testing then has to fit into a smaller timescale. Added to this, management often don't treat security testing as a serious quality gate, and it's just a 'tick in the box' so to speak. So, dev/build/config timescales slip, delivery/go-live doesn't, sec testing has to be squeezed in and as a result may not be done properly, which they (mgt) don't care about anyway. Add to that patching processes, update processes and what have you might not function correctly - although it's a lot more complex than simply updating your machine at home: These machines often run bespoke software, and installing the latest OS patches (for example) might break core functionality of the bespoke software. You then need to wait for the software provider (or internal dept.) to re-code, test, and then issue their own patches that are compatible with the OS patches, by which time there are likely more OS patches. Rinse, repeat. I'm not trying to provide an excuse for Sony, but trying to give an insight into what I suspect was going on behind the scenes. Hopefully on the other hand, this very public and serious security breach might focus managers' minds the world over to show them what exactly will happen as a security risk triggers. [security risks are very hard to quantify, as if significant investment occurs in security, and nothing happens, management will look at it as 'dead money' - i.e. a massive cost centre that doesn't provide any revenue. Therefore they are unwilling to invest, and are tempted to cut-corners. Unfortunately, cutting corners introduces a risk, and it's up the management who often don't understand the subject to put a figure on that risk triggering, and then also a percentage chance of that triggering. Those two are used to calculate the overall cost to the business should a risk trigger.]
  15. Sony Shitshow

    Something good has become of this thread: At least we now know brkl will not get prostrate cancer.
  16. Sony Shitshow

    They've properly fucked the dog on this one.
  17. Life

  18. Sony Shitshow

  19. Life

    Some do. There are a lot of royalists that come out of the wood-work that one would not necessarily think. People on the site have asked if we know anywhere that's showing it ("No"), and g/f has 3 friends over who are glued to the TV. G/f doesn't give a toss.
  20. Sony Shitshow

    Interesting chatlog from IRC re: PSN and (and seems from this convo) frankly bollocks security. Turns out this was from feb. Still - little or no security.
  21. Sony Shitshow

    From Le Bank:
  22. Sony Shitshow

    Well they use 128bit AES & open source algorithms. So weaknesses in that are found quickly because of the huge number of users, plus it is used in many different applications. Should a weakness be discovered, it would be big news. So in answer to your question, yes I am comfortable with the security trade-off of having long and difficult password stored in an encrypted file, as the benefit (much more secure day to day tasks) against a much less likely attack against a well known and popular open source encryption standard. A measured risk. It's up to you to decide whether you are comfortable with that.
  23. Sony Shitshow

    Plus it would get tiresome typing in 25-30 char passwords all the time. 1password, once unlocked, integrates with your brower. Give it the https URL (if avail) of the website you want to sign in to, and it goes off, fills the details in and logs you in.
  24. Sony Shitshow

    You do right. I've used keepass for years, but just switched over to 1password/dropbox for convenience, as keeping the keepass file sync'ed across platforms was a pain. Anyway - you should be aware of a recent dropbox vulnerability, whereby a potential attacker can join his machine to your shared folder and view these files - while not trivial, it is certainly not impossible (however there is still some debate as to whether it poses a meaningful threat). Although the attacker might then be able to get your 1password db, make sure your 1password db is secured with a 30-odd character password that's not in a dictionary. I'm pretty sure there are currently no attacks against 1password's encryption algorithm at the moment. As always, being secure is a trade off between absolute security and ease-of use (easier to imagine it as a simple sliding scale) and how much risk you are prepared to accept. I'm prepared to accept the risk of keeping my 1password in dropbox because of it's convenience, and in real terms is a pretty small attack surface. Link to vuln. description for ya, if interested: Apologies for geeking out on y'all.
  25. Obligatory comical YouTube thread

    You have low tolerance? Ohhh. You're one of those people.