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  1. Life

    Cheers guys
  2. Life

    Whew! What a rollercoaster! Early the other morning, I saw #riotcleanup start to trend above #londonriots - so I bought the domain to try and help collate cleanup operations so that everyone had somewhere to go and when to be there. Started writing it @ 2.30, had to dash over to a mate's house and park outside it to 'steal' his wifi and by 5.30 the site was live. The guardian linked it and by 9.30 34SP took the site down as it was damaging the other sites on thier servers. They gave me a dedi box for free (as long as their logo was on it) - within a few hours it had had 2 million hits and was running at 32mbps. It's quietened down now. Their blog post amused me a little, but was cool : G+ hangouts was instrumental with 5 of us getting together to re-write the site and upload it, and now the new site is live! Really chuffed how it turned out! Efforts are ongoing.
  3. Life

    More wanton rioting in Manchester 0cbVW_QS2eE
  4. Life

    Crowds when they get going can be really scary. Totally understandable. I remember once being on the demos in the 90s against the BNP. We were supposed to march passed BNP HQ, but the police wouldn't let everyone (as it would have been totally destroyed). Anyway, was just looking at all the litter with on the grounds, densely packed with legs. Then all the legs disappeared suddenly, and all I could see what tarmac. I looked up to see a police horse charging the crowd (and by proxy) straight at me. Shit myself and legged it. No damage was incurred.
  5. Life

    As an aside, 'The Interrupters' is a film based in Chicago about ex gangsters interdicting trouble before it happens with reasoning and debate. Just out, looks v. good. @chaostheoryuk is a UK based org in London.
  6. Life

  7. Life

    I actually quite enjoy the job I'm doing - just sick of how the co. I'm currently with do things. However - any job I'm likely to get in my current career, especially if I go to a new company, will require extended time away from home (like 5 days/week) until they feel they can 'trust' me to do the job right and how like they like to operate. I was close to getting a job with Portcullis (a pretty highly thought of company in the sec arena), until I said that I would prefer to work from home. Unfortunately, that's the nature of the beast - I would be required to travel onto clients sites and what have you, and potentially be based at their offices the rest of the time. There are no companies of this type in my area, and 90% are in Greater London. My current job allows me a huge amount of flexibility in that I can work from hom pretty much 90% of the time, and the other 10% I spend on site tearing my hair out because of other not providing me with what we need to do the job that are clearly documented. For example, we apportion 2 days for testing and I spend 1.5 days chasing the project managers for the pre-requirements and 0.5 days doing what I'm supposed to. The upshot is that the we have to return at some point or do a half arsed job. /Wall o'text, apologies. *edit*. Useful thoughts though from all so far, thanks.
  8. Life

    Currently thinking about a change of career - well, a mild diversion of career anyway. Current - self employed Security Penetration Tester, London based office, home based Shropshire. Pros: Pretty high wage, can *sometimes* be interesting, can take hols as and when, flexibility is high (can work form home a lot). Pretty much zero possibility of being made redundant. Cons: Have to deal with internal politics a *lot*, travel away from home a *lot*, heartily sick of company I currently work for - only there for the money now. Not too happy. Prospective - working for web company locally, PHP programmer, MySQL, tech support, Pros: Very close to home (4 miles), new challenges! Cons: Poor salary - circa 15-20K pa, economic climate might mean they go down the (inter)tubes at any time! Wouldn't be advisable to buy Caterham if I went for this So, I thought I'd put it to you all for thoughts. I really hate the company I work for although the money really, really is excellent.
  9. Life

    Speaking personally, I regret not doing something similar. Now that I'm ensconsed in a business that it by its very nature is in a fixed location, and talking about children, such whims are, while not completely closed, are definitely a lot more tough to just up sticks and go. Go before you cannot/circumstances make it a lot more difficult. Plus, if you do, I can visit you. I'm planning a month long trip to Japan for our honeymoon at the moment.
  10. Life

    When you said you'd be here in Nov, are you moving back yourself or just visiting? Sorry to hear your dad has that - mum was diagnosed with it 4 years or so ago.
  11. Movie/TV recommendations

    Space Shuttle: The Last Flight just finished on Beeb2. Iplayer it up for English peeps, or I imagine it will be on all good torrents/newsgroups any day now. Top program.
  12. Idle Thumbs Camping

    Hey all, just thought I'd plug this up! We have decided to allow an area this year where a campfire could be built and can pitch tents nearby. We also have a chap who could take you all canoeing down the river severn for a day (for a small fee of course). I know there was some small interest expressed, so figured it might be worth a post to see if a date could be agreed, and then I could book it in - only because at busy weekends (e.g. Easter), we get full very quickly. There would of course be a thumb discount. A two man tent (with 1 person in it) would work out at £5/night, for example.
  13. Idle Thumbs Camping

    The Sun starts its 'camping & caravanning for £1' promotion today. We were contacted but told them we weren't interested in dealing with them. #notw
  14. The sad sad tale of Tim Langdell

    Wonder if Langdell is involved with Lodsys
  15. Movie/TV recommendations

    Just seen the trailer to The Amazing Spiderman, and to be frank, it looks like they should be taken to the cleaners by the ASA.
  16. Movie/TV recommendations

    I would have gone out of my mind and machine gunned the lot of them.
  17. Obligatory comical YouTube thread Nice little vid of street photographers sticking it to security guards in the city.
  18. Obligatory comical YouTube thread

    Not sure if this features in your reasoning, but don't forget a few years ago the law recognised that companies themselves can have the rights given to a 'person'.
  19. Obligatory comical YouTube thread

  20. Obligatory comical YouTube thread
  21. Life

    Not heard that! Investigate JET.
  22. Obligatory comical YouTube thread

  23. Obligatory comical YouTube thread