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  1. GTA IV

    Yeh, yeh, I know, old game. Played TBoGT around a friend's and enjoyed it immensely, so I went and bought it. So anyway, I just whacked Dwayne, felt a bit guilty about it. Then I went to the internet cafe, and saw an email from him, saying that he liked me and we should hook up. Man, I felt bad. I let that punk Playboy X live as well. He's such a douche. Still - not often a game makes me feel guilty/a little bit like I've missed out on something. Dwayne seemed like he might have been pretty cool. Anyway... a game must be written well to make me feel that eh?
  2. Battlethumbs 3

    The MP is as good as expected - which means I think I shall be playing it for a long time. The SP was, as expected, fucking shit.
  3. Life

    4 years until I'm 40. Er. WHAT? That is a very alien thought indeed.
  4. Obligatory comical YouTube thread

    The gadget show: sometimes cool(ish) stuff; presented by a set of wankers. Especially that dick with the flat cap. Edgy? They think they are. Although - I would like a go in that BF3 thing.
  5. Obligatory comical YouTube thread

    Ws6AAhTw7RA Witchcraft!
  6. Life

    It is indeed. ...and if you need someone to provide the car for such an experiment, well, you have my number
  7. Life
  8. Life

    The westfield is mine!
  9. Care to tell me what it is like? It looks frankly crackers.
  10. iPhone/iTouch gaming

    Robotek HD. Quite good, but fucking infuriating.
  11. Books, books, books...

    Good then? I've not started it yet. Still got a few Jack Aubrey's to read first.
  12. Id's Rage

    So far, so Doom 3 then. Apart from the tech.
  13. Movie/TV recommendations

    Treme is excellent too. Music is great - although I thought 2nd series much improved on 1st. Wife thought as good as each other. Just watched Homeland - both enjoyed it, looking forward to more! Terra Nova still to watch. Could be cheesy.
  14. Movie/TV recommendations

    P.s. Anyone watched Homeland yet? Seems pretty interesting.
  15. Breaking Bad

    The ability of Breaking Bad to ratchet up the tension and keep it there is unsurpassed in any other show. Particularly where Hank is involved. The Wire is totally different and the comparison is not really fair. They are both excellent.
  16. Anyone got into Glitch Beta yet?

    This is the impression that I have got from reading everyone's posts above.
  17. Life

    We all understood it. I quite liked the turn of phrase, if I'm honest.
  18. Life

    That must be an original Lotus 7!
  19. Life

    Indeed. The engine is more modern (Vauxhall engines are pretty bombproof if looked after) plus that blue with the white leather and the TSW rims, it looks so so good. Might need to swap exhaust out for a quieter one though I do like the bits of detailing on the red one, black headlamps and wingmirrors... But yeh. Might be underpowered for my tastes. Am meeting a local owner tomorrow, hopefully he will be able to clue me in a little better.
  20. Life

    Yeh, whichever I get will most likely be laid up for winter. Now is the time to buy though for summer! (Plus those clear cold sunny winter days).
  21. Life

    Whew! All this angst! For those of you who like cars, here are 2 nice ones to look at that I'm considering at the moment: and:;f=9;t=92076 The first works out at around 205bhp/tonne (current ride is ~157/tonne) and the second works out at around a massive 350bhp/tonne - but is substantially more expensive, 4 hours away and a more complex engine. Apart from that, have a row with neighbours on the horizon about drive resurfacing costs.
  22. iPhone/iTouch gaming

    I've just bought Quarrel. It's a mixture of scrabble and risk, and suprisingly addictive. I will check yours out too Sin, in a wee while. [Edit] Haha! "It's a little bit like hockey, eh?" Saw that and had to check, knowing that you were from Cananananananda. Man I love that country.
  23. Unnecessary Comical Picture Thread

    Sports direct with the bargains: