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  1. The sad sad tale of Tim Langdell

    That judge seemed to have a good grasp on things. Great effort.
  2. Life

    I've always been a slack bastard when it comes to exams and just winged it. In other news, I hate my eyes. Those cunts will just not work together without more surgery. Can't be arsed with that again.
  3. Life

    So YOU'RE @bamblesquatch. Mini-mystery solved!
  4. Life

    Once you have the gear, it's not that much a lift - around 30-40 quid. A rig (container, main, reserve, AAD etc.) will cost a good 6 grand. But that's ok - you WANT to be spending that sot of cash on something like that!
  5. Life

    WELL. QUITE. (Why are we shouting?)
  6. Life

    The MX5 is a great little motor! Get the 1.8 though. Really nippy - although driving one, as a bloke, you feel a little bit... um... effeminate
  7. Obligatory comical YouTube thread

    HoN. That's truly one of the most vicious communities I ever saw. Was enough to put me off playing. Noobs are treated very unkindly.
  8. Life

    I want to buy one of these (Check out the twin Webers on pic 6). The little Caterham will be fun at low speed (140 brake, BUT! weighs about as much as a hanky), plus there's a hill climb course 9 miles from me. Will need a racing B licence, but they don't look too hard to get. I think I need it. Skydiving is too expensive, can't fly power kites (due to back problems). I love driving fast. What more is there to say?
  9. Sony Shitshow

    Just to go back on topic, briefly if I may. Sony's share price: Not entirely surprising!
  10. Life

    Cineworld suck. They all seem to be really grubby and unlooked after.
  11. Obligatory comical YouTube thread

    I can understand this completely. That's just being a sore-losered dick. Good to see that it's frowned upon!
  12. Obligatory comical YouTube thread

    Reckon it's because it came about in Korea and Asian folks sometimes miss plurals based around more esoteric western grammar?
  13. Obligatory comical YouTube thread

    Bad manners? Shome mishtake shurely. Anyway, there used to be a chorus of 'gg' after a hard fought and won/lost game of CS. Don't get much of that now (gg, not CS)
  14. The Nintendo Wii U is Great Thread

    Spyparty with the gun attachment? HELL YEAH!
  15. Life

    I can't help it. If someone insists on talking, as far as I can see, no-one else will tell them to shut up. I've had people thank me at the end of a film. It's easier to just not go - unless it's an IMAX. Folk seem to have respect there.
  16. Life

    They tried to grab it back, and also shouted at me to give it back. They looked pretty annoyed, but I was absolutely fucking furious. I gave it back, but was very foul mouthed about it, and told them what I thought of them and they should leave. Then I went and told the staff and got them kicked out. Alas, too late! The film was ruined ( was Angelina Jolie one with her kid replaced), all tension destroyed.
  17. Life

    An ideal solution for me would be to install mobile phone suppression equipment around the place, but I guess it's ilegal. It bloody well shouldn't be. All cinemas, theatres and concert halls should have them as de rigeur.
  18. Life

    I no longer go to the cinema, precisely because people talk and text. It ruins it, sure, but the last few times I've got so pissed off I have ended up in 1 instance walking over to them and telling them to shut up in a loud voice in an effort to shame them, and in the 2nd instance lunging over and snatching the phone off them, and telling them to fuck the fuck off out while nearly smashing it. (They'd been pretty loud and the last straw was when one of them phoned someone up.) So yeh, I've packed it in in case I smash someone's phone or slap them or something and get in bother.
  19. Obligatory comical YouTube thread

  20. Life

    Here's a great little cinema that appears to be in Austin:
  21. Sydney, Australia

    Check out the flights and get to Melbourne.
  22. Sony Shitshow

    @ Sully: Perhaps; but that doesn't change the duty of care that Sony has to look after your data. A duty of care they have clearly ignored to reduce the cost of doing business by failing to follow basic security measures.
  23. Obligatory comical YouTube thread

    Prolly just radged with the American 'Dating game'.
  24. Sony Shitshow

  25. Sony Shitshow

    I'm hoping in about 6 months time, the IT security market will explode